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  1. The proposal has come and gone, and lets just say I now know why some of these spaces have sat empty for 5+ years...
  2. The Mylar comes off for a bare metal finish if you'd prefer that, though the Mylar on my NW's are all still in really good shape even after years of abuse on the route. $300 is a good deal for that much equipment, but if he dropped without much effort I'd bet he'll bite at $250 and haul away. Good luck!
  3. A bar could work, I suppose it depends on your prizes and what sort of bars you have around. No harm in giving it a shot. As for a DBV, if you're willing to tinker and mess with it there's always a way to get a DBV in there, but I've never tried something like that so I can't honestly say how that would go, or if the struggle and investment would ultimately pay off in the long run. One other option, though somewhat more clumsy, would be a standalone changer unit, akin to the little changers found on the old Antares machines. Changers like that are all over the used market here, and adapting one onto the side of your crane or even as a standalone support unit might open up more options to you. Whatever direction you go, good luck!
  4. To fix this, grab yourself a little bit of 1/2" tubing (you can buy it by the foot at Lowes, Home Depot, Ace, etc.) and cut it into chunks, then chop it in half. Secure it to the top of the chute cover, and it deflects the quarters without interfering with the mechs operation. However, if you have a Vendstar that has enough volume to jam like that, you might consider swapping in a hardier triple. Good luck!
  5. I got a set of cool fonts, some high-gloss paper, and made my own at home.
  6. I was gonna say, it looks okay to me.
  7. My go-to for doubles in most locs are 27mm bouncy balls or capped sticky mix at 50 cents, but if I had to choose a candy, it'd be Mike and Ikes, the winner by a mile in my neck of the woods.
  8. You can get some really eye-catching 12X12" printed scrapbook papers at most craft stores (Micheals, Joann, Hobby Lobby, etc.) for less than a quarter a page- I'd think a few of those would do the trick for your topper. Throw on some print-out letters (or buy a set at the craft store, they're not expensive) and you've got your topper set for less than $10. If you want something more professional, I'm sure a sign shop or a professional print shop can hook you up, though that will cost more. It really comes down to what you want it to look like, and what you want to invest in it. Whatever you choose to do, good luck!
  9. Don't we all!
  10. To have locations that reliable for bulk is a blessing for sure.
  11. So, I've been toying around with this idea for several years on and off, but I'm really considering making a go of it now to see how it pans out. What follows is (roughly speaking) my plan. Don't be afraid to shoot me down if this idea is terrible- I'm sure there's a good chance that it is. In 2014, I approached the local mall (a very depressed mall even then) about the possibility of what I saw as an "automated" arcade. In essence, I would take over one of the small closed stores (there are 8 to choose from right now) and set up what coin-op gear I have in reserves there, including snacks, soda, and a coin changer. After that, I thought a good way to branch out and "grow" the equipment inventory would be to reach out to other operators. Basically, I'd have the "location" and take care of that end of things, and they could move in their amusement/redemption/coin-op etcetera for either a percentage or a flat rate, I'm thinking like $5-$10 a month depending on what the machine was, or how big the machine might be. Back in 2014 I had spoken to a pair of operators I knew who had leftover machines they'd be interested in placing into a setting like this, but at the time I couldn't pursue it further. My aim this time around is a 3-month "trial run" to see if the concept is feasible. Start in June, run through the end of August. The mall hosts a myriad of youth events through the summer, and the city recently took over one of the empty stores for their summer youth programs as well which begin in a few weeks, promising quite a few "regular" customers. Now, the big "X" factor is balancing the cost of the location's lease and the insurance premium for the project out with both vends and income from other operators. The previous mall administrator had quoted me at a by-the-square-foot price of nearly $10 (which is high for a big mall, let alone one that at the time only had one anchor left) but he was replaced in the fall of 2015 with a guy I know from town, and I've worked with at the mall with my existing machines since then quite well. He did once offer me a very small space (less than 100 usable square feet (on map as D2)) for $50 a month, though I am not sure if he was joking or not. Knowing how thrifty the city is, I can't imagine they would move into a space that wasn't priced to move so to speak. The insurance estimate I had received previously when I looked into this was only going to be $500 for a whole year for the $2 million of required insurance, though the plan I had proposed at that time was somewhat more ambitious (featuring a possible miniature golf course and concessions, among other things, if it had worked out.) So, in short, I expect a total investment of less than a grand to net an unknown amount of money for both myself, and other local operators for at least 3 months while the mall has a "captive audience" of kids from grades 1 through 8 or 9. It's unmanned, and aside from cleanup runs and stocking my 'overhead' is very limited and predictable, if not totally paid up front. I figure if it works, we can figure it out from there- if it fails, we pack up our gear and go home- no one's really "out" anything barring some unpredictable disaster. Which is why I'm pitching it to you guys. Would you ever consider something like this? If another operator offered you space like this would you be interested in it? Thank you in advance for your thoughts and opinions; good, bad, or otherwise- I appreciate them all!
  12. What dkochan said, your best bet for a unit like that is a place with existing coin-changer facilities- a laundromat is a prime candidate for it. Bear in mind, laundromats are usually a lot harder on equipment than "normal" locs due to their unattended nature, so be prepared for more cleanup, touch-ups, and potentially needing extra locks or security measures. Good luck!
  13. Depends on the machine and the location. For me, I usually have a dollar or two in them right at startup, and then the machines will gradually fill themselves up with use, granted your coin changers are set as such.
  14. Where I'm at the store will order them in and have them there. I didn't know they wouldn't bring it in off the site, though I haven't tried to get anything I haven't gotten at the club there previously at some point, say the Mike and Ikes which they don't sell on the floor anymore.
  15. Most are going to be really dodgy "clones" of USI or Crane machines brought in by various importers. Support and parts will be slim to none if other biz-ops are any indicator. I would rather buy a name-brand refurbed machine that's tried and true over something that very well could be doomed to be a boat anchor in 6 months time, but that's just me. Whatever you choose to do, good luck!