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  1. What are these?

    I used to have a few of them. All they are good for now is the 50 cent mechs which can be used on 1800 triples (if you swap the gear). As far as vending anything, forget it. They were a biz op to sell energy chocolates which is out of business.
  2. AA machines. Need coin mechs and models

    Good luck! I'm not sure you'll be getting A&A parts since they discontinued machines. As for NW, you're just as unlikely to get anything from them. I ordered a new rack from them over 3 months ago and recently had to cancel and order Beaver because Northwestern has become incredibly incompetent. Might have better luck finding some overpriced used mechs on ebay or another TVF member.
  3. Beaver Wizard spiral machines- Good or Bad?

    Like posted above, the actual machines aren't Beaver, just the coin mech and usually the gumball wheel and some other parts. They are very reliable, just usually spendy. Makes good money in a high traffic spot and nice thing is that they hold so many gumballs you don't have to refill often.
  4. Average pull from a sticker machine?

    20% is the absolute lowest I would pitch, but it's very rare to find a good location that will accept such a low rate. You're more likely to get it in as charity or around 30% commission. Stickers/tattoos still have plenty of margin for everyone at 30%. For a 4 column machine, you should be doing at least $50/month, which is still pretty low.
  5. Is this rack a good deal?

    It does appear to be stolen. As far as the price, it's a very good price...however, the bigger issue here than the locks, is the coin mechs. You'd have to buy (2) 2" coin mechs at .75 or $1 and (5) .50 1" mechs in order to convert this rack to the current market. The new coin mechs are about $150 total as well as about $50 in locks/keys. You're going to spend about $200 to get this thing on location, so keep that in mind if you decide to buy it, but IMO it's well worth the $400 investment.
  6. Rainbow crane help

    Got it working...there was a fortune cookie fortune paper stuck in the DBA.
  7. Rainbow crane help

    Hello, I just bought my first crane, a 42" jumbo claw Rainbow crane. It's about five years old. It was just shipped to me and it all works, except for that the bill acceptor won't pull in bills at all. Does anybody have any suggestions for how I can fix this issue?
  8. Coin Shooters?

    I used to have a Play and Score machine. It didn't do well. It has several design flaws: The flipper broke off of mine which is why it's history, the candy chute isn't steep enough to allow all of the candy to fall down and so over time it gets a build up and created a huge mess of melted Skittle clumps in the chute, I could never find a gumball wheel and brush housing to fit the machine, so I was forced to vend bulk candies, the cash drawer is very small so it doesn't hold that many quarters...it's not a machine I would ever buy again!
  9. Can I vend 1" toys or bouncy balls out of Seaga?

    Not sure. I know Lypc does. Many members who use those get the .50 mechs off of Buzz Bite machines, which may fit Seaga, but I don't know. Your best bet is to avoid the cheap machines, and get quality machines (Oak, Eagle, Beaver, Northwestern). A&A is pretty cheap for new machines, and they are decent quality too.
  10. Can I vend 1" toys or bouncy balls out of Seaga?

    I wouldn't. I've vended toys with similar machines with that wheel (Lypc, etc) and they get jammed or misvend frequently. Plus, you'd need to track down .50 mechs. Any of those cheap machines I have left are exclusively gumballs or candy.
  11. Kickstart! Recently they've done pretty good finding good locations for toys and flat vend machines.
  12. Where to place stickers? Inside or Out?

    Put them on the inside! I recently had a rack stolen from a location and apparently the thief didn't notice the label on the side with my contact info so he "placed" it in his apartment complex commons area and the apartment manager called me asked me why my vending machine was there...that's how I got it back! Put your labels on the inside!
  13. Buzz bites

    I had a few, but once I ran out of product, I sold off the machines and moved on. The product was too expensive and they are a pain to refill (one at a time) so I decided to get rid of Buzz Bites, peppermint patties and Hershey's Nuggets.
  14. Question about 1800 vending machine.

    I have a 1800 on location with gumballs on the right side and have never had an issue. Check to make sure the gears on the mech align with the wheel.
  15. Garage Sale find...what is it?

    I used to have one. I bought it with a stand for $15, used it for about three years and then sold it off (and kept the stand). It was surprisingly reliable. I sold capsules in it and you can't remove the top half to pour them out, so it's difficult to exchange for new toys, so I just always kept it as toy mix. Also, the coins you have to remove one at a time, so it takes longer to service. Overall for $3, you can use it for awhile and then let someone else deal with it. Good luck!