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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. It seemed too good to be true. I figured as much, though, with all of the typos and the cheesy testimonials. It's pretty amazing how many vending related scams are out there!
  2. Did a search and couldn't find anything on starvendingservices.com... Has anyone on here had an experience with them? The price alone for the machine seems worth it, but with a machine and transport...am I missing something? TWO FOR ONE DEAL ON TWO SINGLE PRICE SODA MACHINES, AND TWO LOCATIONS... A PREMIER VENDING PACKAGE....TWO FOR 900.00. DISCOUNT IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE TWO FOR 900.00 DEAL. PACKAGE INCLUDES 3 YEAR WARRANTY ON A LOCATION IN THE CITY OF YOUR CHOICE. TRY IT RISK FREE BY PUTTING IT ON PAYPAL...!!!! MONEY BACK GUARANTEE CALL 1800 972 1427....BEFORE SUPPLIES RUN OUT....STARVENDINGSERVICES.COM ECONOMY PACKAGE...SALE...RECEIVE YOUR RISK FREE DISCOUNT BY CALLING IN TODAY....
  3. Hi all, Been reading posts and absorbing all the information I can. My brother and I have a small full line route in Reno that we purchased in May 2012. Thanks to everyone that posts and shares their vast wealth of knowledge. Looking forward to learning and growing. Joel