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  1. 38$

    I didn't work in c stores. I made deliveries. A lot of Indians like to try to get deals by haggling with you. I can't vouch for c store profitability but I CAN tell you that some do okay and some fail miserably. I think location is everything.
  2. $500 is a steal for that machine. It's a late model cb500. They come in different names but I don't recall it ever being called a 3500. You can tell it's a later model because the keypad is a newer version. Good machines, but not outdoor rated. That's the only downside.
  3. Because it's not a 300+ person account lol. They might have 50 people but demographics plays a big role as well as the distance from fast food or anything else you can buy food from.
  4. 38$

    So he wants to please his residents with low pricing AND get commission + rent but YOU pay for machines. Bad deal. I wouldn't. Let's do the math. $38 in 4 weeks is $152. 15% is about $22.5. Add $50 to that and you're at $72.50. Assuming cost of goods is half, he's getting ALL of the profits. Just pull it. He wants YOU to make HIM money. I dealt with people like this for 7 years in convenience stores. He'll try to convince you that his idea is the best way and you should do it. He will lie and cheat to get YOUR money or anyone else who is stupid enough. Guaranteed, he'll claim that he "knows" that electric costs so much money from vending and you should be making hundreds of dollars every week and you only pay so little and you should mop his floors and do everything else he wants because he thinks you are an idiot. I had a small hair salon for about a year when I first started. It did about $35 every two weeks which was good out of an anteres machine. The ladies at the salon told me one day "the owner says you need to pay him $20/month for electric." I told them that was all of my profit and it did not cost that much. Plus, everything was cheap. This guy didn't care though. I pulled the machine out and sold it for $300.
  5. Depends on what you define as a good account. I just talked to one of my best locations and they don't think I should bother with food since the previous vendor pulled their food machine. I'll give them a better soda machine in turn.
  6. I'm referring to that. Being too small causes jams. Having a couple is okay, but 5-10 is frustrating. If you can't comfortably fit an LSS bag of chips, you'll have some annoying problems
  7. I have a little over 100 machines and it is full-time.
  8. It's a USI, and it is likely to be a USI 3015A. It also appears to have a coinco BA in it. That's not bad for $300 if everything works. I would check that the spirals aren't too small.
  9. Arkhuster. We agree on everything except the profitability. You and I can probably afford upgrades and take advantage of lease options. We can also get better equipment as we grow. A smaller and newer vendor might need every penny. I just don't think a machine doing $40/week will justify the expense in most situations. Sure, if you have a vms, an actual delivery vehicle, and enough money to invest, then I definitely see your point. However, I don't think most operators are at that level. I don't know the numbers, but I'm betting the vast majority of operators out there have less than 10 machines. I'm really only disagreeing with you in a general sense. I'm sure your numbers work for you and they might work for me as well. I am literally upgrading machines doing around those numbers, but that's because I feel I have the means to take advantage of telemetry. Let's not forget that pre kitting requires some type of facility where you can get your product. Even avan or garage will work, but some people are working out of their car.
  10. I agree with you regarding the benefits, I just don't think it's usually feasible on accounts where machines average $40/week. If a card reader were the only added expense, then I think you're right. When you start replacing boards, I don't think new operators will ever get their return back. Think about this: some MDB machines don't dex. Under those circumstances, telemetry loses a lot of its implicit benefits such as accurate pre kitting.
  11. You might try painting it right before the location closes.
  12. If it won't come off from using a simple cleaner, then it might be scratched. If it is scratched, then you'll have to paint it or replace it. It looks like some kind of chalk though and should come off. I use windex to clean almost everything lol.
  13. I'm not sure about the 6510 but there is a Hi-Low setting on the TRC-6000. Usually, there are a set of dip switches (about 4 together) and one of them is Hi-Low. If I am not mistaken, pushing the dip switch up is "Hi" which will make it fill coins until the coins reach the top sensor. However... there's the possibility that your coin mech is faulty. If it was working fine before, then I can't imagine anything ever moving that dip switch unless you (or someone messing with it) accidentally pushed the switch to off. If setting the dip switch doesn't resolve it, then you should just change out the coin mech because the mech is sending everything to the coin box due to some defect.
  14. 38$

    I have a large dealership. It currently has 5 machines over 3 different buildings, including 3 soda machines, 1 3-wide snack, and 1 cs-12 snack. I expect the 4th building to do 5k by itself. These locations aren't great individually but I collect about $200 in 1 hour pretty easily.
  15. I'm not offended by any responses. I guess we are all confused because most of us deposit the money ASAP. I mean, it's good if you can hang onto some cash for a while (because you don't need it right away) but I like to get it to the bank. I usually never have more than 2k in loose coins but that's primarily because 1k in loose coins is pretty heavy... 2k in loose coins really needs a 2-wheeler. 6k in loose coins is not something to just carry around lol. Personally, I think your best bet is to get it to the bank long before it's at 6k... but that's entirely my opinion and you can do whatever you want. I also don't know about a locking trunk because I don't drive anything with a "trunk." I either use the boxtruck to transport the money or my car. Either way, I am going straight to the bank and it never sits in there. I don't think most of us deal with your particular situation lol.