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  1. Yep, the telemeter and DEX files "handshake" when they are trying to upload data. If you are still getting data then there is probably an intermittent issue with a cable or the telemeter. I have had several similar problems lately with Nayax/InOne equipment...
  2. Agreed. I have tried "assorted" columns in the past and usually get more complaints than sales.
  3. Most people like the lower price point of the 1 oz bags, I carry that size for Lays, Ruffles, Doritos, etc. I also have some LSS items but not duplicates of the small size, the LSS are more of a premium item (cape cod, dirtys, etc). I get .75 for smalls and .85 to 1.00 for large. Have to watch your placement on large items as well, make sure your coils are big enough to dispense properly.
  4. I just bought 4 G10's, have already been thru swapping out 2G units once so I figured the 4g's were worth the money to get the max life from the hardware....
  5. At that price, I would probably have jumped on the deal as well. If nothing else you can sell a few off on your local CL to pay for the deal.
  6. It was established by federal law for federal buildings and federally funded highway rest areas, most states have a similar law for their buildings, and each state runs the program within their state. Since it only applies to locations the government controls, there's really nothing to challenge. Those guys get a lot of assistance, but in Florida at least they have a lot of rules and restrictions to follow....
  7. Vistar 26.92 a case. Think about the 15.9 oz bottles you can buy retail.
  8. Never dealt with them, but received their ad and just passed along the info. Probably legit. As far as shipping, it is usually up to the buyer to arrange pickup within a certain amount of time after the close of the auction. If you are not nearby it may not be worth it, but you can use a company like UShip to find a LTL carrier... http://www.uship.com/find
  9. The new bottler out of Tampa has been much better to work with than when we had to go thru Atlanta. Be prepared for sticker shock on their "wholesale" prices, that is how you are paying to use their machines. After you have a track record with them, if you meet quotas and growth goals, you can get up to 10% additional off their prices. Unless you really need their machines or need the 20 oz bottles, I would probably stick to buying retail until you get well established. It's actually cheaper, just a pain going shopping all the time....
  10. Payrange sometimes has issues with older versions of the MDB protocol. Check the control board settings to see if you need to turn on cashless on the board, otherwise it may just be incompatible.
  11. For anyone who may be interested, this auction is online started 4/17/17 runs to 4/20/17. Equipment is in Ft Myers, FL. http://semplesells.hibid.com/catalog/99932/vending-machine-equipment/?
  12. Methinks he means the remote key fob, not the machine. Guess this is not a pepsi machine anymore or you could get a new fob from them. I don't know of anyone other than tritech that sells anything for their products, maybe someone else will...
  13. Welcome to the forum! There are so many variables involved that it's hard to say, the location is the most important. A combo machine can't handle large locations very well, as the capacity is limited and it will require frequent restocking. You want to limit your labor and transportation costs as much as possible while still giving good service and keeping product available in the machines, and capacity is key to that. Sounds like you are averaging about $30 a week per machine right now. You might be able to get that up to $60 or $70 a week; above $100 or so you may have a location that needs larger machines. Getting locations requires getting out and selling your service and yourself. You are the face of the business and represent the service you want to provide. Look for businesses that have at least 30 employees on site, or that have a large number of people coming and going. Look for new businesses going in; the first one in the door has a good chance of winning the business. Hop on over to the food and beverage forum and go back thru some of the existing threads; a lot of the talk about getting locations. Good luck!
  14. Good luck! If you look back through the forum, you will see that a lot of operators have been burnt by "healthy" vending franchises, and that there are some difficulties in limiting yourself to a narrow category of products. Better for you type products are improving in quality and price, but they are still slower moving in most locations than traditional products. The why of it can be a long discussion with lots of opinions. Hope you have a better experience!
  15. Best of luck! I don't know about bulk vending but there are plenty of operators here who do.