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  1. crane 168 vend motor

    I think you mean motors on the candy shelf. Originally it was probably set up as all candy including d7 and d9. Do you mean D6 is now a double spiral and then D8? If so you can add d7 by going into product config then press the down arrow until display shows CPL MTRS. Press the D button . If you want to add D7 and D9 the display should read D.D.D.D.D.D.D.D.D.D. Right now the Display probably shows D.D.D.D.D.D.D.+D+.To uncouple motors 6 and 7 press 6 and to uncouple 8 and 9 press 9 then the display should read all D's with no plus signs. Or if you like me and can't remember which numbers to press, just keep pressing different numbers until you get the right combination. Of course you'll also need dividers for the new colums.
  2. crane 168 vend motor

    Half turn spirals only came one way (either cw or ccw I don't remember which). There was a short harness attachment maybe 4 inches long you could get that attatches to the motor and causes it to turn in the opposite direction. If you check the harness to the motor I'm sure you'll find it there. Just remove it and it should work fine.
  3. Welcome to the forum cascade :) Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.