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  1. No I have not tried any of the doors. Can't say if they are worth it or not but new machines are NOT cheap. One of these days I would like to try the Inone door.
  2. Different advantages for different machines in my opinion. The older the machine is to start with the more advantages you get over factory. For example an AP 7000 has no display on the machine until money is added. So a customer walks up and starts pressing buttons and they get no sounds and nothing on the display-a lot of people assume the machine is broke in my opinion. So when you do a 7000 conversion you get that feature along with ability to add modern MDB payment devices including cc readers,drop sensors,DEX The LCM series were mostly MDB capable boards and they have a factory display but they cannot DEX and cannot accept drop sensors. The software on the boards is non update able so even tho you can add a cc reader you won't get cash sales reported for any kind of pre-kitting. Like AZ said, With the Inone board you can retain your old payment devices and even mix mix them. For example you can have an old AP add a card reader and leave the old coin mech and or bill acceptor in.
  3. No problem glad you were still on location. To answer your question from earlier-All the Inone kits we have done (All ours have been AP) come this way and need to be priced in this fashion. We have used them for 110,LCM,6000/7000 and even a few 4000/5000 series. They are very good boards.
  4. Enter your price menu and scroll down to Entire machine DP and set it to 99.95 then go in and price your machine like normal.
  5. I recently got the chance to deal with some Crane 158 and wanted to show the Glasco GS1 sometimes referred to as a Glasco 159. Often I have seen and heard the Glasco is just like a Crane 147-it's not-it's like a 157/158. I'm still not sure how or if it's possible to add Crane components to the Glasco cabinet and clone a Crane yet. Keep in mind the Glasco does not have a service keypad it has a pull out door switch with very simple programming you must use pulse validator and dumb mech. Maybe a Crane board,Crane keypad overlay and Crane service keypad could be added? I'm still not sure. I was about to upload pics of the Glasco insides since a lot of people have never actually seen one but the images from my phone apparently need to be re-sized.
  6. $50 !!!! Good grief that's cheap.
  7. I would call Royal tech service and make sure to have the model and serial# of the machine including the software version. It may need a software revision.
  8. Looks like Hampton Inn. Ours has that same tile floor. Those machines with the SureVend option sell around here for about 2k each.
  9. Yes Most all of them are MDB. I guess some of the older ones were not but all I have ever seen are MDB. The metal cover over the board should be on your machine so look and see if it has it labeled near the bottom. The harness needed is like $10 brand new. You remove the harness off your board currently labeled coin mech and bill Validator and add your new mdb harness-very easy. From what I hear the card reader will work but not report cash sales only credit sales.
  10. Inone technologies can sell you a new door that brings your old AP's up to date with all the bells and whistles. It's called the all in one door. Cost is about a grand on the door and you can add a card reader and good refurbished mdb payment devices. So about $1500 investment on your existing machine,
  11. I would order some $1 price rolls for that and do away with .90 and .95
  12. Rvv500 by Royal is about the same size as a stack vendor.
  13. You take the small board off the large board and swap. They are Universal.
  14. Floor cost for the bottler is not that much different on 20oz bottles vs. cans. The bulk of everyone's paycheck at Coke or Pepsi is from 20oz. there is no real money in cans.
  15. Schools used to be so good on vending-not anymore. Concession stand is where it's at now.