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  1. Not for $1 Vendo's for sure. What is your standard selling price for 16.9 bottles?
  2. The SS error refers to the selection switch. The switch is the one selection number that displays after the SS( I.e. SS2 means selection switch number 2 is the problem. Either it is stuck or inoperable. Depending on the age of machine, it can be a selection membrane or a push button switch. Is the error is button 1 or 2 that would prevent you from moving through the menu.
  3. Are you sure it is the lock? Have you checked the battery in the remote?
  4. I can't say that I pressed the door switch after repair or not. I brought the extra coin mech with me so I did not have to lock up in the interim. Just powered it down/up. That is when the motors cycled. It did not cycle after the repair power up though. Who knows?
  5. Hi everyone. I came across a strange occurrence yesterday and am wondering if anyone else has come across it ever. My driver told me this.t the bottom shelf(F) would not bend at all. He also said that when the customer inserted a dollar, tried to buy from that shelf, got a "make another selection" message, pushed the coin return button and only got one quarter back in change. When I got to the machine the first thing I did was press all the "F" selections and the machine displayed the correct price-1.00. I inserted a dollar, got $1 credit and the "Make another selection" and only .25 change returned. I opened the machine, inspected and found a wire had come off the shelf harness connection. I repaired the connection, powered the machine back up and still no vend. Same message. I was thinking I should just change the harness. Then I changed out the MEI coin mech. Powered up machine and each F motor cycled one time. Machine works perfect now. Cooin mech has a bad quarter payout solenoid Would the cause one shelf to not work? Or just a coincidence?
  6. I believe the Snapple and Gatorade are the same size bottles.(20oz) My local Sam's carries both the variety pack and straight pack. Cool Blue, Grape and Fruit Punch sell best for us. Sam's also carries Arnold Palmer Iced Tea/Lemonade that sell well in the 20 oz bottle. It is also much less expensive than Gatorade.
  7. Take the validator off machine B y removing the four nuts. Once off you will see a Phillips screw on the face of validator that hold faceplate that attaches to that nut
  8. Use a 11/32 inch nut driver. Every tool box should have one!
  9. What AZ said. Be sure to remove bottom end of acceptor and inspect. May have some foreign object in bill path
  10. Dsvendinginc.com has a manual section where you can download most manuals. Good luck
  11. did you replace the bill validator with a card reader? You re no longer accepting bills???
  12. We do not use Hostess any longer. Been a few years now. Sams Club has Cloverhill and Mrs. Freshleys at about 50 cents. Much better luck with them
  13. If you use the InOne board you can keep the coin mech/validator or update to MDB. About $450'wiyh drop sensors
  14. did you clear the error?
  15. We use ParLevel and it took us one day to get set up. They are a one stop shop. Maybe it's is your bank causing the delay.