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  1. Machine on a good extension cord?

    I'm going to go against the general consensus and say extension cords will work IF you have a good match of power point, cord, and machine. I run several machines on an extension cord, so know it is not a problem, but i have a background in electronics, so understand the variables. The bottom line is that extension cords reduce power available to the machine due to cable resistance. The wire cross section, whether the wire is stranded or solid, what the wire composition is, and length of the cable all affect the ability of the cord to provide full power to the machine. For best results use a multi stranded, copper cored cable rated at the highest possible amperage, and keep the cord as short as possible. For the US I suspect that your best bet would be a 30Amp cable normally used for RV connections (30A @ 110V equals our 15A @ 230V) (You may need to change the connectors to be for a normal plug/socket). If you are running an Ambient Snack machine it won't need this, but any combo or refrigerated machine will draw a heavy current when the refer kicks on. Best to have the highest rated cord. Oh, and never leave an extension cord part rolled up, buy a shorter one. When power is drawn through the cord any power loss is achieved by conversion to heat (why the cord feels hot when under heavy load), and if the cord is coiled the electromagnetic field created by current flowing along the cord tries to induce a current in the adjacent cord facing the opposite way (on the other side of the coil), this is called back EMF, and will also add to the resistance and thus heat generated in the cord. The more heat, the more chance of the insulation melting, the more chance of causing a fire.
  2. New here, Hi, I have a question

    The coin mech is already mdb capable, so the machine itself determines if there is anyway for it to be updated to multiprice. Since it is using the single price Jones plug, i'd be relatively confident it is a single price machine. Best to provide the machine type, brand, and model number to get a definitive answer. Unless your temporary tape fix fails, it's probably not worthwhile. Finding another coin mech with a Jones plug isn't going to be easy/cheap although ebay has an 800 series listed that seems to be missing it's front cover. Coinco in Sydney can probably repair the existing mech, give them a ring (02) 9756 6628. If it is truly a single price machine, No. If you happen to have a machine with a control board/credit display, possibly. Depending on where in Qld you are there may be someone local you can get help/parts from
  3. When you disconnect the rail boards, are you disconnecting the tray or the controller side of the board? You need to be disconnecting the rail board from the interface board side (red arrow) otherwise any fault in a board still impacts any other wiring from the interface board
  4. Have you actually tried the suggestions already given, or just assumed that because it happens on all shelves it must be board level? I agree with Azvendor that it is probably an earth fault, I'd say it will be on your column 0 wire, which is pin 13 on J60 and pin 9 on the rail boards. To see if the fault is in the harness or in a particular tray, disconnect all but one of the rail boards (leaves only 1 tray wired in). Test. If fault is no longer present fault is in one of the now disconnected tray wiring harnesses. If fault still exists, first change still wired in shelf with another shelf. If fault disappears fault is in the just removed shelf wiring. If Fault is still present, fault is either in rail board or in harness between rail board and interface board. As an aside I'd guess that actually selecting A0, B0 etc seems to work correctly even if there is a permanent earth on the return cct.
  5. Newbie tax question

    No, you misunderstand VAT. If you are a reseller you can opt to buy VAT free (with a valid tax number) or pay the VAT and claim it back when you do your VAT return. It's just like you buying sales tax exempt or retail, then reselling it at a profit. The end price determines the amount of VAT/ Sales Tax due to the government in total. This means you may need to remit the total VAT if you bought VAT exempt, or it could mean you remit the difference between the VAT on the final price less the VAT that has already been paid on your buying price. Item cost $50, VAT 17.5% , selling price $100 buy $50 tax exempt --> sell $100 --> VAT due to govt by you $17.50 buy $58.75 includes 8.75 VAT paid by seller to Govt --> sell $100 --> VAT due due to govt by you $8.75
  6. Out of order display

    Normally this is caused by something obstructing the delivery sensor. could be as small as condensation or spider web. wipe off the sender/receivers (either side of delivery port) and hopefully it will reset when you close the door. If it does not reset check door switches. At worst it can be failure of the delivery sensors (or misalignment if someone spent time trying to fish inside the machine. For me it's always been bugs or heavy condensation.
  7. Just a start you have a BB cassette (written on the front of the mech, and matches your coin configuration. This is the mech routing good coins to the correct tube, and rejecting coins it does not think are valid. The long rectangular slot is the reject coins slot. It's where coins that are not accepted are routed. They should drop through that slot, and end up in the change return cup. They should not register as far as meeting the purchase price of the product, just be returned to the customer. Basically either you are using a batch of bad coins to test with, or the mech has a problem. It could be as simple as cleaning the coin path, or it could be the acceptor has lost it's tuning to some extent. I guess it depends on who 'refurbished' it (and if it was professionally refurbished it should have some warranty)
  8. Validator replacement in rotary merchandiser

    I don't know anything about this bill acceptor, but the manual says there are both a 115V and a 24V version. 24 V uses pins 5&6 for power, 115 V uses pins 4&6.
  9. Renting a soda route?

    Does it? I would tend to say NO. It's not the worst deal in the world, but definitely not the best. They are charging you c$1200 per LOCATION to organise your set up with a bottler (no mention of if it is coke, pepsi, or 7up), find you a location, and give you basic information on vending which is probably less than you could get by reading the forums for a few hours. Based on their price for locating a snack machine ($400 if you don't buy the machine from them) you are paying $800 for their 'services. You would be better off talking to your local bottlers to see what (if anything) they can offer. Alternatively use the $800 to buy a good used machine that you own outright, pay a soda locator $400, and buy drinks at Sams Club cheaper and any variety you can sell. It is possible to have bottlers supply machines to your locations BUT , and yes it is a big but, if you can find a bottler that will work with an unproven vendor, and is willing to set up an account for you, there are usually conditions attached. These can include minimum case purchase amounts per machine (at a fairly high price), maintenance limitations, and being tied to a specific brand of product. If you read through the sodaroutesusa site you'll see they kind of mention these potential pitfalls, but don't go out of their way to make it obvious. They are at least honest in saying that what they can do for you depends on your location (because each local bottler has their own conditions what coke will do in one region is not the same in a different coke bottler region.
  10. It doesn't sound right to me, I think the fact that the fault does not persist when the harness is removed from the circuit board indicates the fault to be in the pcb or it's headers. Check the board for poor solder connections, and check that the header pins are all aligned, not touching, and don't have any foreign matter bridging the pins. I think the pcb is just a connector between the 2 harnesses, and has no active electronics (but I've been wrong before).
  11. From reading the manual it has an "electronic digital thermometer". You need to work out if it is self powered and at what voltage. If it's only a 2 wire cct it is probably changing resistance by temperature, and can probably be replaced with a variable resistor. If the sensor board is powered externally and there is a 2 wire 'control' cct to the board (the .42 V you mention) you will need to add a voltage splitter including the variable resistor . Vin and Vout will determine the values of the resistors.
  12. Weird Tubular Lock Needed

    without a photo and /or sizes, would this be what you are looking for?
  13. cold food vending

    The 5591 actually has a health guard system built into it's programming if that's something you'd worry about
  14. Vandalism by a fellow vendor

    Liability Insurance covers your machines damaging the clients premises (catching fire, shorting their electrical type things) and Injuries caused by your machines or products (falling on people, food poisoning). Unless you are paying extra for it damage TO your machines (intentional or accidental) is not covered. As per above, it is your responsibility, unless you have insurance coverage against vandalism. Do not even suggest that the location is responsible for it, that's a way to get all vending booted forever. I actually have signed a release of liability for one location my machines are stored at. I think you have done it by talking to the deputy manager. Just leave it be for a while and see if anything eventuates from that. In the meantime try to document who "said they saw him swinging the power cord on the floor.", Also could be worthwhie installing a camera overlooking the machine (with permission). One of the motion activated game cameras would be good for this situation'