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  1. Weekly update: 236 locations. Grossed $1,423.00 Avg; $18.55 per box. Theft ran 10% serviced 77 boxes.
  2. hey Brian,

    When you are locating, do you carry in one of your filled small boxes?

    Nic Fellows

    Voltage Vending

    1. bhumphrey829


      Yes, sir, I always take a box with me.

  3. Weekly update. 229 locations. Grossed $1,651.00 Avg. $20.80 per box. Theft ran 7% serviced, serviced 70 boxes
  4. The town I live in is 80,000 I have another town that i'm in that's 96,000, the rest of them are between 1,500 and 15,000. Still trying to decide how far out I want to go. Right now my longest drive to get to a town i'm in is 48 miles. So do you put 20 candy items in boxes that have a higher shortage? I put more candy in my boxes I took out today so we will see how that goes. I think I will cut down on my pastries and add more candy. Like I said earlier, I put 40 items in my bigger boxes and 20 in my small boxes. I always start out with small boxes so I can see what type of location it's going to be then I try to upgrade it, but I have some that are good for the small boxes, but not sure how the bigger boxes would work there. So here is a break down of a typical 40 item box I put out. Please let me know what changes you would make. 10 cookies 12 chips 8 candy bars 2 cheez-it 2 gardettos 3 crackers ( I wrap 2 packages together) 3 peanuts or kar's
  5. And how often to service your boxes? I have mine on either a 2 week or 4 week cycle. Do you sell any pastries at all?
  6. Great info. I am still curious as to what you boxes look like lol. I put 40 items in my boxes. There is no way I can get 70 items in my boxes at least not the items I pack it with. How many candy bars do you pack in yours? I pack between 5 and 8 in mine, depending on how bad the shortage is at the particular location. Do ou use the wood grain boxes or something bigger? I really appreciate all of this information, it's helping out a lot.
  7. Weekly update: 226 locations: Grossed $1,340.25 Avg. $18.60 , shortage ran at 10% serviced 72 boxes
  8. Do you happen to have a pic of one of your boxes made up. I am curious as to what you put in yours that might be different than mine.
  9. I have a set menu for every box I take out to begin with, but I adjust each box according to what the location is eating
  10. I'm sure i will get too big to do like i am doing now. But right now i keep up with what comes back from each location on the back of their locating card. If a particular item comes back 3 services in a row i no longer put that item that box for that location. I have a separate tub i use for products that are about to go out of date. I put those products in my boxes that i know are going to move fast. I agree that having a set menu for each would cut my time in half probably, but i just hate the fact that just say i put crackers in a box, and i know it comes back from a particular location every single time i put it in there, are you saying i should still keep putting it in there?
  11. I buy my price stickers from Dennis Slack, who used to be in this business, but has since retired but still sells boxes and stickers. I get my pink ribbons from a breast cancer website. The answer to your other question, yes, I make up all of my boxes in the mornings then run my route and just switch out the boxes at the locations. Then I get back to the warehouse and put all of my product in a tub to make up more boxes in the morning.
  12. Are you talking about the price stickers or the charity stickers?
  13. Great to hear! And if I can be of any help, don't hesitate to ask.
  14. I put in this week's update, not sure where it went lol. Anyway, this week was: 230 locations. Grossed $1,585.00 Avg; $20.30 per box. Theft ran 11% Serviced 78 boxes.
  15. Thank you for the encouragement. By they way, if you have route drivers, I'm assuming you must be a pretty big company now. Is that all you do are the honor boxes? If so, I would love to pick your brain sometime as I grow my business.