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  1. I have some if you need them. rbepic4gatgmaildotcom. PS: It's not good forum etiquette to add to 4 year old posts. You should just start a new one to keep things current.
  2. Follow the manual for resetting the home position and setting the X/Y limits. Make sure the cabinet is perfectly square with a level. Don't put the level on the door or anywhere other than the edges of the cabinet.
  3. Now you know why you should have said that they aren't available for vending, which they aren't intended for anyway. They are just a retail marketing gimmick.
  4. Why would you buy any vending products on Amazon? Too much work to shop for your products?
  5. Yup. Like I said, they won't vend dependably. Why aren't you doing 12 oz cans that are designed for vending in every machine made - and cheaper to buy?
  6. Cycling the power is what reset the motors after you repaired the wire. That forced the machine to rescan the motors and put them back in service. The coin payout problem is just a coincidence.
  7. You can do Monster by setting the motor timing cam to only show one notch for the motor switch to fall into and then setting your rear spacer to only have 1/2" between the depressed sold out paddle and the bottom of the can when slid against the spacer. 16 oz or 16.9 oz bottles are set up the same way but only those size bottles.
  8. Have you unplugged the validator and coin mech and just run with a coin mech? Have you replaced that coin mech yet? Have you replaced the door switch? Have you replaced the logic board? In that order I would trouble shoot it. Lastly it could be a connection in a harness in the door. Pull them apart and put back together. Could also be a rodent-eaten wire. As to the transformer, are you able to confirm a dependable 24v out of it?
  9. I don't believe you can vend 12 oz bottles dependably. Do yourself a favor and stick to standard package sizes.
  10. Hey, what's the best way to contact you? I want to learn more about the shelf kit to remove the connectors back on a national snack.

    - Josh @ 425-345-2592 / vendcobros@gmail.com

  11. Definitely keep them. They were good machines.
  12. This looks too much like a blue sky scam sold at biz op shows or in hotel conference rooms.
  13. I have tons of parts for them. If that connector goes straight into a coin mech then someone has monkeyed with. That is not any standard coin mech plug. Email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom
  14. I can send you one. Email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom.
  15. You guys all crack me up. Cvending is the only one that called them nuts correctly. The one you can't get to is the nut on the faceplate screw that cvending mentioned. The other 4 nuts on the corners are what need to be removed. I always have a 11/32" deep socket, 1/4" drive on an extension in my tool bag. It's about the most common tool I use other than my phillips. Many machines have one nut that's almost impossible to get off or back on so you can easily run those validators with just three nuts on it.