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  1. no its flat rate
  2. State farm 1mil liability about $450 year
  3. With machines like that I wouldn't pay much more than what you'd pay a locator to do for you, machines like that are usually available for 20-40 bucks in my experience if someone says it makes $350 to $500 it probably does $250, I've seen it Over and over offer $1500 and if your comfortable go up to 2K otherwise pass my opinion FWIW
  4. The ones I make I do anchor down the wheel, it's a must to stop misvends.
  5. Navel jelly works good $6-7 bottle little gores a long way i use it on all my stand repaints
  6. Time Left: 7 hours and 30 minutes

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    looking for a bunch but every few will help. dont need keys


  7. anyone have luck recently getting in touch with eagle? I leave messages and emails no one ever calls back
  8. I dont have many toy locs but have a small groc store that I can only put a single head machine. sticker / tat not doing too good so I was going to try 2" caps for .50 whats a good one the still profitable at .50
  9. i do a lot on ebay I have 2 accounts one for labels and one for all my other stuff including vending parts and machines. not really slow but there is a lot of competition and there is no loyalty, cheapest price usually wins out. if you want to move it all fast ebay not the place unless your at a rock bottom price. I have better luck with buy it now and best offer than i do with auctions. I may be interested in some stuff, ill PM you
  10. ive lost a few that way, super frustrating but goes with the territory
  11. I makes you wonder if they bought it just to make there own equipment probably not sell to there potential competitors
  12. Parts are going to get harder and harder to get especually since one of the nations biggest bulk companies will have the rights
  13. i recommend it its not expensive and it give piece of mind, also can be a selling point if someone was on the fence. It would cover for the obvious like a kid choking on something or tipping one over on them selves but also if the store or business owner says it caused damage or something. rust on the new flooring tipped over and broke something inside the store. the list are endless and everyone seems to be sue happy today. its like $30 month, well worth it to me
  14. i have one back room does ok
  15. ive made them from my vinyl sticker material that i use and then it could be customized with color and text but didnt list them on my site because I cant beat the price that NW sells them for