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  1. let me see themmmmmmmm
  2. take both bottom shelves out and you will see how it comes out
  3. gotcha how do i check that?
  4. But isnt there a sensor in the port bottom that knows a drink is in there?
  5. mine has a problem when it goes to the port door sometimes the drink does not go in there. I have not seen it do it but the problem is its taking the customers money. I thought unless a drink is dropped in the port door is only when it completes the vend.
  6. so whats the purpose of even saying anything if you not gonna let anyone get any?
  7. this guy used to own all these machines and let the bank take over, he should of sold his route
  8. what will i need to do once i get it? problem im having is drinks are always on the bottom of the cabinet and shuts the machine down. was told today that the product comes out half way and then the next vend from different column that drink will fall. went there today had picker error, i went to test vend and the plunger did not come out. turned machine off and restarted and it worked from then on. any ideas?
  9. what is the differences between the different bevmaxs picker cups? i just bought a cup off ebay that says it works on all 3
  10. if i replace the board will the newest bevmax 4 board work?
  11. Board in machine says bevmax 3 on it
  12. Just bought the machine. The serial number sticker was removed also so i don't know if its a bevmax 2 or 3. If i power the machine down and restart it comes back on
  13. i have a bevmax 2 or 4 that the display goes out after the machine is on for about 30 min
  14. i cant find parts for vendo 480. need to figure out why the display is not working