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  1. Does it? I would tend to say NO. It's not the worst deal in the world, but definitely not the best. They are charging you c$1200 per LOCATION to organise your set up with a bottler (no mention of if it is coke, pepsi, or 7up), find you a location, and give you basic information on vending which is probably less than you could get by reading the forums for a few hours. Based on their price for locating a snack machine ($400 if you don't buy the machine from them) you are paying $800 for their 'services. You would be better off talking to your local bottlers to see what (if anything) they can offer. Alternatively use the $800 to buy a good used machine that you own outright, pay a soda locator $400, and buy drinks at Sams Club cheaper and any variety you can sell. It is possible to have bottlers supply machines to your locations BUT , and yes it is a big but, if you can find a bottler that will work with an unproven vendor, and is willing to set up an account for you, there are usually conditions attached. These can include minimum case purchase amounts per machine (at a fairly high price), maintenance limitations, and being tied to a specific brand of product. If you read through the sodaroutesusa site you'll see they kind of mention these potential pitfalls, but don't go out of their way to make it obvious. They are at least honest in saying that what they can do for you depends on your location (because each local bottler has their own conditions what coke will do in one region is not the same in a different coke bottler region.
  2. It doesn't sound right to me, I think the fact that the fault does not persist when the harness is removed from the circuit board indicates the fault to be in the pcb or it's headers. Check the board for poor solder connections, and check that the header pins are all aligned, not touching, and don't have any foreign matter bridging the pins. I think the pcb is just a connector between the 2 harnesses, and has no active electronics (but I've been wrong before).
  3. From reading the manual it has an "electronic digital thermometer". You need to work out if it is self powered and at what voltage. If it's only a 2 wire cct it is probably changing resistance by temperature, and can probably be replaced with a variable resistor. If the sensor board is powered externally and there is a 2 wire 'control' cct to the board (the .42 V you mention) you will need to add a voltage splitter including the variable resistor . Vin and Vout will determine the values of the resistors.
  4. without a photo and /or sizes, would this be what you are looking for?
  5. The 5591 actually has a health guard system built into it's programming if that's something you'd worry about
  6. Liability Insurance covers your machines damaging the clients premises (catching fire, shorting their electrical type things) and Injuries caused by your machines or products (falling on people, food poisoning). Unless you are paying extra for it damage TO your machines (intentional or accidental) is not covered. As per above, it is your responsibility, unless you have insurance coverage against vandalism. Do not even suggest that the location is responsible for it, that's a way to get all vending booted forever. I actually have signed a release of liability for one location my machines are stored at. I think you have done it by talking to the deputy manager. Just leave it be for a while and see if anything eventuates from that. In the meantime try to document who "said they saw him swinging the power cord on the floor.", Also could be worthwhie installing a camera overlooking the machine (with permission). One of the motion activated game cameras would be good for this situation'
  7. If it is saying "make another selection" the machine is not resetting correctly. It should clear any selection failure errors when the door is closed. Have you checked that the door switch is working electrically ( the one on top, with no shielding) The shielded switch with the black plastic shield is the door power switch - supposedly to isolate power from the door when it is opened, in reality mine seems to isolate the lights and cooling deck.)
  8. Have a look at Fig 3 , page 9 of this manual if the detached wires are on the 'tray motor row' or 'tray motor column' plugs, yes, they are going to put several selections out of order. Also if some wires are detached, probably the harness has been pulled/stretched at some point, so the remaining wires may not be electrically connected (broken inside the insulation sheath).
  9. Is there a reason you aren't using the "timer controlled selections mode" in the programming? That should enable you to turn off one or more (all) selections for specific times of day, or days of the week.
  10. If you are lucky, yes, but a slow blow fuse is preferred as it will not blow on instantaneous current draw, but on a sustained high current (usually a sign of a fault). By the way the vend sensors won't disable any hardware, but tell the board they are blocked or not functioning, which causes the board to place the machine out of service and scroll a message that says "out of service". I've had sensors blocked by spider webs on occasion.
  11. Sounds more like a cabling problem. If the mech got power momentarily when you shut the door, check the cabling at the bottom of door between the door and cabinet for loose/pinched/broken wires. Also check the door switch is working electrically.
  12. Setup Guide Parts Guide Best I can find online.
  13. My default for any machine that I am unfamiliar with and is having coin/note problems is basically to start from scratch. 1. Remove the note reader from the equation completely by plugging the coin mech directly into the machine harness/motherboard. If either the harness or mech have both male and female mdb connectors use the male on the mech to the female on the machine. If both have both connections DO NOT connect both sets of plugs/sockets. 2. Turn on machine and check if the coin mech has power and you can make purchases with coins. 3. If you can make purchases <goto 6> 4. If you cannot make purchases check you have prices set in the machine and that all wiring connections are made correctly. [turn off machine and unplug/replug each connector several times to ensure and dirt is not interfering with the connectors. 5. If you have prices set and the coin mech has power, try another mdb coin mech (any other working mdb mech will do) 6. If you can make purchases with coins make several dummy purchases to enter coins into coin tubes and or use the tube fill (load for your machine) to ensure that both the mech and the machine know there is enough change in the mech. [mdb should communicate this from the mech to the machine on startup/reset/door close] 7. Once machine is working with coins, power down the machine again and connect the note reader between the machine harness and the con mech. Coin mech will plug into the short non wrapped plug on the ict, male plug from ict (2 wires in each pin) will plug into machine harness or board. 8. At this point check the 30 pin connector on the ICT is fully home (pulling on the cord can cause one end to lift away and not make contact, yet allow the note reader to have power) 9. Power machine back up and see if it will accept notes (or if it refuses notes, but says 'use exact change', in which case <go back to 6.>) If still no joy, try to ring someone who works on this brand of machine. Good luck.
  14. Shims will only control whether the bottle vends correctly from it's own column. If the bottle is releasing from the column, but not dropping correctly, do you have diving boards installed? They come in two lengths, so it might be worth trying both lengths to find which works best for you. In this machine (in unmodified form) each shelf is set back marginally from the one above it to prevent the bottom of the bottle catching on the lower shelf. Check that the shelves have not been modified (all the shelf hangers will be on a single metal strip with the mounting tabs bent out). Also make sure the machine is level front to back. If it is leaning back even a little the shelf offsets will probably not be enough. I have one 5591 that has shaking issues depending on placement (it moves depending on summer or winter) In Winter mode it is placed in a room with a springy floor - people walking past make the machine shake - and I use upside down shelf brackets to attach it to the wall which stopped 98% of the problem. In Summer mode it is on a concrete floor with 3 other machines alongside. For this I have a 2x4 screwed down across the top of all the machines, which makes it extremely hard to rock or shake an individual machine (and no one has yet managed to shake the entire bank at a total weight of around a ton).
  15. The MEI 4510 should be the MDB version of the 4000 series coin mechs. As such it will work with any other mdb peripherals- ie no need to swap it out. Do you know what an mdb connector looks like? If not it will be a 6 pin plug with 5 wires connected, and the unused pin/socket will have an angle on the ouside corner of the connector. For the most part all MDB devices can work with each other. There are later releases of the MDB protocol which add additional functionality, but are backward compatible with previous versions. I'm pretty sure this will not be a problem for you.