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  1. Thank you for you help. What I was confused is if sure vend is totally making the machine out of service is that a good feature to turn on.
  2. Hi All, Thanks in advance for all your help. I am having this issue with 167, the machine is stopping to vend every once inwhile while showing this "error d "" Push code". And then either I reboot the machine or push code then it starts working again. When I pressed diagnostics I found these two which I didn't understand. Thanks again for your help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Eport edge is on sale today for $99.00. Never used it before what is difference between Edge and Eport G9.
  4. Want to go with minute maid bottles from Coke an then see how it goes. I have ordered cans too as back up.
  5. I am looking for it.so far no luck.
  6. http://www.bravilor.com/en-US/products/freshground/102 One of my locations requested flavia, .They currently have something similar fresh ground XL but there is no payment system attached to this. Is this even worth trying, I am very new to this. Thanks for your help.
  7. That is the dilemma I am having, the manager is insisting on orange juice.
  8. They are hour glass shaped. Thank you I will try to it but as this is a new location, I was wondering what machine to install there. I have Royal 660 and Vendo 721 in my stock but I need to buy glassfront. Sam's sells 10 oz bottles which I don't think you can vend in either vendo or royal.
  9. What machines can vend 10 0z bottles. Can stackers like vendo 721 or royal 660 vend them?
  10. It is not a can, I can't find orange juice cans in my area, Sams and Costco do not carry it. It is 15.2 oz bottle from Coke bottler.
  11. Hi do you get them at Vistar. Low fat doritos.
  12. Hi All, Thanks in advance for your help. Can I vend 15.2 OZ minute maid orange juice in Royal 660 or Vendo 721. Do I need a glass front for this. I have location which is insisting for it. Thanks again for your help.
  13. Where do you buy machines, craigslist is not at all reliable source. My two cents on topic ,moving machines is best reserved for professional movers. These machines are too heavy and it is too risky to take a chance.
  14. Hi All, Thanks in advance for your help. I had this error in one of my Pepsi HVV and after I opened the machine I found the inlet chute full of coins and there preventing people to use the coin mech. Once I cleared all coins from I found it was working fine. Is there anything wrong with machine's chute or coin mech and why was chute jammed. Last time when this happened I found couple of pennies along with other coins in the chute. Thanks again for your help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk