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  1. Just wanted to know if anyone here has experience with Vendlease.net. I am looking to get a few machines for a new account and the only reviews I see are pretty poor but they are the company I was recommended to by the supplier I am getting my machines from. Thank You Mike
  2. I was looking for more used machines and came across an ad selling a route and when I asked for more info I got sent to this http://vendingexchange.wixsite.com/gumball website. Sounds a bit to good to be true and most likely is but wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with them? Please let me know what you think tor know Thank you Mike
  3. Thank you I will take a look into it
  4. Triple head is the main focus
  5. I have looked through a lot of postings and see a lot services to avoid but is there any that have been found worth while. I'm not even looking for super diamond in the rough spots but more filler spots to ad to my route. I tried one I found even though I saw some poor reviews and they took forever and didn't do a very good job communicating with the businesses so many turned me down once I showed up. I work a full time job so going out a finding spots myself is time I don't really have. I know someone most likely has addressed it before but if someone can give me ideas or pointers that would be amazing. Thank You Mike
  6. Hey looks like this is the site to find help with just about anything, and I wish I had done researched the Gaines machines before I picked one up even though it was cheap. The problem I'm facing is the display isn't working, and it's not accepting money. Nothing is oviously burnt out and stuff looks to test fine on the bench but I was hoping to get some ideas because I need it working to trade it. Any help would be appreciated.Or should I just scrap it at this point? Thank You Mike