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  2. 🕰️ is up how is the micro market going? is it worth the money. I get calls from vending locations wanted to know if I do micro markets. I value your input and any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  3. The canoe clips are just nylon "bushings" that give the door a nylon spacer to rub on the inside of the delivery bin so it's not metal on metal. If they are tough to get out just order a pair. To remove the rear door you need to remove the screw in the linkage on the side of the bin. I think you also need to take some of the bin assembly screws out too to spread the bin apart to get the door out. If your door is dragging but also bent then order the side linkage too. The dragging door could be due to a worn out square drive hole in the linkage. These parts are pretty cheap so be smart and order anything you think might be needed. There's usually more to a dragging or bent door than just the door itself.
  4. I need to order the rear delivery door but, before I do, I need to know the proper steps to do so. Based off of the manual, it appears that there's a "canoe clip" that I need to take out. Do those come off with pliers? Might the clips break if I remove them? It looks like I just take the cilps out and there must be a rod or something in there. I'm also assuming that i just need to temporarily disconnect the linkage or whatever it is called so I can play with the rear door. Does this all sound right? It's the door on the back of the delivery bucket with the gum and mint labels on it. Any tips? Thanks.
  5. Thanks guys! I appreciate it. I just wanted to make sure before I fried anything lol -ZB
  6. Anyone knows about the usi food machine i bought it use and dont know the history when i shut the dooe close it says elevator then there is a flat sheet metal that come out then that thing gets stuck then the machunes says out of order
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  8. Sounds like your repairman did not repair the machine but only fixed the current problem.
  9. MD. Mechs are all interchangeable. Some are listed 24 V some 27-34 V.
  10. Just as the title states I'm wanting to upgrade the coin mech to something newer. Is this possible? I currently have a 6512 in it which has the occasional issue of not dropping a coin. It actuates but the coin gets hung in the tube. Either way I'm wanting to replace it with the CF7000 series is this possible? The current mech states 24v and the CF is stated as 34v. Am I missing something or am I stuck with the 3 mechs listed? Thanks! -ZB
  11. Have a priest come out and sprinkle holy water on them! Get those ghost out of those machines! ca'jun
  12. It's hard to answer your question as it pertains to what *you* should do because every situation is different. I don't know your market in relation to the availability of used/refurbished/new machines and what they sell for or how good you are at getting decent accounts. If you live in one of those small towns where you have trouble even just finding someone to move machines for you, or you have trouble finding vending machines in general, then it might be worth your time and money to just troubleshoot them, fix them, and send them back out. As AZVendor pointed out, you could have a few problems going on that can cause everything you described and many of those problems can be fixed pretty cheap most of the time. If you wanted to try to save the machines, then your best bet (in my opinion) would be to wash all of the motor brakes so nothing sticks and replace all of the motor switches as well. That would cost you a very small amount so even if it doesn't solve the problem of the machine vending the wrong selection, you aren't out much money. From there, you need to verify that your coin mechs and bill acceptors work. You COULD just get them refurbished and pay maybe $50/piece + shipping for that or you could just run dozens of quarters, nickels, dimes, and dollar bills into all of them and see what happens. It's difficult to say if the problem lies with your bill acceptors/coin mechs or if it's just bad switches/motors causing all of the problems unless you physically test it yourself. If it's a bad motor, then they can be costly. You might even consider taking all of the good motors out of the worst machine, switching out any bad motors in the "good" machine, and scrap the worst machine. You could also do this for the coin mechs and validators. Just make sure motors are compatible. It sounds like moving machines isn't a problem for you, which leads me to believe that the best overall course of action would be to do what I would do... which is to get rid of those single price machines by whatever methods you choose. You could sell them dirt cheap (ie. $150-$300) and let the buyer know what the problems are and be done with them, or just scrap them as they are. I take the decks out of 501's because I can use them in practically any 3-deep dixie anyway. I also take the validator and coin mech out and any good motors IF I know I can use them. It might be worth keeping a vend relay too. Other than that, I can't think of anything worth keeping. The thing is, a validator, a cooling deck, and a couple motors might save you more money than just selling the machine cheap, which is why I get the valuable parts out and scrap the rest. So, do what you think is the best move for you but it may not be as complicated as you think to fix the dixie. If your tech can't fix it and neither can you though, you should just get rid of it. They are usually pretty easy to diagnose but it just takes some time and know-how. The only times I had ever struggled with diagnosing a dixie was when I was still very inexperienced and one time when I had a bad motor on a 501T with an SIID board with a bad motor. Apparently an actual bad motor can make the whole machine say "sold-out" when it's not. I still don't know why that happened but the machine was poor looking and had other problems anyway so I just took the deck out and scrapped it.
  13. Actually I did have a repairman come out several times on each. The issue seemed to go away for a few weeks and then we were right back where we started
  14. Hard to say since you may have various issues with each. Most likely bad or gummed up motor switches or gummed up motor brakes that allow motors to coast and then immediately start running when the next credit is put in. A bad motor switch can cause credits to erase with no vend or to not cancel a credit and allow continued vends from that selection. Not properly troubleshooting them on location is silly since it forced you to replace both machines. Why didn't you call a repairman to fix them when you couldn't figure them out? Afraid to spend money on that and yet you put two more machines out in their place?
  15. I’ve got two Dixie 501 single price machines in my garage that I had to pull off location because they were “crazy”. They would give the wrong drink, take peoples money and any number of other strange things so I replaced them my question is should I scrape them or should I replace all the electrical and put it back out there?
  16. I am a newbie and I recently bought a Beaver machine (Southern I think). I also have a Rhino machine. The Rhino has a small curved plate behind the coin mech. I presume it helps prevent tampering, etc through the chute. Should the Beaver have anything like this? Is it missing a part? Watching the Beaver mech turn, it looks like you could easily retrieve your coin as the mech turns through the chute. If anyone has links to diagrams or pics that would be great. Thanks
  17. NOTHING!!! I got one quickly a few years ago because I "needed one now". Bad idea. Bad idea!! I got rid of it at a loss, but I got rid of it. I will NEVER buy, barter for, or accept as a gift another Genesis machine.
  18. Is the GO-127 mdb? I have 7 GO-380’s that are not. I would never pay anything for another one. I’ve had mine for 13 long troublesome years. They were my first machines and I was clueless. There is no location worthy of a Chinese Combo.
  19. I have none at .25 but jewelry and slime are great at .50
  20. Get an AP LCM combo or ST or SL combo or a National combo. You'll be much happier with American made machines than any import that has no meaningful support.
  21. I wouldn't pay anything personally, but if I had to put a price on it, I would say $400 because of the compressor.
  22. How much would you pay for a used genesis geo 127 with a new compressor? I know these machines have a bad reputation but I need a combo in the next few days. Thanks
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