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  1. Absolutely. Fair enough. Carry on lol
  2. Why did the previous vendor pull only the food machine? Around here any factory with 300+ employees requires a food machine or they will find a vendor who will offer it. The food moves but it is food which is a breakeven adventure
  3. 105 machines. Full time wife and about 20 hours a week from myself. Still hold a 40-50 hour a week night shift job that I plan to leave by the new year.
  4. Have a royal 542 that had a bad thermostat. I installed a manual thermostat and all is well with cooling now. Since than however the machine randomly set itself to free vend once and than a week later changed the space to sales option to a completely different option number. I ordered a new board for it but noticed a yellow battery on the board. Would this be from the battery and I didn't need to order a board? Just curious.
  5. It's ok. Not much better than that. Customers have to download an app to their phone than deposit to said app. I tested 20 units and wasn't very inpressed. Credit card readers are definitely better. However with Lagrange so cheap and no monthly fee they are good for smaller accounts that can't quite justify a cc reader
  6. 9mil does the trick
  7. Wholesale club is better priced than Costco for most everything vending related. Murray's wholesale in Hamilton sells individual vending sized bags instead of full cases. That's the problem with only having 1 snack machine. To many stales. Try combo packs from wholesale club. Vending products of Canada is close to you and is great. They also sell combo packs as well as some brands of chips with 8 month expiry dates.
  8. Super shady imo. Business is business at the end of the day but this is borderline at best. I'm not into it.
  9. Same as the others. Cash flow. I have grown the business 160% in the last 14 months and as we all know after machine, moving costs, other expenses new accounts require it gets expensive real quick. Have had some unfortunate luck with a ton of MEI acceptors and validators needing to be refurbished lately, almost 30 in a 3 week period. Never fun! Makes it real hard to draw a salary or feel like you're actually profitable.
  10. Have a royal 542 (looks and uses royal 650 parts to my knowledge) Under the chute is a block of ice. Fan runs non stop. The display on the front of the machine reads 4 degrees Celsius (I'm in canada) than 5 seconds later it says 20 degrees Celsius. Than 5 seconds later will say 10 degrees. Etc. Jumping all around. As far as I can tell the temp is set in control board to be 4 degrees. Is this a bad thermostat?
  11. What's not to get? My smart phone is easily accessible and can even print reports to my wireless printer. Only time I really use my actual computer is to enter sales in my quick books at home randomly.
  12. I am glad you got it fixed However let's see you post here in 2 years and tell us how great your seaga has been for you. You won't:)
  13. Agreed. Missing the main component
  14. That is definitely not new. Or you're idea of new is much different than mine. Decent machine though
  15. If you live in toronto I have more than enough beaver machines (some like new on racks even) for you to purchase for wayyyy less money. Send me a pm