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  1. I have 4 ambient media 6 wides, the customers love them. Would snap up any good used unit in good condition...
  2. Gotta say, I started cashless with Nayax back when they were about the only company that would even talk to a small operator. I was a big fan for a long time. Still like the people there but the hardware has been problematic for a while now. Started out with having to buy replacements for all my original 2G units when ATT 2G went away; lately have had to replace several transponders for performance issues. They do honor the warranty on those, but it is time consuming to deal with. So far my USAT transponders have been rock solid, and I have started buying their 4G model to get the maximum number of years out of the tech investment.... USAT seems to have some decent inside sales reps at the moment, at least the ones I deal with; but like any tech rep they are not in vending so we don't speak the same language all the time....
  3. But does that machine have it's own facebook following???? https://www.facebook.com/Mystery-Coke-Machine-184905308242525/
  4. MDB means multi-drop bus. It's the connection for changers and validators that is now the standard for US vending machines. Both units connect to the same line in series using 6 pin plastic plugs. Cashless devices also connect to the MDB circuit when they are installed. Older machines have a variety of connectors and voltages for changers and validators. They still work, but having those means you need to have a larger variety of spare parts for different machines. MDB devices are pretty much interchangeable into any MDB machine. Some older machines can be upgraded to MDB with adaptor harnesses or new control boards, but if you stick with buying MDB machines right from the start you avoid all those headaches...
  5. I had the same thoughts a long time ago concerning saving cost on card readers/ payment systems, but the manufacturers don't seem to agree. The argument against slaving larger units I get is redundancy is better, when bill or coin jams occur with one unit the other will still work. Aside from USI, I think Jofemar makes some satellite models.
  6. Coinco and conlux are both useable validators, but the MEI's do seem to be the most reliable.
  7. I have used a bunch of different companies, but I am going to move to all USA readers for future purchases. No major problems, good service (usually), and simple reporting. Also very much like the new G10 version that is on the 4G network, already been stung by having to pay to replace 2G telemeters from Nayax. 4G will have the longest useful life cycle, although 3G should be good for at least another 5 years.
  8. How much you make (net profit) also depends on a number of factors that can vary from vendor to vendor. Gross sales are very dependent on having a good location. For me, a bare minimum sales volume of $50 per week per machine is a bottom line account - if it does less than that I will be looking to get rid of it. A better location does $ 75 to $ 100 a week, and a very good location might do $ 200 to $ 250 per machine. Much above that and you want to consider adding machines to reduce your service cost for the location. And there are a lot of locations out there that would love to have a vending machine, but would produce almost nothing. Like the man said, location is everything.
  9. Welcome to the forum! Lots of good info here, jump in and ask whatever you want to know.
  10. Welcome to the forum! Well, you have covered the waterfront as far as vending; most operators focus on one or two areas. Some thoughts on your comments Drink only vending is a good way to start in full line, but don't invest in moving equipment right away. Find a good local mover to do moves for you, it's not that expensive and lets you focus your money where it does the most good. Get good used Dixie-Narco or Royal machines that have MDB changers and validators. "Healthy" vending is difficult and snack vending is hard enough as it is. Start elsewhere and work it into your inventory gradually. Stay away from "combo" machines (drink and snack in one unit). Too expensive to service (half the capacity = twice the service visits) and usually poorly made. I don't do ATM's, but that market seems pretty saturated to me. There is a forum here for that to check out. I don't do bulk vending (capsule toys, stickers, tattoos, etc) but some people seem to do very well with it. Again, check out the bulk forum. Coin Op games are dying - ever hear of smartphones and tablets? The games that do get play these days are EXPENSIVE (12 to 20 K each). Unless you get into gambling machines; then you better have a good lawyer handy as well. Jail is not part of my business plan. Good luck!
  11. That machine is too old to be viable for a vending business. Your best bet may be to find a metal recycler to scrap it. Sorry for your loss.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Check this link for a thread from the new members section - we just had this discussion on your topic!
  13. Yes, Vistar has them. The distribution center for my area had to special order them from another center but they do carry them. They have a lot of school approved items, it's a matter of finding what sells for your locations as always.
  14. I had a school account briefly last year. The low fat doritios qualify and sold pretty well, the sweet chili was the best, followed by nacho cheese. Whole grain cheese-it's also did OK, and the whole grain pop tarts single serve packs sold some. Popcorners chips were another good seller.
  15. Welcome to the forum! glad to have you aboard!