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  1. Not with their terms.
  2. The screw fully in view take all four them off out comes the bill acceptor. The one that is 1/3 visible is part of taking the bill acceptor apart after it is off the machine. Find a good service company and have it repaired.
  3. Looks like the bill acceptor screws a socket set will get it off. Take the mask off the bill acceptor gives you a little more room use a deep socket with an extention.
  4. I cant upload the pic of my new ams. I have been on the phone with ams they were very helpful with a sensit two I am redoing. Maybe I can send pic private message. No evoke or blackdiamonds yet I like the mercatos I have.
  5. I have used third party machines for a long time not to many problems with coca cola united. I think it depends on the area.
  6. Invent a camera system for vending companies that plugs inside the control board mounting to the middle of the machine. License it to any big vending manufacturer make big money quit my route.
  7. So true angry chris its an sm6 in that machine looked it up. Thank God after the hr32s usi quit the 10 weird models at a time thing.
  8. Learned something new never heard of that model not surprised typical usi. Does it run a F-80 control board?
  9. Looks like a usi 3014 not a 3158 must have an inone board in it.
  10. Vistar should have cloverhill raspberry available.
  11. USI, AMS, Crane, Royal, and Vendo have dealers that sell new equipment listed on their websites or you can call them for dealer info.
  12. I bought a new AMS a few weeks ago about 2500 plus shipping. I like it so far first AMS.
  13. Hostess is not a factor in vending since they went bankrupt. The product was higher when it came back and they changed it to where the customers didn't want hostess. I use Cloverhill or Mrs. Freshly.
  14. I ordered a repaired sensit 3 board. AMS said that if I change from a sensit 2 board to a sensit 3 board that was all I need.