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  1. Does any one have any experience with Verii Nano Markets by 365 Markets? How are they going for you? I was approached today from a guy with 5 locations with 35-40 employees that wants a small nano market for each.....they mentioned Verii to me.
  2. Hi Does any one have any experience with 32 Markets or 365 Markets? Does any know of a market that charges less then 5-7% of your sales? Has any one used any smaller type kiosk? Like a table kiosk like Fresh Healthy Vending that has a built in Credit card reader and scanner in the IPAD case? Any suggestions would be helpful?
  3. Funny you mention that....I have a location complaining my Mei 7512 will not accept the new state quarters...but when I checked it out there was some state quarters in the tubes. I inserted some and it was rejecting a lot of the new quarters.....I was fixing to post the same question. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Can someone that has InOne / Nayax card readers answer a couple questions: I hear they have a Inventory Management feature....is that included in the same price? Will it actually keep track how much inventory I have in each machine like Vagabond? Do they deposit once a week or how? Do they have good reporting? Are you having any problems with them? Any other info you could give me about them would be helpful? Thanks
  5. I would give him 50 maybe..lol
  6. The only shims I know of is for water bottles....I do use a shim for my 16.9 Dasani water which works great....but I cant use it for the 16.9.oz coke or pepsi products. Does Royal make another shim besides the one for water? Yes this machine has a motor for every column. Thank You
  7. Hi...I have a Royal Merlyn IV and 1 column keeps jamming on pepsi products. It looks like the front of the bottle will drop first causing the jam. It's the front column...the bottle caps are loaded facing out. It don't happen every time....but enough for the location to be irritated. Has any one experienced this with pepsi products and Merlyn IV? Any thoughts? Thanks
  8. Hi...I have a location with about 110 employees asking for a small MicroMarket within 4-5 months when they move to new building. Does anyone know of one that does not charge monthly fees? They have even agreed to pay for some of the cost of coolers and shelving to keep me as their vendor.
  9. I have a MCM5 that accepts tokens....but I don't think you can assign a value to them The MEI 7512I coin changer is a GREAT changer in my opinion and you can assign a value to your tokens. I only use a MCM5 because it works the best with DN5591 ....The MEI 7512I does not have a enough spring action to pop up the coin release on the DN5591. All my machines have the MEI7512 except for my 5591s...I love them But I will add....I have had NO problems out of my MCM5...it works great also
  10. Hey Vendamania....where are you getting your 16.9oz drinks for .36? That is a good price
  11. sent you a PM
  12. Hey AZ What about the display board ...will I have to change that out to? This control board has software version 30.51...doesn't the new control boards have to have a different display board? I think the newest software version is 30.81 which will not work on my current display board....kinda confused about the display board?
  13. Hi I Have a DN5591 (software Version 30.51) Today when I was looking at my numbers in my USA Technologies Acct (G9) I noticed a sale for $654.11 for a can soda. When I went to the location I noticed that every time you hit ANY selection it would display price and drop the item for FREE. I even tried a credit card...it authorized the card ...the item dropped...the the reader said 0 charged..but the item still dropped. (but USA never charged the card) It was look the vending machine was set to FREE Vend...but it would still display the price of the item before it gave it to you for free.....very weird. When the item dropped for FREE...USA Tech recorded it as a sale....but NO money was ever put in machine and item dropped. I dont think this has anything to do with USA ...because it will still drop sodas for free without a credit card. I restarted the vending machine and every thing returned back to normal....and NO more free drinks This is Twice this has happened in 2 months...I guess I am a little concerned I have tried to duplicate the problem and can not. Has this happened to any one else with a DN5591? Beside these 2 occurrences the machine has been working perfectly.
  14. Hey Cajun....have u ever connected a card reader to them or any monitoring device? Can you send me a manual? I would be most grateful
  15. They do have a Android PayRange App....have you looked in the Google Play Store?