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  1. I just stumbled across a machine on Alibaba that Linda line your yellow one. The band name was "Niuniule" (NNL)... The middle number might be NNL-118s, or some variant thereof. The ones on Alibaba said they vend 35mm - 75 mm capsules
  2. Nice. Thanks. I'll looking on eBay, and Amazon, but I'm not finding any empty racks for sale... Is there a keyword I can search for, or do I just need to buy directly from a manufacturer?
  3. Yeah. The rack came with the 5 machines, and the first time I had them all installed at once was at the location. I did think they looked a bit snug. I like the idea of a 7-way rack. I guess the change machine would go between the two 2" machines on top? But then would the interactive gumball machine go on the bottom rack, taking up 2 spaces as well? Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  4. Sorry, instead of complaining, I should probably look for other solutions. I'm thinking about suggesting that the extra space be filled with something other than additional racks. I saw a pinball-bouncy ball machine on Craigslist that I'll probably ask the owner of she's ok with. Are there other game-type machines that have a good reputation I should check out? Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  5. Than other then aesthetics, is there a point to more machines? Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  6. I guess I'm just feeling really uneasy about buying more machines before I've turned a profit. I have no idea if more machines will mean more sales, or if it just spreads the same sales between more products. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  7. The owner of the location I just got is asking me to put in 2 more racks and a change machine. Should I ask for some sort of contact to make sure I make my money back? Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  8. So, I ended up buying a rack of 5 Northwestern's of Amazon and I set them up at the location today. Prior to doing this, I made sure to ask if the previous vendor had a contract with the business (they said no). I didn't touch the other machines-- the location moved them to their back room somewhere. Compared to the ~15 machines that were set up in the same spot, my rack of 5 looks positively tiny... As I was finishing up, I talked to the manager, and she told me she needed more racks, to fill up the space. She wants me to bring in 2 more racks of 5 and provide a change machine. I'd be happy to do this if I had the capital on hand, and I'm willing to apply for a small loan, but I'm wondering: if I'm going to be investing in more machines, should I ask the libation to sign some sort of contact? Does anyone else have experience with a location making requests like this? Thanks, (Pic of the current setup-- the change machine isn't mine)
  9. So here's the backstory: A month ago, I'm at this buffet, and I see nearly empty machines. The following week I walked in and the manager had placed these signs on the machine song they were out-of-order. On week 3, I talked to the manager, and he said that there's been texting the number on the side of the machine since the forest week of April: he got one response, and then the guy never replied again. I have called and texted the number on the machine myself, telling the guy that I'm interested in buying the location (machines and all), but they haven't even replied to me. Should I just buy some new machines and have the manager move the old ones too the back, or is there some legal way for me to take possession of the machines. I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but both racks are all Beavers. Thanks, Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  10. If I'm not mistaken, Vendstars are all 3-head machines which can be quite limiting. Many of the seasoned members here have stated that single heads are the way to go becasue you can easily switch between singles, doubles, triples, and racks as the location merrits. I'm not sure how much more any of these experienced folks would value the flexibliity and freedom of being able to adapt each macnie to any given situation, but it's definitely worth something. It may be the difference between keeping some locations or losing product due to spoilage. Granted, I'm just as new at this an anyone, and I'm sure someone else will chime in if I miss the mark, but I've also read in several threads that it's estimated to take a couple years to build up the number of machines it takes to become a personal business unless you're buying routes on your way to speed thiings up. Also, I would assume that brand new isn't your only option. There are a lot of quality 5 or 10 year old machines out there that will do the exact same job for half the price (but I doubt any of those are the plastic vendstars). So I suppose it depends on how long you intend to be vending. if it's just a stepping stone, I'm sure vendstars would be great, but If you plan on doing this past retirement, and are willing to commit. you will probably end up with the higher quality machines down the road and may save money by getting them now rather than replacing vendstars later. But I suppose whatever choice you make, it must be yours because if you make a choice you're not happy with; the chances of you staying in this business for the next couple years (let alone decades) become almost nothing.
  11. Thanks for the heads up on the machnes, that really helps. I find the amount he's making a month quite low for how many machines he says he has placed. And I believe that's his gross income. Right now I'm thinking it's an awful big commitment considering my complete lack of experience. I just figured if it sounded like a great deal I might look into it.
  12. So this route came on the market in my city, it covers the 100 mile radius around me. If you all could tell me what you think about it, I'd love the input: Questions for candy machine route: (~850 machines and “about half” in storage asking $22,500) -How long have you been managing this route? 9 years -Are all the machines bulk candy machines? yes -How much do your machines make month on average? $1250 -In total, how much of your profit do you put back into the business each month? $500 -How long do you spend a week managing your route?- afternoon/all day -4-6hrs when ironed out -How many machines do you service each week (what is the longest you could go between stocking your route)? – 40-60ish -Which towns are your machines in? Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Worthington, Watertown, Sioux City and most places in between -How many in towns other than? a bunch (12 different routes) -How many machines do you have in storage? about half -How much do you pay for storage each month? 60/month -What brands do you use? Oak? (couldn't find any labeling on it--see photo) -Why are you selling? No time to place anymore -Do you have any employees? no -What candies are you using? peanut, mms, hot tomaslies, reeces, skittles, gum -Are all your money making machines in working condition? yes -What percentage do you pay in commission/charity each month? all charity--varies depending on how much he has in his checking acct each month Personal notes: uses recipe cards for tracking This route obviously isn’t managed well: the only info kept is profit/month/town—not even individual machines. Of the two machines we tested, one was giving out far too much candy (skittles). There is a lot of room for improvement and the unused heads can be sold for around $40 plus any unused stands can be sold for another $30 or so. We may be able to pay for the route just by selling off the excess alsmachines. It's a lot of money to invest and I'd have to have my buddy partner with me to pay for it initally. What thoughts do you have on this route?
  13. Greetings, So I've got this idea in my head that I may want to make vending my full-time job, but as it is, I'm pretty sure that it'd take me a couple of years to build up my own route. I've got a couple questions that I'm hoping everyone here would help me answer so I can get a feel for whether this is something I'd like to commit to: First of all, what is a reasonable income to expect from bulk vending? I figure that if I wanted to make a comfortable income of around $40k a year I'd need something like 300 machines making at least $10/month. Is this accurate? I heard somewhere that national average per unit is something like $30/month, but I've also read on this forum that people tend to relocate any machine that's making less than $10-12 each month, so I'm not sure what a good, practical estimation would be. Second, how many machines can you service alone before you streatch yourself too thin? Could I hypothetically service 800 or more machines in a couple of months without sacrificing quality service? Finally, If anyone has some advice on how to grow incredibly fast with minimal out-of-pocket expense, or if there's already a topic out there with this info, I'd love to hear it. Thanks for all your input, I'm excited to hear what you have to say.
  14. Greetings, My name is Sherwin and I'm thinking about starting up/buying a route (most likely bulk) here in South Dakota. I've been lurking around this forum for the past week or so and I've read quite a few posts. Currently, I've got two tripple head machines (one 1-800, and something else) that I bought from someone moving out of town. But neither machine is placed as of yet. I figured I'd introduce myself here and post a couple of questions I've had rolling around in my head in the proper topic sections. Thanks for any help you can give and please direct me to any prior posts if something I've asked has been covered before.