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  1. Was told the same no vending machines.
  2. Bad switches on motor.
  3. Don't even work as a boat anchor!
  4. Did they catch Odummie in pictures?
  5. It's just like a used car, some times you will have to spend money to make it work right.
  6. lacanteen to the rescue again!
  7. Look for "Made in the U.S.A."
  8. Yes! Very tough! Just parts are hard to come by.
  9. The Rowes are worth $14 scrap price. Polyvend cold food about the same. glass front worth what you want to give for it.
  10. I think I have one also.
  11. I just scraped a Rowe 5900!
  12. I have a national that somebody else was I guess trying to use as a cold food machine. What temp should it be for snacks,chocolate? It's a 721 outsider.
  13. Well if your willing to pay a whole bunch to much for what their offering. Please do more shopping around.
  14. If it said Coca-Cola it would be worth a little more then nothing.
  15. It will be worth it.