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  1. That's good need! Now here's hoping they come out with a side by side 50 cent Mech for the 60! They will sell a lot of them!!
  2. The wire was replaced several years ago with the springs. But it is a genuine Oak part
  3. Maybe for you but not for me, your "flat rate" is more than likely because the rate is actually the minimum rate. Larger business rates are based on exposure. As mehehe just commented there are brackets, ei, exposure
  4. State Farm, your premium will be based on exposure: your sales
  5. Every route I ever bought the seller was lying. $1500 tops, and that may turn out to be a charity donation
  6. Rainbows made for the California market can not be adjusted. Others can be but they have no ability to auto adjust for win rate. The are very old school.
  7. There is not enough income in bulk vending to support the kind of data collection you think you need. Also you do not need the collection of that data.
  8. Sell them
  9. Ok, heres a sample of ECVS items, price, and where ECVS bought them and the price you can get them for direct: mini hardware from ecvs $22.95 from Cardinal $18.50 Ninja ECVS $23.99 from A&A $18.50 Acrylic rings ECVS $23.99 from Cardinal $18.50 NFL Helmet ECVS $69.65 from A&A $58.25 Chrome ECVS $38.67 from Cardinal $34.00 Kings Ransom ECVS $38.67 from Cardinal $34.00 nuff said
  10. Look again at Cardinal or A&A because the capsules East Coast Vending supply sell come from A&A and Cardinal and unless they are buying very high quantities YOU can by from AA and Cardinal at the same price East Coast can. And I did check the prices. On "sale" East Coast is charging 30% more for the same stuff you your self can by direct Stop trolling us. BTW the largest city in Montana is Billing with a population of 104,000. There is no bulk vending location in Montana that does $1000 a DAY, ei: the magical $30000 a month bulk location you speak of.
  11. You need to find some better suppliers, these guys you list are way overpriced. They are resellers of product you yourself can buy direct.
  12. Might be worth a test. My opinion though is that dead malls never come back to life and the death spiral only accelerates. I do know of one operator that basically used a mall as a storage unit moving stuff in and out as he needed it. I think money wise it was about break even so; "free" storage. Seemed to me to be a rather painful way to find storage as far as moving stuff in and out.
  13. It could say they have 10000 on location.
  14. Maybe that's why he threw them away. I wouldn't fool with them for five dollars apiece either. Perhaps there is a point where someone "offers" you something so ridiculous it becomes insulting.
  15. Bungee cords would work. Look pretty good too if you could find them the same color as the unit. Problem is kids would probably take them. Always the danger of strangulation too. They make a lot of colors of Duck tape, clear too! Duck tape would be the way I would go.