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  1. what kind of scam is this?

    He also mentioned ultravends those are even worse than vendstars stay away especially at that price!
  2. best places to find machines?

    Call your competitors
  3. bad gumball wheels?

    The 3 springs mount just like they would in a NW, they position facing away from the direction of the turn and will bypass the two cover springs pm a pic if you want and I'll see if it correct or I can send you a pic of one of mine
  4. bad gumball wheels?

    Assuming it's 1" gumball (850) count check the two springs that cover the hole opening if somehow they moved it could allow an extra by i have many of these and all work flawlessly
  5. Northwestern coin trays

    funny you would think if most have or had them and no one likes them there would be more available out there.
  6. Northwestern coin trays

    i use them and like them i only use them in high volume places that would normally take several scoops with my hand to empty. I was able to get a good deal on 30 of them so i took them, would like to get more but im not paying $5-6 a piece
  7. Substitute for .850 gumballs

    ive only had the issue with 1800's my oaks and NW do fine. i didnt know it until another vendor showed me so i tested it and sure enough it misvended after several vends
  8. Substitute for .850 gumballs

    most dont do the inner spring but it will misvend from time to time without removing it. it can catch the edge of the cap and pop it out of the hole just before it drops.
  9. Substitute for .850 gumballs

    for the 1800 to run a regular acorn cap remove the riser (disc under wheel) and one spring closest to the center and open the wheel all the way
  10. Substitute for .850 gumballs

    in store they are like 7 something a bag https://www.samsclub.com/sams/tootsie-roll-midgees-700-ct/prod18160438.ip?xid=plp:product:1:1
  11. Substitute for .850 gumballs

    if you have empty caps you can fit 2 tootsie roll miggies in it they are about a .01 each sams or walmart bags and a cap is only 3-4 cents im doing a trial run of these and well see how it goes. also for golfer's its something they could grab a couple and throw in their pockets until they are out on the course
  12. Insurance

    no its flat rate
  13. Insurance

    State farm 1mil liability about $450 year
  14. What is this route worth?

    With machines like that I wouldn't pay much more than what you'd pay a locator to do for you, machines like that are usually available for 20-40 bucks in my experience if someone says it makes $350 to $500 it probably does $250, I've seen it Over and over offer $1500 and if your comfortable go up to 2K otherwise pass my opinion FWIW
  15. Need Help with lowest price Vendstar Gumball Wheels

    The ones I make I do anchor down the wheel, it's a must to stop misvends.