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  1. Cantaloupe/seed vs USA tech/Eport vs ParLevel

    Possibly because some of us habe o my used USA tech..
  2. Depending on the location it may be worth it. I have a few walking trail rest stops and parks. They make an absolute killing (refilled 4 to 5 times a week). For that amount of sales i don't mind placing a solid used machine and dealing with the odd vandalism. I do not put readers on them but I do add telemetry to know when to get there before machine has to much cash in it. I have an outdoor go kart spot that does about $1,000 a week just out of a royal 650 every July and august. Same thing, just stay on top of it. The great thing about public locations is you can charge alot more per item than in a fixed plant/office location. I get 2.50 For Gatorade at those locations and $4 for monster. $1.50 For water (my cost is .15).
  3. Customers

    Brilliant post! I think we all have these characters at our various accounts. I too act the employee and pass on suggestions to the non existent "boss"
  4. At what point do you guys upgrade to a larger unit?

    If it's a full size machine why not just service it more? Seems like you are leaving money on the table.
  5. 3rd party vending CC reader question

    I am in Canada so it may be different but they do provide them to you here if you bug them enough.
  6. AMP Energy Drink

    Pepsi is definitely more expensive here. About $1 a case of cans more. Monster by far best selling energy drink
  7. Vendo 721 not reporting cash sales

    Thanks guys Ya I will give vendo a call tommorow morning. It seems both machines are running12.3 version on eprom which I thought is what I need for USAT readers.
  8. Hey guys Just installed a bank of machines in a large factory and it's partly subsidized for the summer. Anyhow I installed 2 721 drink machines (1 Pepsi and 1 generic front 1). However they are not reporting cash sales. I would guess it would be the eprom on both. Does anyone know where I can order these quickly?
  9. Credit card readers - even for bad accounts

    Define bad accounts? $6.75 a month plus service fees and transaction fees can add up. If the machine isn't doing $100 a week I don't find it worth adding. That's me personally.
  10. CC precessing company reps are the same as car salesman

    USAT is unbelievable brutal on the customer service side of things and quite slow all around. However their product for me had been flawless and very reliable.
  11. Many of you had expressed doubt.... about...

    Dude let it go. Now I'll give you some: quit whining. You're annoying me with the constant butthurt replies. I don't care personally if you do your little project or not. It's you're time. I was simply stating that there are probably many better ways to spend you're time (ie: a bigger, busier route) than getting caught up on the little things in life. But hey - each to their own. I would never delete a post even if I had the ability. Now please drop stop responding to me because I could care less about the pettiness. Work hard and succeed (as I previously stated). Not even sure why I am responding to this.....
  12. Many of you had expressed doubt.... about...

    Goodluck and have fun dude. You're honestly reaching for some negativity that isn't there.
  13. Many of you had expressed doubt.... about...

    Funny replies. I have and do not wish and ill will or dislike to you or anyone else on this site. Just seemed like a dumb post. As for Chris' reply. Not sure what to say about the head comment. Lol.
  14. new location

    Why are you having to contact the current vendor and not the location?
  15. Many of you had expressed doubt.... about...

    I am. Grind the old fashion way with hard work and experience gained with hours put in instead of a get rich quick lawsuit