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  1. PowerAde

    What are you guys selling Powerade for? I'm selling at $1.50 and was wondering if I should be charging $1.25
  2. Cantaloupe/seed vs USA tech/Eport vs ParLevel

    I've used USA for a couple of years but I'm switching over to Parlevel. Much better customer support and lower fees.
  3. Mint Box Locator Warning!

    I got an email a couple of weeks ago from a gut named Mark Mips from vendingbusinesslocator@gmail.com. He wanted to know if I needed any locations for $8.00 each. I ordered 10 locations in my area and he sent them later that day. I thought that was quick so I ordered another 10. Then I asked him how he got my email and how did he know I did the mint boxes. He said he couldn't say but he did work for Sheridan in the past. Went out to place the first 10. Two of the locations had been out of business for a while. A couple of them the contact person hasn't work there for a long time or they didn't know who they were. I realized that he had sent me an old list, probably from when he worked at Sheridan. I questioned him about it and he said no they were all new locations. I could tell from the Paypal receipt that he was in the Philippines, which I don't really have a problem with that. He sent me 22 locations, out of that I placed 7 boxes. I sent several emails and he said he would look into it. Now he want answer me any longer. I got the money back through Paypal for the second set of 10 I ordered. Just sending out a warning and wondering if he contacted anybody else. I guess he has records from Sheridan and out to make a quick buck. Watch for, Mark Mips, Vending Business Locator [vendingbusinesslocator@gmail.com] also he is using, Karla Patricia Marie Teodorico [vendingbusinesslocator@gmail.com]
  4. Mint Box Locator Warning!

    I've been using Sheridan for years until they sold me and another local guy the same locations. Maybe it was this same guy from when he was working for them.
  5. Mint Box Locator Warning!

    My Paypal money went to the Philippines, ₱3,849.88 PHP = $80.00 USD Money has been refunded...
  6. How much would you pay for this?

    I have one of these out and haven't had an issue either.
  7. Anyone ever service one of these?

    I posted a link a while back about one here in Dallas.
  8. Car Vending Machine

    I just saw this on the news. They are building one here where I live in Frisco Texas. Think I need to get a few.........lol https://www.carvana.com/vendingmachine?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google-vending-machine&utm_content=car-vending-machine&utm_term=%2Bcar %2Bvending %2Bmachine&gclid=Cj0KEQiAhZPDBRCz642XqYOCpb8BEiQANUcwT-M4_F7EuM6n6exDyxGQRcRYPw-XpsR4X4yAHc2k3pYaApiy8P8HAQ
  9. Coca-Cola Southwest

    Anybody here going through Coca-Cola Southwest? They just bought the Dallas Ft Worth area franchise. I'm just wondering if I can expect any changes. They have been easy to deal with in the past, no minimum requirements per month to buy. I have been able to get all the machine I want, no problems.
  10. Vend Trak1

    I just went to web site. Deleted the login in part and went through the login in. Its working now.
  11. Vend Trak1

    Mine hasn't worked yesterday or today.
  12. Counting mints

    I weigh mine. 100 mints is around 1,404 mints. I don't care if its 1 or 2 mints off, close enough for me. I have a chart I made that goes from 1 to 100 and has the weight. When I get home I just dump left over mints in and weight and get it close enough.
  13. Is the Pink Ribbon (Candy For A Cause) program good or bad?

    Sheridan has contacted me to see if I would be interested in presenting a big check for candy for a cause with media coverage. The details are still being worked out. We will see what happens.
  14. Is the Pink Ribbon (Candy For A Cause) program good or bad?

    I replace a lot of locations and I also have locations that have been there for over 4 years. Seems like they stay for a long time or not very long at all.
  15. Is the Pink Ribbon (Candy For A Cause) program good or bad?

    I think he has given up on his idea. This is over a year ago.
  16. Snack box update

    Sounds like you are doing mints, 3 for $1.00. I weigh mine. I set my scale to grams and weighed mine and made a chart, 1 to 100. I weigh to fill and weigh when I pick them up to see whats left. Grams break it down to smaller increments than ounces.
  17. Broadside Communications

    Anybody here ever used Broadside Communications. I tried them back in October. They charge $125.00 per location. I talked to them and found out you are buying leads, not locations. But assured me they were leads that needed vending service. They are just leads though. He said if it was in a bad part of town they would replace it. I decided to give it a try, $125 for a good location would be worth it. I ordered 2 locations. They do a contract but said you can cancel anytime with 30 day notice. In November they sent me two leads. First one was a large nice apartment complex. I wasn't real excited but I went to the appointment. The manager was nice and she wasn't happy with the service she was getting but she couldn't make and decisions. The owners were an out of town investment company and they had to make decisions. She would send them my flyer and let me know. That was the end of that. Second location was an extended stay location in a rough part of Dallas. When I went there I had to go through a road block. The Wells Fargo bank on the corner had just got robbed. I got to location and they had a micro-mart in the lobby. Way out of my league. Told him about it being in a rough area. Never heard back anything, got charged $250.00. November 8th I canceled my contract with them. Haven't heard anything till yesterday. Noticed they charged me $125.00. No charges in December. Searched through all my emails, junk mail, deleted emails. Nothing. I hate scams..........
  18. First box stolen!

    I lose about 10 to 15 a year. Funny, most are the plastic ones. Only had a couple of cardboard ones stolen or lost.
  19. Broadside Communications

    I filed a fraud claim with my bank. They already put the money back in my account. Lets see where it goes from there.
  20. Coinco 9302-GX for Tokens

    I bought several Coinco 9302-GX at an auction. They are new but some of them say Token on them. What is the difference? Do I need to change something to take change?
  21. 20170113-135658.jpg

    From the album Untitled Album

  22. 20170113_135626.jpg

    From the album Untitled Album

  23. Broadside Communications

    Well I asked for it but I stopped it. Can't figure out why they didn't charge me in December and for one in January when I never received a lead. I sent an email and asked for refund. We will see what happens.
  24. Red Bull Vending

    I know of one in my area that he wants $100 for it. I can't decide either if its worth it.