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  1. Where to buy Dixie narco front panels

    Get your local vinyl guy to do a window cling, and cut it to shape.
  2. Machine Lights

    Expected service life of a tube is approx 10,000 hrs, so just over a year of continuous service.
  3. A&A stands?

    Probably not. They are by far the cheapest and their equipment is all over socal. And their golpher customer service is par for the course in vending.
  4. Someone mentioned 501's...

    Left is a 501, but it is a single price T series, so no cc readers. Right one is a 501E, CC capable. But, you'll have to check the serial tag, if it says SIID somewhere in the model, you are good to go for cc readers.
  5. A&A stands?

    Welcome to bulk vending.
  6. golpher tastes weak, have you tried a recent can yet?
  7. Do you all use the Dixie narco recommended setup for each different brand or do you just say golpher it and slap a bottle shim in and set the rotor to two deep? Or some other setup?
  8. Yep, and we all know that we need it now more than ever. The industry as we know it is dying, and will die unless we get the dollar coin, simple as that.
  9. Northwestern Corp

    Google Eagle emc, and call
  10. Couple machine IDs

    Nope, the one in the op has the single price coin insert casting.
  11. Northwestern Corp

    3000 for a pallet?
  12. Northwestern Corp

    Literally no one, unless you want Canadian beaver or a pallet of eagles Oak is oos on refurbs too.
  13. Orange juice

    You are most likely not going to sell much OJ, so just order it from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Floridas-Natural-Premium-Orange-Juice/dp/B00KIJ0H2E/ref=pd_sbs_325_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00KIJ0H2E&pd_rd_r=J0G5QHKDPHM226KFFSE0&pd_rd_w=D5Eyi&pd_rd_wg=shgwC&psc=1&refRID=J0G5QHKDPHM226KFFSE0 and sell at cost Alternately, you can get the San Pelligrino carbonated juices and market it as a premium product.