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  1. Lol! I had to text my customer to let them know to quit eating them! Now to pull out of machines! Email from "Sams"
  2. Do a search in top right corner, I think this subject was kick around at one time.
  3. It's the shipping that kills you, when you think you find a good deal on machines! Craigslist, but if you can't fix machines and learn to paint them. Then you pay some one else. Important note is to stay away from China made machines, buy American made only. There places that refurbishes machines not far from FL, you could arrange to pick them up at your time. Post pictures of machines and somebody will attempt to help you.
  4. Goggle is your friend.
  5. S. Thomas Associates in Fort Worth, TX.
  6. A location of where you at would help determine to send board.
  7. That's right! Private property, up to management to do something. I pulled what was left of my AP machine and didn't look back.
  8. Install camera, catch guy destroying your property. Then let it play out, I don't think LE would really do anything. It's up to the company to take action on individual. It happened to me, only employees destroyed my machine! The law only shrug his shoulder and pointed at management! Good luck!
  9. Brother is a mechanic by trade! He has magnetizer tool from a snap-on truck, the more you pass it a tool the stronger the tool holds! I can pick up small bolts with my #2 fillip screw driver!
  10. Not making money! Pull machines!
  11. I magnetized my hollow shaft nut driver set and use a 9 volt drill to help speed things up. I don't lose any nuts at all.
  12. A long handle #2 magnetic tip Phillip screw driver is a must!
  13. Yes the DN 522E is six wide columns.
  14. Yes! It's worth fixing! I have one just like it. cajun56
  15. Yes or send your board in to fix.