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  1. Yep, remember that the 5591 had a milk vendor configuration offered, thus the board will have a health timer
  2. Canteen has it in SD, had a Bev 6 merchant for a while in my local warehouse but pulled it. What's crazy is that coke sells $1 20 oz as well, but the case pricing is like 28 bucks/24 at the local Costco Business Center.
  3. Up until a year or so back, Nestle had 5591's in pretty much every Costco around here loaded to the gills with the soft 16.9 Arrowhead waters. (Costco booted them when they put in their own Bevmax 4's with their house brand of water) Seemed to work pretty well.
  4. Get the shortest one that can still fit the gap-more length=more resistance= more voltage drop= higher current= more heat.
  5. Welcome, glad to see you here. I'm in San Diego too, North County, what part do you run in? Oh, and good job on booting Canteen, they are really incompetent here in SD.
  6. Was looking at CL and saw, this, what is it? https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/app/6057985926.html
  7. Was looking at CL and saw, this, what is it? https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/app/6057985926.html
  8. You can get Vendo 721's new for just over 3k. http://www.amequipmentsales.com/new_vendo721sign.htm Much more durable, outdoor rated, and doesn't have USI craptacular refrig.
  9. There is a guy out in East San Diego selling, I talked with him a while back, but decided it was too far for me. PM me for his number.
  10. Not just no, but hell no.
  11. Welcome to Vendiscuss! Now, about your machine, we need to know make and model in order to know what the proper configuration should be. Should on an aluminum tag rived to the left side of the door about halfway up.
  12. Cans are much faster to produce for the bottlers as well, as they are very stable on belts and machinery, so they can run the can lines at warp speed. Bottles, not so much.
  13. Rustoleum hammered. Good to go over rust, and the hammered camouflages the defects.
  14. Disclaimer: the following is what I have gathered from other operators and this forum, I do not have employees myself, so take this with a grain of salt. At this point, you are thinking slightly too far ahead, as most operators never get to the point of having employees. However, if you choose to go down this path, there are things to keep in mind: Your biggest issue will be cash accountability. You must constantly be vigilant about theft, as well as laziness and incompetence. Once you make the leap into your first employee you will open a whole new set of issues, headaches, and expenses, like insurance, payroll, and supervision. In addition, you can get older equipment for your first machines, but as you grow, if you decide that vending is for you, and would like to eventually hire employees, you should be buying 100% newer machines that have MDB and DEX capabilities. This, when combined with telemetry, will allow you to keep complete accountability of every dime, dollar, and quarter put into your machines, allowing you to reconcile the collected cash with the sales.
  15. Too much "disposal" of stales eh?