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  1. Snack box update

    Weekly update: 256 locations. Grossed $1,625.00 Avg; $22.25 per box. Theft ran 12% serviced 73 boxes.
  2. honor box pricing

    This is just me personally. I do not use the dividers in my boxes, because with the dividers it would be hard for me to get 20 items in the boxes. As far as the pricing goes, I would definitely go with everything for $1.25. I band my crackers together so they get two packages of crackers for that price. Just my opinion. Good luck on your new business. I don't know a lot about the lollipop side, but if you have any questions about the snack box side, I will be glad to try and answer them. I give my weekly updates in another thread on here if you are interested.
  3. Snack box update

    Okay, while I am still working out the "bugs", I am almost done with my "hard" routes, so I will start posting my weekly updates again. This past week: 253 locations: Grossed $1,505.00 Avg $17.90 per box Theft ran 9% serviced 84 boxes.
  4. honor box pricing

    I get them from vending-business-information.com
  5. Mint Box Locator Warning!

    I was contacted, but I knew when he mentioned it was $8.00 per lead it was scam so I started questioning him and asked him if he had a website I could go to so I could read some reviews and he said he had no need for a website so I asked him where he was located and he said he wasn't allowed to tell me that information so I told him straight up I didn't trust him and that I would be warning other people about him also. Our only contact was through emails.
  6. honor box pricing

    I made the mistake of starting out at $1.00 and the profit margin just isn't enough once you consider your gas, time and shortages, I have been at $1.25 for about 8 months now and it works much better. It just sucked having to increase the price on my boxes that were already $1.00. I would definitely start out at $1.25. People will pay that price. Just my opinion. Good luck to you and your new business.
  7. Snack box update

    I have all of my locations in my garmin gps. I make my routes out on vend trak and put them in the order I want them, then use my gps just to get to the location until I learn where it's at. I'm always opened to suggestions and have used so many suggestions from guys on here that has really changed my business, which is why I love this site so much
  8. Snack box update

    Hey Rodney, no I did not have hard routes, in certain towns that weren't around here they were basically hard routes, but i would add different locations, depending on what was due according to the service due date. Then i would arrange the route in that order. I just finished my first week of "hard routes", and I can tell it's going to be a lot easier once get over the growing pains lol.
  9. Snack box update

    Weekly update: I'm not doing updates for the next few weeks and here's why. I am in the processing of putting together "hard routes". For the nearly 2 years I have been doing this, I have always done "floating" routes and it has worked, but it was really a pain having to figure out a route every day. Based on the advice of someone on here that's a lot more knowledgeable than I am and has been doing this a lot longer, I am now assigning each location to a permanent route. In doing so it's causing me to service locations that are not ready to be serviced, driving down my total numbers so my figures aren't true figures right now. I will start updating again once I get through one cycle of these permanent routes
  10. Snack box update

    The 2% is kind of leading in a way, I had one box that was supposed to have $50.00 and there was $103.00 and another that was overpaid by $18.00 that helps offset the accounts that were short quite a bit lol.
  11. Snack box update

    Weekly update: 239 locations Grossed $1,990.00 Avg $24.00 per box Theft ran 2% serviced 87 boxes
  12. Snack box update

    Weekly update: 236 locations. Grossed $1,659.00 Avg $21.85 per box. Theft ran 10% serviced 76 boxes.
  13. Snack box update

    Well, the town I live in is 80,000 and then I have another town that is about 45 miles from me that has 90,000. The rest of the towns are between 7, and 15,000. Do you have any towns in surrounding areas?
  14. Snack box update

    Weekly update: Only ran 3 days this week due to being sick. 235 locations; Grossed $1,216.00, Avg. $19.00 per box theft ran 9%, serviced 64 boxes. I also just wanted to clarify something for those of you who keep up with my updates, that my normal work week consists of 4 days of running routes. I take one day a week and get new locations.
  15. Snack box update

    Weekly update: 236 locations. Grossed $1,423.00 Avg; $18.55 per box. Theft ran 10% serviced 77 boxes.