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  1. Rainbow Crane Error 10

    I would check the up limit switch, it may be bad or out of place. check and see if the wire harness at the top of the gantry is plugged in well
  2. Pool Hall Advice

    Plain old 850 gum. I have bars where gum does quite well. But sometimes a location just isn't very good
  3. Pool Hall Advice

    why are you not selling gum?
  4. Rainbow Crane Error 10

    when the claw reaches the top (during boot sequence) does the claw motor shut off or keep trying to raise the claw? if the motor keeps running does it stop at the same time you get the error? or do you get the error as soon as the claw reaches top?
  5. Rainbow Crane Error 10

    could be a bad upper limit switch or a gear is striped. I also have had the set screws come loose on the drive pulley (the one that winds the string) is the claw up or down? the machine will go through its boot routine when turned on, does yours? or does it show error as soon as powered up?
  6. Northwestern Corp

    I think one could sell a lot of 50 cent mechs for the S60. I understand the possible reluctance because, well maybe one could sell a whole machine, whether Beaver, Eagle etc. but I think a lot of operators with a large installed base of S60's would not be in position to replace every S60 in the route. They would go to more gum, super balls etc. I was very close to having all my S60's on location with capsules moved to 50cents, my last order for mechs was left unfilled. I don't need too many more but I know a lot of operators that need them.
  7. Any one use Vline?

    Ok, the center bottom machine looks like a Komet, absolutely not new nor is it collectible. The two out side machines could be repainted the proper red and fetch a nice price as antiques. The top machine, I wish the pic was better, it's older but can't tell if the globe is a newer or older, if older it also is collectible. If you could get it for fifty bucks and add some elbow grease you would have a start on a collection or some nicer vintage machines to sell.
  8. Mis Vends

    I have a lot of Oak charity heads out with the rocket wheel vending 1430 gum. Does just as well as 850
  9. Mis Vends

    Oak rocket wheel is for 1430 gum. You need a capsule wheel and riser with the correct brush off
  10. peanuts?

    Don't, they are a mess.
  11. I did meet a guy, maybe 20 years ago that had a very big route if uturns in so cal, mostly LA area. In urban locations he said he did okay with them because of space issues at small neighborhood independents. He was doing gum and one inch caps. I don't know if he is still in business. Not many small stores left. And toy cost dictates a 50 cent vend. i believe that for most people starting out a uturn would be a terrible choice. I think I posted this before: out of every 100 charity stops 80 of them will only support a single head, 15 a double, and if you are lucky 5 will support a triple. To go a little further: I like industrial locations the best for charity, you often sell six or so different gums and candys. The uturn fails here to because it won't hold enough merchandise. so, seriously, start with singles, you can always put two or three on a cross bar or in a factory type location a rack with what ever you need. And if you lose a big location you can take the machines off a rack and put them out as singles.
  12. I would only leave a uturn in ( if I was paid to take it) if the location didn't have a dumpster handy and I didn't have room in my own
  13. I wouldn't take one even if someone offered to pay me to take it.
  14. Vandalism

    Nope it just goes with the territory
  15. Vandalism

    Happens all the time. Always will.