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  1. Pulling these two pieces off route shortly. Both work 100%. Monkey Bizness is basically new and the larger size. Does not have side box. Let me know if interested, located in the Chicagoland suburbs.
  2. On this picture, you would cut the black and white wire from this connector. The black is ground wire and the white is the credit wire. You can now wire those to a roll down coin mech like a Imonex and put the black wire on the GND of the coin switch and the white on the N/O of the coin switch. I converted all my crappy chinese electronic mechs over to Imonex and have had no issues with jams, etc.. since.
  3. I personally went with the Imonex mechs in all of my cranes and I never get any coin jams. This is the one you would want if you are taking quarters: http://www.ebay.com/itm/IMONEX-R9UXM-25-CENT-ROLL-DOWN-COIN-MECHANISM-LESS-COIN-JAMS-ISSUES-/360979015884?hash=item540c06a8cc:g:E0EAAOSwDk5TtXjj You will have to cut the wiring from the connector and wire straight to this. You will only use 2 of the 3 wires, if you post a pic of the wiring, I can tell you which ones, if not I can post a pic when I make it out to a location that has this. Those Chinese mechs that come with the toy soldier are crap as well as those cheap ones on Ebay.
  4. I would see if they would accept a percentage split instead of the monthly spot to rent. A crane in a busy theatre will probably get you about $1500-2000 a month.
  5. You local theatre is ripping you a new one if they are charging you $1500 for a spot to rent. I would try to negotiate a percentage split with them like 50/50 and you take product expense off the top or do a 65/35 and you buy product. At $1500 a month, they will probably be taking 90% of your profit or you may even be losing every month.
  6. If the crane does not turn on at all, start at the plug end of things. There should be a fuse there. Replace that fuse and follow the wiring throughout the machine. I think there is only one fuse on most cranes for power, but you never know. Got any pics you can share and we can help out that way?
  7. Probably worth about $100-150. Has a 13" monitor and its just a Cherrymaster conversion. Parts are probably slightly worth more then the board.
  8. Here is the manual: http://www.bmigaming.com/Games/Manuals/coastal-amusements/toy-soldier-31-40-claw-crane-redemption-game-operators-manual-coastal-amusements.pdf Looks like E9 is an accounting meter error. Might be connected to the prize sensor not accounting on the meter?
  9. I didn't look at the picture good enough.. This crane isn't on free play(don't think toy soldiers have it), there is a credit button installed on the front of the coin box. The green wire is the ground and the other wire is for the coin switch. Did they cut it out from that wiring that usually attaches to the coin comparator?
  10. Look here for the manual to change price setting, claw strength, etc..: http://www.bmigaming.com/Games/Manuals/coastal-amusements/toy-soldier-31-40-claw-crane-redemption-game-operators-manual-coastal-amusements.pdf The plug next to coin mech is for the coin comparator. You can basically use any type of bill validator you want, but I use MEI bill acceptors since they are more reliable. I also do not use the coin comparator mechs since they seem to jam more on me in the wild. I replaced all my mechs with Imonex R9 mechs which is a roll down style. All you have to do is cut a couple wire out of that plug you see in the picture.
  11. In the pinball world, it means to clean the playfield, change burnt out bulbs, rebuild flippers, etc.. etc.. IN the arcade/amusement world, it probably means the game just needs to be cleaned up to look 100%. Game works, but sometimes what people refer to as shopping could be replacing burnt out lights, cleaning or replacing control panels, etc. etc.. Put some links in this post and I could definitely be able to tell you what they mean!!
  12. Ok, wanted to update this on what it ended up being. Bad motor was replaced, also blew fuse on little board in cabinet, but tested out ok in the holder with multimeter. Took care of both and also cleaned up and soldered and heat shrinked some wiring in gantry. Figured while I was at it, I replaced tension and up down springs as well as both switches. Should be good to go for a while now!!
  13. Here is how I personally would handle him. When he calls asking for repair advice, say you can come out and repair it for him. Charge a hourly rate from the time you leave your house until the time you pull back in your driveway. He has no issues with calling a repair man to fix his stuff, so why not become that repair man and get paid for it. Charge like $75 a hour or more, plus charge for parts as well. Since he is a direct competitor, offer your service which can make you money as well. He obviously does not know how to work on his machines, and you do.
  14. Got all my parts put into the gantry and now it will not drop or go up. Everything points to a bad up/down motor. Gantry moves around and crane thinks it's dropping the claw. I'm going to order the motor today/tonight. I checked everything related and it all seems fine.
  15. Yep, good call by Ronsidney... I don't know how I missed that the first time though!!! Now for the million dollar question, where can I find the spring?? I have looked in the manual, can't get a part number and looked on multiple sites and don't see it. Guess I have to call???