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  1. Good FInd, Great buy!!! Congrats
  2. Run, don't walk from Biz-Op This company operates under at least 5 names I know of and the equipment is not supported in the general vending world so you will rely on them for everything. Everything, let that sink in. The machines sell for 2-3X what they are worth.
  3. If you have to take it apart you should just rebuild it. If you need help with that I can help you
  4. Thats from March 2005 i believe so it is a flashport Should be written on the white rubber on the lower wedge
  5. call VEII tech support 800 321 1800 When that happens it is usually a comm line problem on the MDB harness. The green wire not making good contact. Not saying that is the problem not knowing any details about the second mech. The first mech sounds like the acoustic manifold above the tubes is bad.
  6. VE does not carry parts for that machine anymore. Check with smuckers or folgers OCS division
  7. try calling the general support and not coffee support, one of us can get you the info or help you need
  8. Here at Vendors Exchange we carry N&W and now I will stay out of the conversation http://www.veglobal.net/getProducts.php?category_id=28&content_id=0
  9. There are a few Distributors and where I work is one of them, Vendors Exchange
  10. needs a boiler rebuild kit, they are around $95
  11. Try this place fo vintage parts or ebay http://www.fun-tronicsllc.com/index.php
  12. High end salaries, in my experience, does not translate into sales. Some of the tightest pockets in vending are attached to higher end earners. Not saying don't try, just saying don't go overboard on equipment and estimates
  13. Usually a coin mech problem if you have vended in plenty of change Swap it and load it and test it
  14. TC, depending on the models, all the brands you listed are good ones. Like the advice above, they are only worth the value of the machines and not locations
  15. Niiiice...well played Sir