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  1. Vistar called me atleast 10 times about this yesterday. ..
  2. Yellow and red Gatorade sell the best. They stick you with Orange in the variety pack.
  3. Depends what you signed when you started working there...
  4. All in one screw stick, small ratchet set (deep), paper towels with disinfectant windex, zip ties and a box cutter if you don't prekit in advance.
  5. Id be worried using a food machine without a health sensor. If the compressor on that 5591 fails people are going to buy a moldy sandwich
  6. We like fresh brew or freeze dried coffee. Finding a good coffee location can sometimes be tricky. If you can find one you'll make your money back quick; provided that your prices aren't too low. Vistar is your best bet
  7. If you absolutely have to use an extension cord make sure its 12 AWG anything smaller is going to create too much resistance thus creating heat.
  8. Avoid the National 430 even if its free. Buy a 431 that has already been professionally refurbished.
  9. $100, 000 a month is going to take a hand full of talented help and quite a bit of warehouse space. Let us know how the bid goes!
  10. What area?
  11. Always buy everything used or refurbished in life accept for bedding and clothes.
  12. Van is ready for Monday morning. . It takes time to figure out what setup works best for your route/business. Try and make everything as easy on your body as possible. Best of luck!
  13. Vistar sells some decent food. Frozen sandwiches, pizzas, hot pockets, burritos, etc.
  14. I've heard they sell well
  15. Dual bean grinder machine. Love National coffee machines but its going to be difficult to maintain.