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  1. I just notice you said you bought them on amazon?? U dont have sams?
  2. The purpose is im asking for feedback on them. Maybe some of u have them or have the evokes etc and can tell me hey dude its worth saving a g for an ams or na those new ones are crap etc. Thats the purpose.
  3. Sams sent emails too. How do u return them if u bought the variety pack?
  4. Yes they are new and come w a 3 year warranty
  5. Its a top secret source. I dont share it because for example this guy said he only had a limited ammount of those ams for 2100 shipped. After that they are like 2300 or so. The usi for 2900 and 3200 etc is from federal.
  6. And they dont overlap either. Except hot cheetos. I have the small ones too lays doritos, takis, then other like tgif, chex, gardetos, ritz, cheez it, for .75c.
  7. I sell way more lss. All my machines have both. The small are .75c and i rather sell lss. The way i see it is say 40 ppl were gonna buy a snack that day. U wanna take their dollar or their .75c? Their .61c or .51c? They arent going to buy more smaller bags because they are cheaper. I cant see someone being like hey since this bag is only .75c i rather buy two. My sales definately prove this as maybe lss beats small.bags 3 to 1. Its a transaction. Most people put a buck and then see what they want. They are going to buy something so make it a bigger sale. I see alot of vendors selling lss for .85 and pastries at .90 and cookies at .65 its crazy. $1 everything and $1.25 pastries and chocolates. Keep it simple. Cheaper than the gas station.
  8. Thats finance because cash i think its a bit less. The ams are epoch not countach idk what i was thinking. Seems like a decent deal. Especially those new evoke machines at under mercato pricing. Thos evokes look nice.
  9. So 10 new ams 21000 2k down 1k a month til the 21k is paid. Good deal? Ive never dealt w ams, are they as nice as the new cranes and blackdiamonds and evokes?
  10. Do u have evokes or black diamonds
  11. LSS $1 cost .39. Profit .61c 1oz .75 cost .24 .51c Lss sell more due to flavors like flaming mix
  12. Thats awesome best of luck and ask away if you have any questions, box trucks are the way to go!
  13. 16oz? Never seen those. The 16.9 dont give any problems
  14. 16.9 all day long. .40c and sell for 1.25 and most places switch to you since they are getting bottles from 1.50 to 1.25...even if you make it clear they are about 3oz smaller.
  15. Is it worth the extra $30? I use g9s currently