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  1. They've been out of business for years, but their cranes continue to last.
  2. Not that I have any experience on eports with Rowe changers, but I have seen it done. I don't know how, but it is possible.
  3. Well, it's by Andamiro, which is still in in business, and the company should be doing well after their S cube machines. I've never had an Andimiro crane, so I don't know about quality or reliability. I'd buy a working condition lowboy crane for any price up to $500.
  4. Cranes, prize redemption machines (Stacker, Barbercut Lite, Keymaster), air hockey (if space permits), or a pair of race games should all do well, especially if there is a waiting period when the place is really busy.
  5. Hey, be careful what you wish for...
  6. Haha, I know the feeling. eBay is sometimes a good place, but often the good games are on the other side of the country. Check around to see if there are any arcade auctions in your area, otherwise Craigslist and buying new from the manufacturer or a distributor are the ways to go. If you become friends with fellow vendors in your area, you may make some connections to good used equipment as well (worked for me).
  7. Do you want to place two claw machines in one location, but find yourself limited with space? Problem solved with this two in one claw machine, a crane apartment! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PLPMRZ3y21g Haha this is a bit much, building up vertically. The only way I see this working in the U.S. is maybe with a candy/toy setup for children on the bottom. I don't think many people will be kneeling or sitting down to win a toy. Not to mention music which is out of sync with itself...locations will love that!
  8. MEI for the win. I had a couple pyramids which I installed in a couple ICE cranes, and they never pulsed right, giving 1 play for $1 every other dollar instead of two. I quickly replaced them. Mars just go on and on without problems. The expense is justified.
  9. Thanks guys, but I did actually manage to find the right bulb on 1000bulbs.com. Apparently Sylvania F24T12 works out to be about 22". Only $4 and shipping is relatively cheap too. Now if Sylvania ever stops making that size, then I'll have to change out the fixture...
  10. An ICE crane I recently purchased did not come with fluorescent lights. I measured the length between the two fixtures, and the length came out to be about 22". That was the factory length. 24" does no fit, and 18" is too short. I'm having a hard time finding replacement bulbs. I assume that many 42" ICE cranes were built with this particular light size. Where could one find such a size that also happens to have a double contact connection?
  11. I'm sure there's a long story to this, but I found these machines off Instagram of all places. All these machines (which were being kept at a horse ranch of all places) had a letter like that one. I don't think any arrests were made, but the operator definitely had to stop the money on plush part. Most of the machines were old Missions and fairly nice Rainbows. That report is actually from July 2009; I'm sure there's an interesting history behind the machines (the machine I bought has a Sugarloaf Toy Shoppe banner). Sugarloaf to money crane operator to a horse ranch to me...
  12. Well I just got a steal on a legally confiscated ICE crane. I assume the owner before was the guy who put $20s on those beanie seals. Apparently the city of Anaheim cracked down on them.
  13. I run a Treasure House with small plush on a fair strength, and it is doing very well. People win, and I am making a good profit. It can't get much better than that.