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  1. cardboard v. acrylic - PLEASE HELP qwik!

    There is an Excel Mint Box sheet I uploaded to the download section you might find helpful. Helps to see what your profit is, who is doing good or bad.
  2. cardboard v. acrylic - PLEASE HELP qwik!

    I band mine up and leave in money bag over night, helps to straighten them out. I have taken them to bank right after putting band on them and they gave me a dirty look. I have a coin counter and my bank doesn't want them rolled. I just take them in bag and they drop them in their counter. I did have to change banks a couple of years ago because of the coins.
  3. cardboard v. acrylic - PLEASE HELP qwik!

    When you have 30 or 40 boxes to count it does make a difference.
  4. cardboard v. acrylic - PLEASE HELP qwik!

    I have both acrylic and cardboard. I think the acrylic do better but it may be because I place them in my better locations. I have a little over 100 boxes out right now. I've been doing this for a little over 3 years and I probably lose 3 or 4 boxes a year. The dollars are a lot easier to straighten out from the acrylic boxes. The cardboard boxes have a smaller slot and they really wad them up to get them in. I hate counting the money from the cardboard boxes.
  5. Cantaloupe/seed vs USA tech/Eport vs ParLevel

    I've used USA for a couple of years but I'm switching over to Parlevel. Much better customer support and lower fees.
  6. PowerAde

    What are you guys selling Powerade for? I'm selling at $1.50 and was wondering if I should be charging $1.25
  7. Mint Box Locator Warning!

    I've been using Sheridan for years until they sold me and another local guy the same locations. Maybe it was this same guy from when he was working for them.
  8. Mint Box Locator Warning!

    My Paypal money went to the Philippines, ₱3,849.88 PHP = $80.00 USD Money has been refunded...
  9. Mint Box Locator Warning!

    I got an email a couple of weeks ago from a gut named Mark Mips from vendingbusinesslocator@gmail.com. He wanted to know if I needed any locations for $8.00 each. I ordered 10 locations in my area and he sent them later that day. I thought that was quick so I ordered another 10. Then I asked him how he got my email and how did he know I did the mint boxes. He said he couldn't say but he did work for Sheridan in the past. Went out to place the first 10. Two of the locations had been out of business for a while. A couple of them the contact person hasn't work there for a long time or they didn't know who they were. I realized that he had sent me an old list, probably from when he worked at Sheridan. I questioned him about it and he said no they were all new locations. I could tell from the Paypal receipt that he was in the Philippines, which I don't really have a problem with that. He sent me 22 locations, out of that I placed 7 boxes. I sent several emails and he said he would look into it. Now he want answer me any longer. I got the money back through Paypal for the second set of 10 I ordered. Just sending out a warning and wondering if he contacted anybody else. I guess he has records from Sheridan and out to make a quick buck. Watch for, Mark Mips, Vending Business Locator [vendingbusinesslocator@gmail.com] also he is using, Karla Patricia Marie Teodorico [vendingbusinesslocator@gmail.com]
  10. How much would you pay for this?

    I have one of these out and haven't had an issue either.
  11. Anyone ever service one of these?

    I posted a link a while back about one here in Dallas.
  12. Coca-Cola Southwest

    Anybody here going through Coca-Cola Southwest? They just bought the Dallas Ft Worth area franchise. I'm just wondering if I can expect any changes. They have been easy to deal with in the past, no minimum requirements per month to buy. I have been able to get all the machine I want, no problems.
  13. Vend Trak1

    I just went to web site. Deleted the login in part and went through the login in. Its working now.
  14. Vend Trak1

    Mine hasn't worked yesterday or today.
  15. Counting mints

    I weigh mine. 100 mints is around 1,404 mints. I don't care if its 1 or 2 mints off, close enough for me. I have a chart I made that goes from 1 to 100 and has the weight. When I get home I just dump left over mints in and weight and get it close enough.