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  1. If it works it is very handy, especially if it was free
  2. GPLPY21153 is the part number for the display but I don't know where to get one.
  3. Some refurbing, some machines out there close to home, lemonade stand, girl scout cookie empire, hand model ; ) One revenue stream in life is not the path to success anymore IMHO
  4. they are around $40 a pack of 100 for the MEI Programming instructions are on the back of the billbox on Mars Vals
  5. 38$

    Does Mr. Patel also have coin operated microwaves in the room? One light instead of 2 in every flourescent fixture? ; )
  6. Grape NOS, regular Monster and Peach Rehab in the places i have it
  7. Vandal Spray and alcohol are a good plan If that doesn't do it then hit it with a flat of semi black
  8. Mars coupons are ordered through Mars or a Distributor COinco coupons can be had here http://coupons.coinco.com/ You design your own coupon to print from your printer, the caveat is you have to buy the paper from the Coinco service center.
  9. AZ VE hasn't abandoned the older parts categories I don't think slowly running out of parts for AP500 and other machines of that era is "abandoning" We carry over 30,000 sku's and a load of used parts. We make almost 4,000 parts that the manufacturers have "abandoned" Not hitting back at you just don't that is a completely fair statement.
  10. It works in the 123 you just need to not tighten the validator down so hard, worth the effort for a NLA part from AP.
  11. Parts exclusively made for this machine are not available Those motors and buttons are used in other equipment so that is why you can find them. To each his own. If you're looking for a vehicle to run routes with I have a 1978 AMC Pacer station wagon for sale. ; )
  12. I agree with upgrading but the factory displays are about $70 here and a drop sensor kit for the factory board is about $130-$140
  13. Mars stopped making the boards so Vendo stopped making almost all the part exclusive to this machine. Return it if you can, if not part it out. It's a dead end, sell the reefer deck, sell everything in it.
  14. The nice part about the magliners is all the parts are replaceable ALL OF THEM Big bonus over buying a whole cart when something breaks