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  1. Pay Range

    I use PayRange. I like the simplicity of Installation. One of my accounts doubled in volume after install. Other accounts, it is hardly used. In the right locations, (like a factory break room) it is a great device. I've had several people in the last couple of weeks that cannot connect with the machines. All of them are using LG phones and I have yet to see an update from PayRange to address this issue.
  2. Bill counter

    I know I've cut my counting time in half and I am MUCH more accurate with my deposits since I got my discriminator. By far, it is the best money I have spent on this business!
  3. Bill counter

    I would never drop a bag full of unverified money off at a bank. That is putting a lot of trust in someone who could care less about you or your business. I use this: Amrotec X-1 2-Pocket Mixed Money Counter / Currency Discriminator (Bank Grade). I have had it over one year now and it is awesome. I blow the dust out after every use. I wish I had gotten it earlier.
  4. Pay Range

    In the right location, PayRange is great. Younger, blue collar works in a fixed location really go for it. IMHO, something like this will replace card readers in the near future.
  5. These are reputable machines, right?

    I bolt my 5591's to the snack machine next to it and place a 2 x 6 'T' behind them to keep that shaking business to a minimum. Works like a charm.
  6. National 474 cold can module CCM-8

    D&S Vending sold the arms to me for $1.89.
  7. Lektro Vending 36

    Send me the $25 and you'll have less headaches.
  8. Usi side by side combo

    It is sometimes difficult to decipher what you are trying to say. It is like a bunch of random thoughts all jumbled together. I would look for pinched wires or a broken ground wire to begin with.
  9. Usi side by side combo

    I don't even know where to begin...
  10. I should have taken a picture of the one I cleaned yesterday🙄
  11. Bill Acceptor Acting Strange

    Bring a can of compressed air and blow the bill path out. This a necessary evil especially with coincidence bill acceptors.
  12. Tools for the trade

    Lubricant on 5591's. And Bridging on royals and USI machines.
  13. USI 3158 CC reader installed

    Raise your prices, please.
  14. Tools for the trade

    Window cleaner/paper towels, a can of compressed air, food grade silicon and a flashlight. An extendable magnet for when the nuts fall behind the coin box seems to come in quiet handy for me, too.
  15. FSI soda and snack machine

    Let me know.