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  1. Vend the machine with coins and bills until you see the problem yourself. Only after you see the problem can you start to diagnose the fault. Walta
  2. The way this harness fails cannot be detected visually. The wires fail inside of their insulation and so there is no connection from one end of a wire to the other. If the wire is moves ever so slightly the connection is restored. Often moving the harness will change the machines symptoms.
  3. The most common problem with the early RVV was a bad harness it was one piece of wire from the logic board to the vend cup. The newer harness is made in 3 parts. I had one with a louse set screw on the left right motors pulley. The symptom sounds a lot like your description. If the problem is just one pair of shelf locations it may be missing the magnet behind the price tab. Walta
  4. The first rule of business is “if the customers can’t or will not pay for all costs plus a fair profit, we must go out of this business” There are lots of ways to lose money in the shipping department. 1 Shipping even small parts in envelopes is risky business. Yes the postage costs are lower than boxes but the trade off is will the sorting machines rip open the envelope and allow the parts to escape. Who pays for the lost parts? Who gets to deal with the PO customer that gets the empty envelope? 2 If you do not have smart focused people in the shipping department expensive mistakes get made and good people do not work cheap. How many minutes of labor do you think Vendnet has in entering, picking, boxing and shipping your $20 transaction? My guess is they lost money on this transaction. Walta
  5. The 5591 is the worst “food machine “ever sold. 1 The refer unit is controlled with a mechanical cold control getting it adjusted so it never gets below freezing and never gets over 42° will require several trips to the machine. 2 When you load the machine with 150 bottles soda of 90° soda from your truck you close the door of the machine if it fails to get the temperature in the machine below 42° within 30 minutes the it will go out of order with a health error. (note the refer unit in this machine is to small to pass this test). Then what will you do throw out the food or reset the error and sell the questionable product? 3 The baffle in the delivery bin is opened by the weight of the product. The one piece rubber baffle is great for soda but too heavy for food items to open. The multi part baffle made for food is often damaged by soda bottles. Walta
  6. My guess is the problem is the vend sensor. Photo eye across the delivery chute. It seems very unlikely that a BA fault would shut down the display. Try the machine with the BA disconnected. Walta
  7. If this machine has a slave snack machine attached and early software. This symptom has been seen, just because the menu for the snack is in the software does not mean it will work. Also a bad keypad with a stuck clear key will make display go blank. Walta
  8. 1 Make sure the door switch is working. 2 Open the door. 3 Press the mode button 4 Press the 1 key 5 The display will show the number of nickels the computer thinks, are present in the coin mech. 6 Press the 1 key to increase the number. Press the 2 key to decrease the number. Press the 0 key to change coin type. 7 press reset key to exit. Later versions of the software have a coin level option that will not skip all the steps in menu #5 Walta
  9. About 75% of the 6600 sold were the 6600XL that were the same depth as the 7600 but narrower. The other 25% have shorter spirals that will not fit the 7600. The shelves and sometimes the spirals are the only different parts. Walta
  10. look at the arrows
  11. Permit and license requirements vary from state to state. In St Louis County Missouri we have 90 different towns each one different. Walta
  12. I do not think you will find any Triac at the HVAC supply houses You may have better luck at electronics suppliers, but there are few left in business Walta
  13. Grab part 16 in this diagram and pull it back into the machine then you will be able to see the buttons you are looking for. Walta panel.pdf
  14. 1 Yes this machine will not display sold out until it detects a failed vend attempt. 2 A failed vend should not require a refund from the desk. In the event of a failed vend the customer can select another product or press the coin return for their money back. 3 Sold out selections are in indicator quality poor service. Service the machine more often or get more and bigger machines. Walta
  15. 1 Throw away the spring, it was eliminated from later production machines. 2 Pry out the price tab holder while holding in the other cup so its spring does not send it flying. 3 Install a gear on the end of the screw that goes to the back of the shelf. 4 Install a gear on the back of the cup. 5 Install the cup in the shelf. 6 Snap on the price tab holder. 7 Move products pusher back and forth the cup should spin. 8 Test vend both selections. Walta