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  1. I would have to check but that may also be all you needed to do with the NW.
  2. I have always thought high value coinage was way more important than just a bulk vending tool. I really think the elimination of at least the one dollar bill and even better the five would have a great economic benefit. Penny's nickels dime are basically tax tokens with little or no value in today's economy. I think our antiquated currency gives us a false security. What is a dollar? A dollar is worth no more than the dime of 1970 or nickel of 1960. What does that mean? For vendors and small retailers I think there is a psychological reluctance to drag out a bill for small transactions because the bill "feels" like money no matter the denomination. I could be full of it lol but I really think eliminating low value paper would energize a lot more than just the bulk vending business. And yes I do have business where I take lots of plastic transactions. And I stil see a place for coin with actual value.
  3. BTW, thanks for the heads up Frank.
  4. The dollar coin revitalized bulk in Canada. Instead of being stuck with mechs that take quarters you would have mechs that take dollars. I can't see how that is hard to figure out. A dollar Mech on a NW S80 would now be able to take FOUR dollars. Much easier to merchandise with something people, even adults, want to buy. It would be a life saver to bulk vending.
  5. Can't help you on that crane. Pretty old. Ok, works ok in power up (boot up) but reset after play. Does it grab when playing? Does the crane have a "set up" or "test" mode? If so maybe it has been placed ( by dip switch) in test? I would look for a bad connection between the front limit switch and the board. Boot up is internal usually and doesn't rely on communication from the limit switches. Sometimes it's easier to make a long jumper wire and go from where you think the problem switch is to the board connection. Sorry can't help you more maybe someone here has had one of these and can help
  6. He wants to get rid of them and doesn't want to be stuck with one you don't like. Makes sense to me.
  7. post a picture of the crane there were a couple of different "treasure chests"
  8. Yes
  9. You need to have a prominent expiration date on the label. People (vendors) will take advantage. That is also why organizations use paper labels.
  10. You need to find out who the owner is, private? Corporate? Corporate you will need to find who the non food category buyer is. You will a written proposal.
  11. Pm me
  12. I'll buy some as soon as available. I have a lot of my route switched but my last order from NW never shipped before they closed.
  13. Heck yes Allstar Vending sticker machines used them for years
  14. Sixty bucks for two gumball wheels? Holy cow. I'm selling route ready oak vistas with a stand for $35. Starcat, you can do better. Slow down, yer getting taken.
  15. That's an oldie! eBay or google etc may turn up a collector site. There are a few folks that have vintage parts.