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  1. Will do. Thanks for the information. nrod7
  2. Not really important on why, but it sure seems strange. Strange that this machine has been on location for almost 3 years., and I have never had an issue locking or unlocking this machine. The last time I serviced the machine it was very difficult the lock the machine. 1. I did take the T-lock apart to stretch out the springs. 2. I pulled the "bracket nut"out of the bracket (mounted on the inside of the machine) to check if the threads might be bad on the stem or the nut. They both seemed O.K. 3. I made sure T-handle stem lined up to the bracket before closing the door, it seemed to catch at first, but ultimately the T-handle would not crank down in order to lock the machine. I had the leave the bracket loosened in order to lock the machine ( this unit has a T-handle lock cover). What could be the problem? Thanks, nrod7
  3. Thanks for all the help. TVF is the Best!!! Respectfully, nrod7
  4. I appreciate the help. Yes, I do have the harness hooked up. Thanks AngryChris. Your absolutely right Chard, I am trying to run a MDB coin mech with a 110v validator. I will check the pulse settings. Thanks AZ, If all fails I will use a Mars 24 volt validator. If any one can remember the exact setting I would really appreciate the info. Just glad the location is near my shop. Respectfully, nrod7
  5. Recurring problems with Dixie Narco 276 E in a dusty outside location ( dollar bill validator). Presently, working with a Coinco Mag 30 bill validator and a coinco mdb coin mech. I want to convert to Mars (110 volt) and keep the coinco mdb coin mech. The board is a SII D. I have bought the conversion harness from the board to the Mars validator. I removed the "Y" coin mech harness from the original setup. And then plugged the coin mech directly to the harness from the board. I am getting a "Coin mech disabled from validator" from the blinks off the Dollar bill validator. What do I need to check to resolve the problem? program issue? bad validator? Thanks, nrod7
  6. Replace only one part at a time. Have the validator rebuilt or replace with a working validator. Got it. Thanks AZ
  7. This machine has a Coinco Dollar bill validator BA30A and a Mars TRC 6800 H coin mech. The DBV is flashing blocked bill path. The Coin mech will not take change I have spare parts. I have also inserted both a DBV and a coin mech from a working machine, and then the working parts will not work. What else should I check on the Vendo 475? nrod7
  8. Thanks, I will check the setting in the programming. nrod7
  9. The machine has a 24 volt mars dollar validator ( 2500 series) and a Coinco mdb coin mech. Vend price is .75. If, I insert change the machine will dispense the product. with no issues. If, I insert 1 dollar bill the machine will dispense the product, but it will not drop the .25 cents in change. Also, the LED will reflect the .25 cents credit. if I push the coin return, then it will drop the change/credit. I have already swapped out the DBV, the coin mech, the harness and checked the three fuses on the mother board. I am stumped. nrod7
  10. This Vendo is a single price machine. Your clarification is noted and appreciated. I hope that will help with the other issues. Thanks, nrod7
  11. 1. Coinco BA50A validator- blinking (message bill path blocked) 2. Mars trc 6800 or 6000 - plugged in and filled with coins, red light indicator not on ( next to toggle switches for vend price setting). Will not accept coin, but the payout switches will dispense the coins out of the fill tubes 3. Column one works fine. I can push vend switch on the motor and it turns. All the other motors will not turn when pushing vend switch. However, I switched the wiring harness connected to vend motor on column one to column 2 and the motor turned. I found no loose or broken connection on harnesses. Are these three problem related? I have do have parts, but could not get the machine working today. Will have to go back out tommorrow. nrod7
  12. (1) After replacing the Cooling deck in a Vendo Univendor II, how long will it take machine full of product to become cold after sitting with no power for 2 days? (2) What problems can I expect if I don't replace the sheet metal cover the double fan housing to the top of the cooling deck reefer? Thanks, nrod7
  13. Thanks for that information. nrod7
  14. Will the cooling deck from a Vendo 475 fit/work in a Univendor II Pepsi (Vendo)? Thanks, nrod7
  15. Thanks for the info. nrod7