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  1. DN 368 or 501T. Probably the former.
  2. This happens when the poorly trained reps try to follow their script without listening to their customer's questions.
  3. Don't use them on slow accounts, especially where your prices aren't over $1. The fees on any transaction under $1 will cost you dearly and the monthly fee on a slow machine erodes the barely perceptible bottom line too much. Don't be so quick to roll out card readers in all accounts. They don't all warrant one.
  4. After running my business for 14 years and building up from 5 machines to 300 for a few years it didn't take long for attrition to occur as more as more people tried to get rich in vending. At that point it became more work than fun because at the same time the unemployment rate was at it's lowest and I couldn't keep that third driver position filled. After a couple of years of not having fun any longer I sold it and went into the repair business which was much more enjoyable. The lesson I learned was to never have an employee ever again due to the pain in the butt they are. This, of course, is only my opinion and perhaps I wasn't properly prepared to manage employees once having them became troublesome. My error was that I was always looking for someone like myself that was a self-starter and would work endless hours and work as though they owned it.
  5. It could if power is sent to the mech but not to the enable circuit.
  6. At that price, yes. I would never pay more than $2k for one no matter it's age.
  7. Condensation is rampant in those machines. They are by no means air tight and not even close to it. I believe the door glass is heated so check that. Check all the door gasket materials for breaks or loose materials. If the health control is on and you aren't doing any food or dairy from this machine then you need to disable the health control or adjust the programming so it doesn't behave as a food machine. By the way, you will regret owning this machine if you ever need to work on the cooling unit because it's the worst one ever built by USI for service work. The box around it is glued together so it doesn't come apart at all. The evaporator drains water to a formed plastic cardboard piece that gets deformed and spills water everywhere, the drain hose from it to the pan behind the compressor gets kinked causing an overflow but you can't reach it or remove it, and the condenser fan is at the inside of the cabinet rear on a harness so short you have to climb all the way into the bottom of the cabinet to get to the harness. I forgot to add that no cooling problem leads to free products unless the I-vend sensors are fogged up I suppose.
  8. Check all your motor switches. It sounds like there is an open circuit. One switch arm should be in the notch of the cam and one on the high side of the cam on every motor. Then make sure all connectors are fully seated on the switches and that all the side terminals of the switches (common terminal) are captured. If these are okay then look at your socket for the coin mech plug and make sure that no wires have pushed out of the socket. Lastly, or firstly because it's easiest to do, unplug the validator power that is probably plugged into the coin mech socket first and plug the coin mech in by itself. If you have a validator harness like this it could be bad and not allowing a good connection to the coin mech. You can also try removing and reinstalling the vend credit relay to make sure it has a good connection.
  9. Make sure you have turned I-vend off in the programming and check to see if there is an I-vend option like "home" to turn on so the motors will go to home after every vend. If this keeps happening then you may just have a bad logic board.
  10. Email photos of it to rbepic4gatgmaildotcom.
  11. It's just bad service from USATech. This has been ongoing since they started 10 years ago. They are notorious for not having enough employees and having any that know the products and how they work or get installed.
  12. You pay sales tax on your sale price, not your cost. You can factor out the tax but not the cost.
  13. DO NOT put the fillers on your soda selections if they are cans. If they are bottles then put them in only as needed. I have a few of them but not many because USI only puts one in each machine for a water selection. You should have few problems with 16.9 soda because the bottles are hard. Water has issues because the bottles get softer when cold.
  14. When you first power up the machine the screen will display the version number or you can remove the logic board cover and look at the label on the eprom.
  15. Gotta just love USI and their lack of manual support now. They are taking the self diagnosis out of their manuals. n is a reference to the multi-vend feature but I don't know what the JAn means unless that is spelling out JAM. Could it be that you're missing the first two characters of Can Jam? I doubt it because it's a multiproduct machine and they wouldn't call out a can jam but rather a column jam.