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  1. I DO TRY and patronize a few of my machines for 3 of the following reasons. 1. they hve my machines/ 2. I also own a store in the neighborhood.. 3. I live in the neighborhood. Here is one problem I had. The food and the service sucked my opinionated other half I had to explain that we just had to say thank you . tHE oner asked why I don't eat there anymore. I just came up with a excuse that we are not eating out much at all anymore
  2. I have machines that take tokens. Everytime my machines areserviced they have aprox 2dolllars in dimes and pennies. I put the dimes in myself and no product comes out. I also keep a count on how much I have . It seems like I am not getting ripped off. I guess its coffee money but not starbucks
  3. In NYC where space is limited and we are living in a day where every store has sveral people a day trying to sell them or push them to chage their phone company,credit card etc. they get jaded. feeling everybody is trying to run a scam. Another aspect is in nyc many don't want to do anything if they are not making money. Example try walking into store and aski g thm nicely if they can spare 4 quarters for a dollar. I seem to be the only storeowner that gives and I am not even that nice of a guy
  4. Hosh I had the same experience. I am currently doing charity boxes in my neighborhood where I own a store and for some reason I just cant walk into stores of people I know and ask. my girlfriend on the otherhand walks in and bingo they are in. When I do it they ask me questions such as . Does every penny in the box go to the charity? Do you make any money doing this? My honesty prevails and i dont get the location and am looked at as a snakeoil salesman even though i merely asked if they would like to put in a box that helps children with cancer i am looked at as a snakeoil salesman . she is looked at as a cute version of mother theresa
  5. I just tried toy machines and was offering 35 percent and if thy said 40 I would just say o.k np problem. They demanded 50=60 percent and in its place they had empty machines that were empty for a year . You also can tell from their interaction with customers and myself who would say something basic such as good morning or good afternoon without a similar response back that they would be a hassle to deal wth unless you can just go in there and not say a word to them while servicing
  6. Just got some 2 inch product. Put it in a 2 weeks ago. Just checked it. did fairly well not earthshattering but decent
  7. congrats to a good man who is always nice enough to give good advice and information to myself and others on this board. wishing you sucess
  8. I am doing this part time and I have a few toy machines that are not far away from my house. One takes in approx. 10-12 bucks a month of which I give a 30 percent commission. I don't pull it out because I can service it once every 2-3 months . I am not scoping out other locations and they haven't said anything about pulling it out I did pull out a machine that pulled in abut the same amount beause the guy was a pain in the golpher
  9. I have some places that are on the same block as other locations so if they only make 5 bucks a mnth I just serice them every month n a half and I am happy that they are in there. If you have to travel to a location though then I understand. I just took out 2 locations because of theft. I didn't tell them there was theft and thanked them very much for giving me the opportunity to put them in. Others have asked to have it removed I don't argue
  10. Something I never asked the charity . lets say I bought 50 stickers and will need more but over a course of a few months several stickers were stolen . Would they just for good customer service knowing you are placing another order just replace it or ould they charge me for a year
  11. d to servI tried 6 saega machines at 7 grand which had approx. 1 grand f product in it. irst month I took in almost 2 grand but it took me timewise instead of 2 hours I thought it took me over 3 hours. Instead of beign able to service it once every 10 daysi had to service it one every 6 days. traffic instead f figuring it would take a hour ; was about 12 miles away but construction; took 3 hours roundtrip/ I don't hae a garage and didn't figure going to cosco which added onn another one hour. I own a strore and was neer able to do it on a wed afternoon.always had to be on my one day off or llare at night. was a time monster. was a lot of lugging. constant amount of supers wanting free product. in a year andnd a half 2 compressors broke down 800 bucks later. 3 plexiiglsses broken, a few electrical problems. one costing severall hundred dolllars. the management company who was getting 10 percent wanting 15 percent and auccusing me of cheating hen the winter months I ould take in about a grand a month.. the summer months having to ervice every 5 daysbecause they ddint hold that much in a laundry room which was 100 degrees. a fire where 2 machines were kept them out of commission for 6 weeks. It made 5 grand in sa year but that came oout to about 100 nucks for 6 hours of time. Thhe management woud call me if one machine was out of pepei but had coke. Insurance cost approx. 1500 grand also. I ended up selling the machines without the route because they insisted I get my golpher down there twice a week and wanted me to service twice a week. I Owna retail store with grueling hours. don't do this part time. Ended up selling the machines for 1700. done and have 6 -8 morehours more a week sparetime
  12. brick ops n click chicks- ssm vending 2 inch products both do well for me. minion bracelets by all star vending did good also. I just bought troll bracelets also. JUST PUT THEM in the other day.
  13. Hi all. What is the best option for purchasing cardboard boxes for lollipops? thanks
  14. You are worrying too much. It comes from being a nice guy. They probably will be relieved to have your machine out of there which isn't making money for them either . They possibly are leaving it there thinking you are a good guy which you are and don't want to ruin your livelihood as well. I had a machine that did lousy in a location and serviced it orrectly and was friendly,honest and kept the machines clean. It did poorly. I took it out and we both were nice guys about it. I recently went to his store to buy a soda and he remembered me and said its on the house.
  15. honor boxes. They fit approximately 50 lollipops that are either small dum dums are charms. I personally feel that 50 cents 3 for 1.00 is price gauging for a dum dum so I am in the process of replacing them all with charms