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  1. Margaret is good about this at Sheridan, if that's who you're using. If you call and speak with her and let her know your situation I believe she will work something out.
  2. If you don't mind me asking, how did you find the girl that does your locating, and how much do you pay her? Is there any kind of contract for replacements? I've tried placing ads on craigslist with no real luck. Thanks.
  3. I am looking to buy a small amount of plastic Sheridan type honor boxes for a good deal. Used is great. Maybe someone on here is looking to get rid of some. I would want about 10 to 20, but unless you are near Buffalo, NY I would need them shipped. Please let me know. Thanks.
  4. Do you run into any trouble with the chain hotels not giving approval, just like chain restaurants usually dont give approval? Are you putting them in big name places?
  5. I know you found this deal on Craigslist, but what search terms did you use? I can never find deals on people selling their honor box businesses. As far as the mix I use, it depends on the place. Restaurants I stick with York mint patties and possibly fund size bars, and other places that are more casual I may put in blow pops, tootsie roll pops, fun size skittles and swedish fix mixes. All found at my local Sams and BJs. The day after Halloween, my hubby and I make the rounds to grab as many sale mix bags as we can. Last year I ended up with a back seat full for some great deals the day after Halloween. Not to hijack the thread, but others please chime in with your success with mint boxes. And, is anybody doing Nuts and Guts for Glory?
  6. Hi, If the box is destroyed you just return it to sheridan and the royalty fee is discontinued. If the box is stolen, I believe you can notify them and the same will happen.
  7. How many do you have and how are they doing for you?
  8. Could only find mini JR Sticks in mixes around Halloween, but they never did great for me. My husband has suggested trying liquor stores, but I never thought they would do well. Not sure why JR Sticks would be wanted in particular there? A way to flavor your vodka without buying flavored vodka?!
  9. That's great! Let us know your success rate at placing them, and how many rejections, if any.
  10. Welcome! It's great to hear from you. Keep us in the loop as to how your boxes are doing!
  11. Yes, I agree that face to face locating is the key. Are you using just cardboard or do you have the acrylic as well?
  12. Are you doing the 50 cents or 3/$1.00 pricing? I was going to try jolly ranchers, but thought that was too much to charge for them. How much luck do you have when locating? In other words, how many "no's" to "yes's"? What do you mean you only found the locator to be 50%?
  13. Hi Honorbox99, Thank you for that info. Did you locate all of your boxes yourself or did you use a locator for any? What types of candy do you sell? And what types of locations are you using? I'm sorry to hear about the problems you are having with people's perception of this. If you are using the pink ribbon boxes, it does state that a portion of the proceeds go to the cause, but people automatically think all of it should and give no thought to the costs to the person who is actually doing all of the work. Your donation to the charity is large, and as you say, many do not make donations of this amount at any time. You are also "selling" a product, not giving it away. And you have to deal with theft. I have encountered all of the things you have, but there are others on the forum who have explained the business as you have, and that it is is a business, but one where we also benefit a charity. It seems bulk vendors don't run into this feeling as much, even though there machines run pretty much the same way, unless they are doing racks which usually garner a commission. Thanks, Vertdigirl