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  1. I put in this week's update, not sure where it went lol. Anyway, this week was: 230 locations. Grossed $1,585.00 Avg; $20.30 per box. Theft ran 11% Serviced 78 boxes.
  2. Thank you for the encouragement. By they way, if you have route drivers, I'm assuming you must be a pretty big company now. Is that all you do are the honor boxes? If so, I would love to pick your brain sometime as I grow my business.
  3. Most of the ones from this past week were already set at $1.25. I have been placing boxes at the $1.25 price for about 6 months now.
  4. Weekly update: 231 locations. Grossed $1,477.00 Avg $20.60 per box. theft ran 5% serviced 71 boxes.
  5. Thank you for the input. I really appreciate that. I have increased the prices on 13 accounts so far, and so far no lost accounts, and only 1 was short more than the normal amount and the ones I am increasing the prices on right now are the ones that while I don't want to lose them, it wouldn't hurt me if I did lose them. So everything is going great so far. I have a total of 84 accounts that need to be increased.
  6. I went form $1.00 to $1.25 and I jut left notes on each box stating that due to product price increase we are forced to raise our prices to $1.25 as of ..... and I would put the date of next service.
  7. Not yet. I haven't serviced any of the ones I left the notes on. That starts on Monday, but no one has called to have me remove any boxes yet. I started with locations, that were slow or higher theft so if they ask me to remove the box, it's no big loss
  8. Weekly update: 225 locations, grossed $1,561.00, avg $20.81 per box, theft ran at 8% serviced 75 boxes.
  9. Hey Rodney, thanks for the info. I have used vend-trak for about 2 years now and I like it, but it is more or less set up for bulk vending more than what I do, if vendsoft is geared more toward what I do, I would be willing to change. Let me know how things progress.
  10. Weekly update: 229 locations. Grossed $1,663.00 Avg. $21.05 per box; Theft ran at 6%. Serviced 79 boxes
  11. Got it thanks, guys.
  12. I am trying to find out who all on here uses vend-trak1.com and if you guys were having problems with the site at this time? Thanks
  13. Weekly update: 230 locations; Grossed $1,455.00 Avg. $20.70; theft ran 12% serviced 67 boxes
  14. Just giving you a hard time about the $1.00 thing. If it works for you, by all means go for it. As far as my customers being I won't know until I go back to service them again, just because they didn't kick me out, doesn't mean they are going to pay the $1.25 either. I will just have to wait and see.
  15. How in the world were you even making a profit at .75? I have started giving my notices about the price increase and so far no one has asked me to remove my box so we will see, but even at $1.00 that's not much profit. A lot of full line vendors are charging $1.00 for chips (the LSS size) and they don't have to deal with theft so after thinking about this for a long time, I feel justified in charging $1.25 once you account for the theft and also the charity.