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  1. Order online, pickup in store for Sams has been my go-to for the last year or so for stuff they don't keep regularly on the floor.
  2. Shot in the dark, but give Allstar a call. They handle some machines, and might have what you're looking for. If not, they might know someone who might- they've been very helpful for me in the past when I've been on the hunt for unusual parts. Good luck!
  3. Most spirals were designed back when the "spiral" rush came in the 90's, when a good spiral could do the same money as a whole room of bulk gear. The ones I have can easily accommodate $100+ in quarters, not that they get anywhere near that line today.
  4. The way the top carousel fits into the bottom one is where you'll have more issues. It's doable, but you'll likely be adding on bases and fighting with the equipment every step of the way once it's built. I wish you good luck on the endeavor!
  5. A pair of Oak Vistas will cost less, have vastly more configuration and vending options, and finally, will last for decades with minor maintenance. I have an Oak Vista on my route that is easily 40+ years old, still running strong. I have had new-in-box LYPC's get wrecked in a span of weeks in some locations. In my humble opinion, metal beats plastic for professional gear. Whatever you choose to do, good luck!
  6. Wow, they're dropping like flies. TNT, A&A, now Northwestern. Fingers crossed there's still new "quality" machines to be had by the end of the decade.
  7. Got a weird one for anyone who has an idea about this one. I've got a leased DN-276 and it recently started reporting "ERROR" for pretty much everything I try and do to it, though it vends fine for the customers. Go figure. I called Coke to see if they can fix it, but they won't be able to take a look at it until Monday at this rate, and I'll be seeing the machine tomorrow. Though it's not a huge deal that I can't seem to reset pricing, I am wondering if this is an indicator of bigger problems with the machine to come. It's an office account, and if it goes down for even a day I get phone calls. You know how it goes. Thanks all for any thoughts on this one!
  8. I have seen these in action. I've got some pictures, they were at a resort hotel I stayed at a few years back. The system they had was the "Sammy/Sega" system, and it's the only one I've ever seen in the wild- it was similar to the "Discapa" system in styling. Being able to hook a DBA to bulk is going to slowly but surely become a necessity if cap toys are to remain competitive, but we'll see what happens. With so many manufacturers dropping out of the game, I'm not sure what the future holds there.
  9. I get a couple slugs a week, usually mixed in with a handful of Canadian quarters from the rougher side of town. Slugs vary- I see more cardboard ones than metal- the metal ones are all but impossible to ferret out I'm afraid.
  10. Oscars Wild Ride is one of the biggest "show" machines ever mass-produced. It came in a number of variants, the newer ones being somewhat more reliable mechanically speaking. It's big, heavy, has a LOT of moving parts, electrical components, and lights. I had the option to buy one some time ago and passed on it on the grounds that if one of the "showcase" halogen lamp bulbs goes out, they all go out as I discovered when I went to go look at one. For the size, power, and electrical usage, you're better off placing some sort of redemption game you can charge a dollar for- fewer parts to break down, far better support, and greater profits. Don't get me wrong, the Oscar machine looks amazing, but I can't for the life of me think of anyplace that warrants it unless by some miracle you've found a place where both space and power are no object. Whatever you choose to do, good luck!
  11. Superb equipment anywhere there are kids. An interactive will outsell a standard head for gum, though getting the space for it can be tricky. I focus mine in restaurants- if you can get one in a buffet, you can mop up very well.
  12. I'd buy the Zipper, but I'm a sucker for the oddities of yesteryear. Going rate on sticker machines, at least where I'm at is smaller = better. If you can fit it on a rack, it tends to command a higher price than the larger standalone machines. My own foray into flats ended here in disaster, so it may be more of a regional thing there. I see larger machines going for between $50-100 and the 2/3 column machines starting around $100. The rest of the gear there all looks pretty old and hammered. Now, you could bring it all back to it's former glory, but the time and money to get it there isn't worth it in my opinion. Though a Victor 77 will clean up great and last practically forever, they just aren't as nice as newer styled machines. Whichever direction you wind up going, good luck!
  13. It's amazing how of all the old manufacturers, it seems only Oak and Northwestern are still holding on here in the USA. I called on Tuesday to place an order and did get through, though I'm only ordering a couple lids so I doubt it would take much for them to hustle that out the door. Hopefully they've gotten back to all of you by now.
  14. I bought a bigger-sized gumball machine for $50 once (pictured on the left). Guy pulled out the coin box (located just below/behind the NW front) before I left, and there was nothing in it. Get it back to the shop, and sometime later while I'm moving it around I hear something rattling around in the very bottom. Well, it was a pain getting down inside the bottom there, but once I did I found just shy of $70 in it among the debris. It's not everyday that a machine pays for itself, but when it does...
  15. Wish you were closer, I'm trying to get rid of mine.