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  1. DN 276E Replacement Front Pepsi Graphic?

    ya bad idea because then they are gonna ask how you have their machine, go with nbs
  2. anybody use them? what are their prices and warranty
  3. Fastcorp z400 Vaccuum

    there is a switch in the end of the rubber nozzle that has to be pushed in to activate the vacuum. either the type of product is causing it or its loaded wrong
  4. bevmax 4 issue

    Lol i think im still right. Had a motor seize. It was the bottom one which cause no left or right movement
  5. bevmax 4 issue

    That would be great news because its driving me crazy
  6. bevmax 4 issue

    Bottom motor is left and right. Not sure how to calibrate. Might have to call dixie Monday
  7. bevmax 4 issue

    about every day at this account the machine gives a horiz error and then it starts acting up going to the wrong place. Now ive changed the bottom motor already but dont know what to check from there.
  8. Very random but very often the display will go blank, the problem is the machine will still take the money but wont do anything after that.
  9. AP Snackshop 6600 Row not vending

    re configure the motors and see if that tray works again
  10. i would do a motor count. is it counting all motors if so move onto the door switch
  11. good luck those sensors have sky rocketed in price
  12. Nope. It opened the door for me but that gym sucked
  13. let me see themmmmmmmm
  14. take both bottom shelves out and you will see how it comes out