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  1. New Machine company - anybody know them?

    I bought 8 Jofemar machines from a Healthy vending guy for .20 cents on the dollar in 2013 because he couldn't get any repair support. Four years later, I have two left, both with bad compressors that I am using as snack only machines. They definitely have all the bells and whistles, but they are not easy to repair. (Check out some of the videos they have online...the tech guy doing the videos has trouble) They are also hard to load compared to the Crane machines I have
  2. Anyone have experience with these?
  3. 2 tier pricing

    This is an AGE thing. Anyone under 40 doesn't event think twice about using a credit card, even if they know it is going to cost more
  4. http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/pecan-pie-vending-machine?utm_source=Atlas+Obscura+Daily+Newsletter&utm_campaign=b3c1b94e2c-Newsletter_2_20_2017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f36db9c480-b3c1b94e2c-63272505&ct=t(Newsletter_2_20_2017)&mc_cid=b3c1b94e2c&mc_eid=b2ba654ae2
  5. Machine ID?

    Thanks for the good info
  6. Machine ID?

    image 1 of 3 Anybody know what brand these are and if they are any good?
  7. Toyota Prius for vending vehicle

    For what it's worth, I load up my VW Jedda to the TOP 4 times a week to service my 21 accounts. Pretty good gas mileage and holds a ton.
  8. Net profit commission question

    Gross sales MINUS Sales Tax MINUS Cost of Goods Sold = Net Sales I use 55% for COGS. No customer has ever questioned this.
  9. Servicing your accounts - product carriers

    VW Jetta. Stuff it to the gills!
  10. healthy

    Clif bars, Builder bars, Veggie Straws, baked chips, Motts gummies, you can get them all at Sam's. Healthy pastries is an oxymoron.
  11. Looking for professional advice

    A credit card reader for big ticket items like cigarettes is a must. Also on college campuses, nobody under 30 carries cash anymore. You're not going to do much better than Costco with your low volume of purchases. If you have a good location, a commission shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Insurance

    Randy, how much do I owe you? Paypal? josh
  13. Insurance

    Do you guys have liability insurance for your business and machines? Is there a specific company that writes for vending operations? I am in North Carolina and I can't seem to find anybody to write me a policy.
  14. FSI 3037, 3076

    Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for all the advice on this forum. I just wanted to state up front the situation. I have purchased one of the "stay away from" machines in the past and found it to be just as crappy as everyone said it would be. josh
  15. FSI 3037, 3076

    Does anyone know if you can install newer bill changers on these machines? Just to head off the inevitable "stay away" posts, they are in good working order, and I am getting them for free. Thanks