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  1. You will need to order a new switch the actuator cannot be replaced.
  2. You are missing the actuator for the switch without it the machine will vend from empty spots. the other issue could be the space to sales isn't set correctly. It should be sts3 or sts4 depending on the number of selections on the bottom row. To check it press the service mode button, then button 4 then button 6, press button 6 again to change it, when set correctly hit the # key to lock it in. Press the service mode button again and test the machine.
  3. Yes that is a Crane Genesis Model 679 coffee machine.
  4. Glad that it worked out. There shouldn't be any difference other than the LCM board will not have iVend in it.
  5. Was it tripping the breaker before you changed the board? If not you may have the white and blue wires on the top right of the board in the wrong spots, they should go starting from the left: White, Blue, Blue, White, White, Blue and then an open spot. the first White Blue wires (P11) on the left should come from the circuit breaker area the next blue white (P10) should go to the coffee swing out the last white blue (P8) wires should go to the heaters
  6. The LCM board should work in a F80 machine. There are a couple of differences in the program (the LCM doesn't have iVend capability for instance) and the pin header for the key pad is different. But as far as functioning it will work. The LCM/F80 board was a off the shelf Coinco product that was used by 3 manufactures with minor changes in the program.
  7. Look like one of these? Marvend was first mentioned in Billboard magazine in 1961 and the last mention I found was in 1968 but I didn't search thoroughly.
  8. LCM's were built between 1994 and and February of 2002.
  9. May want to try 1 - hit service mode button 2 - press 4 3 - press 3 4 - may say all snack or can or bottle 5 - regardless of what it says press 1 and scroll through the settings until it says snac again 6 - press # to save the change 7 - press * until you are back to the motor count 8 - Press 2 to do a new motor count 9 - Press * until you are back to the normal vending mode 10 - test the selections to see if they now work correctly
  10. T The top and bottom photos are actually Ardac bill changers - had hundreds of them when I was an operator. Not worth anything now as Ardac is long gone.
  11. The correct change light blinks on the Studio (SL Version) when you don't have enough money in the machine to purchase the item you have selected. In other words if you make a selection with no money in the machine the correct change light will blink even though there are coins in the coin tubes.
  12. The refer unit comes out the back of the 3548.
  13. Yes it is a 133/933. Crane changed the model number of the 133 to 933 after they purchased AP.
  14. Here you go http://www.cranems.com/Manuals/NV/1670024.pdf
  15. Last 5 digits of the serial number are the Julian date, so yours was built on the 79th day of 2004 = March 19, 2004