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  1. Beaver said they were working on adapters and so on. I don't believe they've finished yet though
  2. If they don't Have any, let me know.
  3. Just use Sam's club.com pick up on store
  4. I think this will be a good thing. I believe they'll be back open with in a few weeks. A company that big I would assume would set up "lean manufacturing" and lower overhead cost.
  5. I believe this is a locating company that's using that as a sales tactic.
  6. I know that a half box (175ct) makes 18-30 dollars for me to be ok with it. 18 being medium theft and 30 being extremely low theft. That's just my area. When I open the box to dump the money out I can tell by looking at it if it's unreasonably low. I don't track individual locations after the first round or 2. I did for awhile and I made the same amount as I do now. To me it's not worth it. I use 2 boxes to service my route, or my driver does when I'm not with him. Call me later today if you want specifics.
  7. After we got the hang of it, we just put about half a box in the mint box at about every location. So approx. 6.40 product cost. If a box is to low, we're mention it, if it repeats and it's not worth it, we pull it. We don't count individual stops, money or mints.
  8. I'm glad they were able to help you. Last time we worked Orlando it took 3 months for one location.
  9. If it's not the slider, then it's the part that pushes out the sticker card. It may have corrosion, or when you tighten the nuts it binds it for some reason.
  10. This is for amusement and claw machines that I researched for.
  11. I've researched this extensively, USA technologies seems too have the best program, price, and versatility. This includes a loyalty program and no need for chip reader because they cover any chargebacks. If you need a good contact person for them, pm me.
  12. When did that start?
  13. I'm actually working with Vendsoft to add some tracking to theirs that I needed. I was thinking about using Vendtrak, but I think the service and response is better with Vendsoft. The app is what I really like. Simple and to the point. It looks like I can remove myself from paperwork and filling it in. Which in the long run creates more profit and tracking.
  14. I think you'll see sooner people only paying a dollar still, so "theft" percent might be a little higher. Snack machines and convenient stores have recently raised their prices higher than that. 1.50-1.99 is standard now. With the economy getting better the product costs will rise because people can "afford" it. Just my opinion.
  15. Problem is, if you're with a woman, her maternal instinct will probably push her to sir in the kids area so she can be closer to the children!