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  1. Coinco mag50b

    To my knowledge, some mags take $5's and some don't. Actually... many validators take $5's but the real question is does it take the 2008 $5's. There's no way to tell without putting a 2008 $5 through it and finding out...
  2. But you quoted someone as saying they had 900 employees... I am a bit confused. Are you trying to estimate the revenue for a snack bar, vending machines, or a micro market? They are all different things and the methods many of us use to estimate sales are not a one-size-fits-all method. My method is decently accurate for vending machines but I don't know if it would hold true for micro markets and I doubt it would hold true for a snack bar. So was the 900 people just an example or does this location have 900 employees? If it has 900 employees, which is huge, then it easily sustains a micro market. However, if the reality is that if far less employees have access to this area, then your numbers will be far lower, and the information you have given about the proximity to food would make the sales even lower than that.
  3. Royal 768 condensation

    The first thing to do is to check for air leaks. When you open the door, look all around where the deal and the door meet. If any spot has moisture, then you likely have an air leak right there. Also make sure the delivery door shuts good and make sure no air flow is coming through the tank and into the cabinet where the refrigeration lines meet the door seal.
  4. Cloverhill Bakery

    Hmm... I haven't checked recently. I guess I may call vso and only order what's not affected. On a side note, Mrs freshleys is the flower group?
  5. Probably because their jobs are crappy and they just want someone to take their frustrations out on or feel like they are above someone else. That's my hypothesis.
  6. Cloverhill Bakery

    Are you saying they are moving thawed pastry from club to club?
  7. Cloverhill Bakery

    I don't know much about baking... but I would venture to say that the primary shoes to fill are just laborers that follow instructions such as mix batches, pack products in boxes, and shipping. I can't imagine anything less than giant ovens being fed by long conveyor belts while the majority of people are just keeping the ingredients coming in and filling boxes. What do I know though.
  8. I hand wrote a note to a location that requested "more healthy items." I literally told them that I don't carry any special healthy items. There are several varieties of "healthier" items in the machine such as nuts, fruit snacks, etc.. With those items in there, pastries outsells everything. I am convinced at this point that when someone says "Can you put healthy stuff in the machine?" What they are asking for is "Can you put things that taste exactly like regular stuff but without all of the calories and guilt?" Those kinds of items don't exist. Also, when I ask them what specifically they want, 90% of the time they start their answer with "I don't know..." and then they name a few things, some of which are already in the machine. People just want to feel like they have control over the machine when they don't even have control over their own eating habits.
  9. Cloverhill Bakery

    Cloverhill dates should have more to do with the specific club based on how long they have been sitting on the shelf thawed. I usually get 3-4 weeks.
  10. drink machine coins getting stuck

    Yes, they do, as long as it's not some really old model. Sometimes the problem with those coin chutes is either there is a slight burr in the chute or the chute isn't attached properly, allowing coins to get lodged just enough to cause a jam. You have to make sure there are no cracks and that the chute is properly attached (usually 2 plastic pieces). It is very easy to not notice that the chute isn't attached to itself properly if you haven't ever seen it before.
  11. Cloverhill Bakery

    Only odd ball and seasonal items. I have no problem getting the popular items.
  12. what to offer?

    At $200, it sounds stolen lol.