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Lake Cities Vending

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  1. Lectrovend VS99 Board upgrade

    Does anybody make a upgrade board for a Lectrovend VS99 board? I thought I saw one once and can't find it again. The board is out on machine and I want to upgrade to accept credit cards. I like the machine, dual spirals, built like a tank. I had the board rebuilt last year and its out again. It will only take dollars and give change but the coin mech want keep change. I may have to retire machine.
  2. Lectrovend VS99 Board upgrade

    I switched coin mech and the same thing happened. May try another one.
  3. Lectrovend VS99 Board upgrade

    I may have to do that. Its just that I have the machine and several coin mech's and dollar changers. Just need the board. So around $400 wouldn't be to bad.
  4. How do you remove a full size snack machine from a pallet?

    We use a kick back dolly and just bust the boards off the feet with a hammer. I just took 6 snack machines off pallets a few weeks ago.
  5. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    Are you doing the Acrylic or cardboard boxes?
  6. Inventory Management

    We've been using Parlevel for about 6 months. It does have a learning curve but after learning it I am happy. There are so many different areas of use with it the longer you use it and learn the better it is.
  7. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    I've been doing them for 3 or 4 years. Also I should mention, the days I do boxes I start about 9:00 and usually am through between 1:00 or 3:00. I had about 150 boxes out but have let it run down. I can't decide weather to build it back up or sell. Right now drink business has slowed down so I've been thinking about spending more time with the honor boxes.
  8. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    I mostly do drink and snack machines. The honor boxes just help out. I do boxes maybe 1 or 2 days a week. I keep thinking about selling the route but the $1,000 a month extra helps out. If I put more effort in the boxes they could do much better.
  9. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    I've got between 80 or 90 out right now. I make around $1,000 a month profit right now. I've got probably 60 or 70 I need to get back out. I uploaded a spread sheet in the download section I use to see what my profit is.
  10. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    My average is about 9 or 10.00 a month per box. I was over 10.00 per box for awhile. If I picked up some slower locations I could raise that number.
  11. Is Parlevel for me?

    I switched to Parlevel a few months ago. it takes some getting use to but I am happy so far. It does a lot of things so you can use the ones you want at first and gradually learn the rest of it. I do like being able to see whats in machines and what is selling before I get to locations. Just started to use the Prekitting and I do like that feature. I would rather pull product here at home than at location. In and out of location fast.
  12. Raising prices.

    Most of my can drinks are .75. I have 4 that get 10%. Instead of going to .85 I talked them into going $1.00 and 20%. Now I get make more, .80. I never noticed any change in sales.
  13. Bevmax 4

    For some reason on mine they usually buy from the left side first. So I just move drinks from right to left and put new product on the right side. That only works on the multi row items.
  14. Honor Box damaged 4 times in a row...

    I had one at a dog day care place and a dog ate it...
  15. Quick Help? Moving vending machines / cost?

    My guy charges $75 for one machine and $60 each if two or more. He usually gives me a break, he moved 5 for me for $150.00
  16. Going up against Canteen tomorrow

    Thanks everybody...
  17. Going up against Canteen tomorrow

    My locator found a distribution center that wants to change vending service. They had already called Canteen before he talked to them. They said they wanted to wait till they talk to me before making a decision. They met with Canteen yesterday and I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon. Don't know how this is going to go, going up against a big company but that may work in my favor. I'm not going to put them down or say what I have heard about them locally. I'm going to concentrate on good service and also being a local company. I own the company, not just an employee. They are also in the industry that my wife has been in for over 15 years. Try to get on a common ground first. Around 100 employees. Drink and snack with readers. Any help would be great!
  18. Going up against Canteen tomorrow

    Didn't have to say anything bad about Canteen. Just went in, gave him my proposal and told them what I could do for them. He said he had already talked to 3 other vending companies. I let him talk and tell me what he didn't like. I left and about 30 minutes later he call, I got the account.
  19. Going up against Canteen tomorrow

    I think I can get it. I have a new USI 5 wide and a Coke 3rd party machine that's like new sitting and waiting. Card readers already installed.
  20. Going up against Canteen tomorrow

    You said pretty much everything I was thinking. I don't have to get corporate approval.
  21. Liability insurance

    I'm also looking into this today. Sent in for a quote from Hartford. Going by State Farm today also.
  22. Two Tier Pricing

    I thought it was there and looked and it isn't there any more.
  23. Two Tier Pricing

    Any of you using the two tier pricing on card readers? I have never used it but I have 10 more readers going out and I'm thinking about it.
  24. Two Tier Pricing

    I have 10 USAT readers and just changed to Parlevel. I need to look into this.
  25. breaking into soda machines

    Read, read and read some more. Lots of information here.