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  1. I love the readers but try to buy them upfront
  2. Got an email all eport edges are 99 today. Whats and eport edge?? I got a good deal on g9s for 199 each, whats the diference from a g9 to an edge?
  3. Yup and they r canteen franchise
  4. You guys must have nice competitors out here they try to run you over, take your accounts, follow you, threaten you, its like an old western out here they should make a reality show.
  5. Dont do it. Professional yes. But....do u want a competitor to park outside your warehouse and follow your route guy and take away some locations? Vandalism? Theft? I rather have nothing, costs nothing, and no one knows whats inside. 2k is spent in alot of other things. And im sure u wouldnt get calls out of it.
  6. Because the bug banks are picky the credit unions do it for free but nost dont have discrimintaor machines. I currently drop 3 big briefcases of cash and everytime i have an extra 100 or so that i missed. The coins i have to take to other banks, but thats already alot of work it takes me maybe 4 hours to count and seperate $18,000 or so. Sales in 2 months should.be over $90k a month and theres no way im hiring someone just to count money when there are machines out there.
  7. Need something to seperate 5s from 1s etc. They sell me refurbed jetscans simple ones for 750 with discriminators and dual pockets for 1500. Any other options?
  8. How long do these last in a cold food machine? Those .33c burritos they sell at walmart keep going bad
  9. Been thinking about this lately. Especially when you lose accounts. Sometimes ill lose an act that makes 20k a year an im.like damn i shouldve sold it lol. Now that i got a huge contract thats 6 years im thinking doing 4 years and then selling for maybe 18 month gross
  10. Thanks for the responses wanting to see if anyone has done it with conlux though
  11. 75 machines located Locating 70 more next month Full time, growing a ton. Expected to hit 1 million + per year with 150 machines. More than enough to pay the bills
  12. They come with the cv1000s Heres a website i saw them in https://www.vendingcoupons.com/Home/Product/21 Anyone know how to program them? Prices are ridiculous. .4c all the way to .58c
  13. So i got a lead who wants machines. 40 employees, 100 tennants or people living there. They said they used to run an in house snack and drink store and did very well. Anyone have experience with these? I rememeber having a hospice with like the same situation making 200 a month
  14. So the new usi machines come w conlux bv. The rep said they take coupons, does anyone know where to get them and how to program for conlux?
  15. We use the costco ones and they are 20 off rigjt now. They are 100 usually and worth it. Cant get flat and carry alot of weight