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  1. Problem accepting dollars

    Sounds like you have an old single price can Machine and that you need a credit relay. Looks like an ice cube that plugs in usually clear or black plastic.
  2. Is this a good machine?

    Wow that is a great price on a great machine.
  3. 501T---EPROMs

    I am actually going to replace the fronts with generic cold drink fronts. These coming off would be free if you want to use them however they are starting to blister on the inside and the graphics are "falling" off. These machines were basically free back in the day if you bought so much product-I'm willing to bet that if you contacted FN (they have a website) you could probably get some new ones for free. I know Pushbeverages.com is doing it with their line of products.
  4. 501T---EPROMs

    Joe, Have you tried replacing with a different 381.41 chip? Reason I ask is because I have bought EPROMs that simply did not work. 3 out of 5 chips for an AP 123 were bad.
  5. 501T---EPROMs

    This T model is a Floridas Natural juice machine. Previous owner got a few of these back in the day and I'm glad to get it cleaned up and back on the streets. Found a 14 segment display and thought that would be better to use but it does not mount up and fit like the original 7 segment does.
  6. 501T---EPROMs

    Yes a red button board. Out of curiosity I plugged in a PayRange device and made a vend from my phone. Got the chip from a S2D board laying here at the shop. Also found a brand new refurbished SBC board with no chip in it and a Coke S3D board. (Never heard of either of these) I guess 381.41 could go into these? It would be nice to turn the Coke into a 2 button board if possible.
  7. 501T---EPROMs

    I popped in 381.41 and it seems to work just fine. I suppose it's good for the cc reader to go on.
  8. 501T---EPROMs

    Yes it is an old Ardac board with red button. It has MDB coin mech and harness. If it can't hurt to try the 381.41 I will pop it in and see. Yes AZ please post how to change from 7 segment to 14 segment.
  9. 501T---EPROMs

    Have a 501T with an old style S2D board-it has 57x521-3 as the chip. Will eprom 381.41 go in place of it? I'm needing to put a cc reader on it. I have an account this machine will work perfect for. They drink can sodas and energy drinks.
  10. AMP Energy Drink

    You should be able to do 1 foreign selection. Here they give us 1 or 2 depending on the # of selections in the machine. Basicly 80% /20%
  11. I love Mars stuff but we have Coinco bill acceptors and changers out in the field that perform flawlessly. It can be argued and I know it is only a 3 tube but I believe the 9302 GX was the best changer ever made.
  12. Glasco 159D

    I can't get my pictures from my phone to upload for some reason.
  13. Glasco 159D

    Ok It can be done! Last night I decided to give it a shot and it worked. Parts needed are a Crane 158/157 door switch, service keypad and keypad overlay. Since this machine was on location I decided to use a Crane board and remove the Glasco board completely. It may be able to be converted but I didn't want to spend that much time trying to figure things out while it was sitting on location.
  14. How much are these worth

    Looks like it's still got the boat anchor- I mean Maka Validator.
  15. Pay Range

    D&S Vending sells them.