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  1. Everything depends on where a person lives. I but from several depending on what we need. Candy is costco because we don't have a Sam's, I also but a couple candies from Vistar. We but toys from most if the bigger suppliers except Cardinal, only because of shipping. I can buy from aa in ca and get 500lbs shipped for 100.00. I but from flatline because they work with you if you are further away. Everything depends on what you need and where you are.
  2. I must be missing something big. You service locations that pull 30,000.00 and these are the places to buy stuff? Both of those are listing 25-30% higher prices than what everyone else listed. Cardinal is 18 for 1" toys, ecvs is 23 on sale?
  3. Advertise, put info on Facebook, Google plus, and list arcade everywhere. You could draw more.
  4. An extruder is a piece of equipment that basically extrudes or pushed it a product into a form. There's different types. Another one that I've used id's when making jerky, you dump the meat mix into a machine, it firms our into the sticks you see in the packages inn the shelf. Fyi, spend the money for natural jerky. Lol
  5. An extruder. Auto correct. Lol
  6. AA still sells globes. They own am extruder. They won't quit selling globes for quite some time.
  7. For you it wound be even better Brian. It's geared for snacks and bulk.
  8. File a claim, turn them in to the attorney General, then contact actual company's that sell the machines, or get set up with coca cola/ Pepsi, and just fill machines.
  9. Redsolutionsco..com is their financing company that days it's associated with coke promotions ( not associated with coca cola), it's a similar page layout as Coke promotions, and have a small attorney pitch on the about us? Find out the who answers the phone and goo from there.
  10. I did hear through the grape vine that a locating company is putting out a lot of coffee programs for a considerable amount of money. If you dig into it deeper, or go to some locating sites, they have some of their locators on there. If you check around, you'll figure it out. Spend a day researching and calling. Also call Coke headquarters and report it. If I'm right, they don't have anything to do with it and Will shut it down and prosecute. Im being it's a temp business name that's being used by the locating company. Don't go after the locator, that's not the salesman. Chris is right, you're getting taken by the company.
  11. File complaints with credit card, BBB, FCC........ Take control if the situation.
  12. Has anyone tracked the phone number used and found out the actual owner? This is similar to other scams and supposed locator company tactics. I would do some research on their phone numbers to who out really is. I'll bet they are familiar names.
  13. You can send a key into the lock company's to see if they have your code, I think the only one that will possibly have it Compx. If I'm right, they're the one that bought Chicago lock and other company's used to but From them before they got matching key codes From China. I have 1 code for sm locks, one for flat, and 1 for padlocks. All from one company. Going through a locksmith is expensive and they take a lot longer. LAI answers three phone and questions pretty quick. I'm sure there's others too.
  14. I would've called the local scrap yards and bought them.
  15. Beaver said they were working on adapters and so on. I don't believe they've finished yet though