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  1. a proud Penguin are you?🐧🐧
  2. Youngstown, Warren, Salem, Boardman and East Liverpool are known cities. Counties all border PA state line
  3. Chris, we are in Mahoning, Trumbull & Columbiana Counties. How about you?
  4. If power is interrupted the machine does not hold credit. All credit is cleares.
  5. Tax exempt purchases allows you to purchase tax free. When you sell through vending machines, your selling price includes sales tax. Therefore a $1 vend in actuality is .93 selling price and .07 tax.(Ohio tax rate). That tax must be forwarded to the appropriate agency monthly
  6. Sounds like a possible air leak. Make sure all seals are good. The fan should also draw cool air away from evap could not blow onto them
  7. Why not use a plastic pallet that either Pepsi or Coke uses to deliver their product. Cokes are 40 inches square while the Pepsi ones are about 48 x 40 inches. Both are about 6 inches tall. Just be sure to attach the machine to the skid.
  8. That error message is saying the vend sensor was blocked. Perhaps you set something on top of the delivery bin while working on the machine. That would cause that error. Go in and clear errors and you should be fine. If that is the case, the machine would still function
  9. Man, I hate when that happens!!
  10. Most hardware stores would have that in stock.
  11. What type of machines are you looking for? Where are you located?
  12. All products, bags and candies, should rest completely on the shelf, NEVER on the sooral itself. Best and easiest way to insure proper delivery of products.
  13. It is important that you start with a clean smooth surface. Depending on which vinyl you use, I like to apply a soapy water spray to the surface so I can mimipulate the vinyl around. Squeegee the vinyl to remove excess
  14. D&S Vending sells Vandal Marker Remover in a spray can. Works great
  15. We also sell monster in glass fronts. We sell ref, ultra, rehab, mocha& lo-carb. Regular sells 4 times as much as the rest of the flavors combined. $2.50/ea