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  1. 38$

    I had a car lot call me, started out wanting 9 machines! I finally did agree to give them 4; 2 did OK for a while but the business was new and didn't even make a year before they went out of business. Selling cars is their business, vending is yours. You have to consider as much info as possible to decide which risks to take...
  2. I use ParLevel, they are a cloud hosted service. While they don't have an app for android, the program runs pretty well on my android teblet and that is what I use in the field...
  3. I'm not sure I understand your question... you want to know about coin containers to use in your office but you want them to be locking containers? Small enough to be carried off even if locked? Basically, our collections stay in the individual bags until counted, and the bags stay in the safe....
  4. For the validator, not the coin mech. The adaptor for the validator would take the two maka connectors into one 9 pin MEI 120 v connector. Sorry about the confusion.
  5. Let me add/ correct: You would also need an adaptor harness. Should be available from Vendors Exchange or D&S Vending.
  6. That should be an easy upgrade to an MEI 2500 series 120 Volt. You will probably need the bezel with a longer top piece to let the validator intake fit the opening.
  7. If you have an outdoor location for snack vending look at the AMS outsider, regular set up in a chilled and hardened box....
  8. If you only have the one machine the sales data from dex is not really important to you. There are dex cords available now for tablets and gimme has a bluetooth dex, but dex is read only sales data. The service mode button on the control board enters you into the programming, how much of the menu is password restricted depends on the original buyer of the machine. Coke sets a password for most advanced programming (see above) but trade machines usually don't have it activated. If it's not worn off, there should be a menu on the inner door that will help you walk thru the programming.
  9. When I needed to get commercial deliveries, my first step was to find a nice storage unit with good truck access. I was able to rent a 10X10 unit and put a good combination lock on it, so deliveries came to the unit and the drivers had the combo. Only downside was the unit I had was not climate controlled, so when I got a snack delivery I would move it to my house within a day or two. The unit was fine for drinks and a few spare machines. Cutting out most of the shopping trips opens up a good block of time, but at a cost of course. And since the unit was month to month, I was not committed to staying if it didn't work or I needed more. For sure find some time off for yourself and family. Work is so we can enjoy life, life is not so we can always be at work. That's something I need to work on as well, but if you are burnt out all the time you are not as productive as you could be. Hiring help is a big step on switching from owning a job to owning a business. Most business owners will tell you they wish they had started hiring earlier, but you have to be set up and have the numbers, especially if this is your only income.
  10. That is one monster mover, gotta go on my wish list....
  11. Yea, I have two magliners, the first one is a plain vanilla hand truck that was a hand me down, it was rescued from a dumpster and put back in use about 2 owners before me and still going strong. When I needed a convertible for larger accounts I dug deep and got another magliner with ALL the extras, 3 position, folding nose and no flat tires. It's more than I need, but I expect it to outlive me by 50 or 60 years.... If I ever buy another it will probably be the Jr. As to the piano dollies, I have a used set. They are great for certain jobs but mine don't have attached straps, so they take a little time to put on and off. We use them mostly when we have to scissor a machine thru a doorway. We are getting to the point of using the "small and narrow" pallet jack for most of our moves. I have 4X4's cut to about 36 inches to go under machines with no legs both for storage and moving. Am also putting the large plastic furniture sliders under almost all machines I install now. It not only protects the client's floor but makes positioning the machine easier.
  12. If the board is going bad, could that have been his problem with the temp as well? Maybe the old sensor is still good....
  13. VA, it sounds like you are getting a pretty good day all considered. When I was working that way myself I considered 15 -16 machines a very good day when you factor in loading and windshield time.
  14. Thanks LA, good info. I like that they come in only once and that is at the end of the day.
  15. LA, do your warehouse prekitters load the trucks also or do the drivers load their own?