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  2. Any other ideas? Should I just write off that column and set the machine on fire? 😀
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  5. When I initially googled it, I found that D&S carries an InOne board for the 3114 in addition to other models (including models that I know have an F80 board in them). So, I checked, and Vendnet's site confirms that the 3114 is known as the "PS 24 Pro" with an F80 board. That would explain why it has MDB and it also almost certainly confirms my suspicions that it will not report dex or give cash reports via telemetry.
  6. If it has a card reader on it then it must already have an Inone board or it's using a MDB converter. If it only has a Payrange then it still must be MDB somehow. The converters cause slow payout so depending on how bad you want it to work well you would need the upgrade board.
  7. That is either gummed up linkage or more likely a worn out motor. Also make sure the can exit door isn't sticking closed due to syrup on the gasket. To disable it you can vend all the cans out until it's sold out or set the price real high and take the label out.
  8. I have a Studio 4 that one lower slot jams halfway open every time I try to dispense a can from it. It's the second from the bottom left, if that makes a difference. Any idea on what it could be, or how to disable the slot. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm 99.9% sure the answer is no. But you can get an inone board if you need dex or cash reports.
  10. Strike #1 Got the motor installed and the same thing still happens. I was mistaken before it is column #5 not #2 that is screwing up, if that matters.
  11. Picked up this machine as part of a route purchase. The machine has a credit device on it. Fully working. Is the original board capable of Dexing?
  12. Thank you everyone. I appreciate everyone's feedback. I was thinking of just using Excel but was curious if there was something else out there.
  13. I have a Mars 2000 bill collector in a Fastcorp F631. The highest item in the machine is $3 You can put in 2 - 1 dollar bills but it will not take the 3rd bill. When you put in the 2nd bill it takes it but you can hear that it did not take it up into the bill bank. Thanks for your help.
  14. Welcome to the forum. AZ gave you great advice on the healthy vending franchises. Avoid them. Vending is a lot of work but you can build a solid business. Take your time. Good luck. Blue Moose
  15. Probably a bad keypad if it doesn't recognize pressing the 5 button. Those keypads are horrible to replace, if you can even get one now. Test the keypad first and see if the 5 works for anything else. If it does then you have a logic board problem because it won't work when programming the prices.
  16. Hello I own a polyvend 6640 the board shutt down, and It was fixed already. So I have to programme everything. The motors is ok. I programed the messages but when I try to set the prices press the 5 button no message on screen. What should I do first? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. Time Left: 13 days and 10 hours

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    Selling AMS Sensit 1 and 2 snack. We have at least 15 available with varying conditions. Asking $800 or obo a piece but would give discount for the purchase of multiple machines. No lowball offers! The machines are located in Atlanta Ga. We can work with you on shipping that's at your expense. We would prefer local pickup. We also have sensit 1 and 2 parts to throw in in cases where a machine is not up to par. All machines as is.


  18. For a lot of video games there is a someone who made grunting sounds in a recording studio for a day.
  19. On the Coinco, switch 1 should be off to reject Canadian coins.
  20. If you have a Mars 6010 mech it does have a switch to disable Canadian coin acceptance. It is switch 1 which needs to be set to OFF for US coins only. If your current coin mech is a 9302LF then you need a Mars 6010XV.
  21. Yes but I don't want them. There's a quarter or two a week so not much but the second the masses realized the machines take them, all bets are off. I've got a business to run quarters are quarters, 4 make a dollar. do you think a mars coin mech would act the same? I've got a spare I could swap in.
  22. Honda tried to do that in CA. The road crew fucked it up. Then it got moved cause of noise complaints. When they redid it elsewhere they fucked it up. Again. The exact same way. https://jalopnik.com/heres-how-hondas-musical-road-in-california-was-done-wr-1819600262 (Also, I wonder if it’s a ploy to sell more suspension parts)
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  24. 7 months gross is somewhat fair and its American made. I'm not a fan of Combos but I'd probably do it.
  25. You could try getting it tuned to exclude Canadian coinage but I can't remember if that can be done. You'll have to call a service center and ask but its not something you can do yourself. On the other hand it would be easier to tune it to credit the Canadian coins which you can do.
  26. The picture file is too big to load for some reason. If you want to text me @ 402-276-1613 I’ll send you a picture. It’s working for the most part but it displays wrong prices and won’t let me set a price of $1.00. Weird.
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