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  1. We use the costco ones and they are 20 off rigjt now. They are 100 usually and worth it. Cant get flat and carry alot of weight
  2. They are definately pickier
  3. Thanks alot tho, just wanted to make sure that they cant counterfit
  4. I have some ill try them out
  5. So u click the blue button and insert the 500 bills to be used there one at a time? How do u set it to vend item not $1
  6. You have to manually insert each coupon at each location? So if your giving 500 coupons u gotta do all 500 1 at a time for wach machine?
  7. Does coinlux cary any free vend coupons? If so how do they get programmed? If they dont what is the process to make all your meis take the coupons? Can they be counterfited by making copies? Say i want to have free coupons for 60 machines, do i have to program every coupon or what? And can i do it myself?
  8. If your business isnt growing its dying. You need to keep growing. 4000 a year accounts may be what they are but u need to find some 10k+ a year acts and put some high end stuff
  9. https://m.costco.com/Goal-Zero-Yeti-1000-Lithium-Portable-Power-Station.product.100338966.html
  10. Heres what i was thinking. Buying the rooftop one or even the portable ac units (6-10k btu) use this.thing says it powers fridges for 10 to 20 hours. No.noise or pollution. Then add 2 to 3 solar pannels.outside on the roof. It should charge itself. U could tuen on the ac on really hot days and if u run out well oh well but atleast u cooled a few hours?
  11. They sell this very cool portable electric generator looking thing at Sam's Club it's like $1,000 but I think it's enough to power that
  12. What sucks about the rooftop rv acs is that u need a generator ans then you sound like a food truck
  13. I tried it all, window acs, inverters, portable acs. I just park.it in the warehouse with the ac and it stays decent during the day. Definately paint the rooftop white with the heat shield paint my box teuck went from 120 to 89, and the roof from 190 to 97. I just bought a sprinter box truck 14ft and wanna do something like that to it. I reccomend whynter coolers, they are badAss they plug into the 12v and freeze withing minutes!
  14. The seller said that only two of them have some upgraded boards v2 and the rest to use shims