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  1. I should have taken a picture of the one I cleaned yesterday🙄
  2. Bring a can of compressed air and blow the bill path out. This a necessary evil especially with coincidence bill acceptors.
  3. Lubricant on 5591's. And Bridging on royals and USI machines.
  4. Raise your prices, please.
  5. Window cleaner/paper towels, a can of compressed air, food grade silicon and a flashlight. An extendable magnet for when the nuts fall behind the coin box seems to come in quiet handy for me, too.
  6. Let me know.
  7. I could use the delivery chute trim off of that drink machine...
  8. I only do frozen...for a reason.
  9. I bit the Bullet last year and spent $1800 on an Amorotec bill discrimator. Other than not liking wrinkled bills, this thing works great. I can't begin to tell you how much time it has saved me from flipping through stacks of bills looking for 5's. It is fast and very accurate. My bank teller was just commenting to me how accurate my bills have been. For those sitting on the fence, I wish I had made this purchase a year earlier.
  10. I've got three of these out, all fully frozen. The oldest one (5 years) has ice buildup around the door seal. Door seal isn't heated. Shelves like to 'fall out' of the shelf guides. But other than those issues, it works well. The second one only has one little spot where the heated door seal doesn't seem to reach. No big deal. These shelves like to fall out on occasion too. The third is one was purchased new in September of 2016. Heated door seal and glass work well. Had condensation in between the glass, but USI sent a repairman to change the glass out. That lead to a few other issues, all since resolved. Shelves are the most stable of the three, but I would hope they fix this weak shelf system in future models. $6,000 should buy a more robust shelving system.
  11. I use two 8" heavy duty metal straps along with self tapping (#8) machine screws to attach machines together. It really cuts down on the shaking issues. I get them from Home Depot. They cost less than $3 a piece.
  12. Yep
  13. I've rented a drop deck trailer to make some machine moves. $130 for the day. The one I rent can fit 6 machines.
  14. There is a broken wire on the shelf harness. Easy enough to fix, if you find it. Usually, it is right at the harness.
  15. I'm 6'1 1/2"😁