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  1. D&S Vending sells Vandal Marker Remover in a spray can. Works great
  2. We also sell monster in glass fronts. We sell ref, ultra, rehab, mocha& lo-carb. Regular sells 4 times as much as the rest of the flavors combined. $2.50/ea
  3. Yeah, it takes forever to count all those nickels in the cash box!!
  4. Lot of good advice hear. Let me just add that when you shop for a food machine, look for a first in/first out type to minimize "shopping" by potential customers. It will help minimize any stales. AMS, AP, and National all make these type machines.
  5. Please be a little more detailed in your question. What model machine, coin mech, etc.
  6. Is this 147 factory or has it been updated?
  7. D&S Vending has a limited number of parts for VendNet/USI/Fawn/Federal/ whatever other name they go by. For the most part, you need to buy directly from VendNet. They do not ship uPS to us, they use the U.S. Postal Service priority mail. I usually try to bundle as much together to save on shipping
  8. If the side panels are decals, heat them with a heat gun/blow dryer to loosen the adhesive. It will take a little time, but is fairly simple to accomplish. Just take your time.
  9. Unfortunately, you need to deal directly with VendNet got their parts. They have always been excessive on S$H
  10. I believe the part number is #4744032. That is the number from the manual online at D&S Vending for a 474. he second machine I looked at today has a label with a different number on it. It started with 474 but I can't recall the rest of the number offhand.
  11. Through acquisition I have a few national 474 Combo(Snack & CAn). This week 2 of them have stopped running the compressor units. Talked to National Vendors and they pinpoint the small PC Board mounted near the right hand leg of the can module. "No longer available". Does anyone have any from machines you are parting out? If so, please let me know and mybr we can work out a deal. Thanks to all
  12. Yes, with the upgraded norad you can get you DEX /data. Not with OEM board. You can use MDB for card reader
  13. AZ is correct You will need to upgrade the control board if you want to receive DEX
  14. Depth settings refer to the numer of products deep in each column in drink machines. Your nachine may be able to hold 3 cans deep ir 2 bottles or 2 cans. It all depends on tre size of your product
  15. I am not sure what the sensor harness is but if you're talking about the motor trailer harness motor harness that connects to the side of the trade board is that could be bad or the trade board itself is bad