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  2. never did find any, tried making a plastic flap for one machine, it didn't last....
  3. Nothing but bad things happen on an extension cord don't use them on a drink machine.
  4. Just pull out the entire cooling deck and plug it in externally from the machine.
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  6. It’s suspiciously coincidental that marijuana legalization and baby boomer retirement is happening at the same time.
  7. It is best to never run an extension cord. If you have to, make sure it is 12 AWG
  8. FSI it states on the sticker see pic
  9. What kind of extension cord do I need to hook a coke machine up? Also this is my first coke machine. I’m thinking about adding a credit card reader. How does that work? Are there fees? How much? Also would a surge protector be a wise decision? And what kind of surge protector? Also would bottles or cans? Where is the cheapest place to get product? Thank you for your help
  10. I think this is the case, as it is cooling. I have no manual for repair for this machine, it is a Vendo G-Snack type SVE 810 modelnr. How would I go about repair?
  11. Door is level now. Thanks for the help. The garage doors are in a self storage unit in Dallas TX. Mom and pop owned storage facility and I asked the lady that runs them about the door setups and she got really defensive. Meaning she probably knows they are not supposed to be like that and doesn’t care... Who knows.
  12. I was hoping that wasn't it but I think your right.Thanks again
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  14. Just to be sure, this is a USI rand machine isn’t it?
  15. I did what you said and it showed 1 R not all the way across
  16. Go the www.vendnetusa.com and look up the parts manual. You can order right from that site
  17. Anyone have a picture? I don’t have any of that just the bar and spring i ordered a t handle lock but I need that clip washer etc will get a pic tomm at work
  18. Anyone have a picture? I don’t have any of that just the bar and spring i ordered a t handle lock but I need that clip washer etc
  19. Thank you very much.i will try it in the morning.Just to make sure im clear unplug it from the S11D board
  20. machines should always be off when connecting or disconnecting harnesses.
  21. ok.i will give it a shot.should the machine be on or off
  22. The spring loaded bar attaches to the T-handle. there is a e-clip on the shaft that prevents it from pulling all the way out through the front. You need to remove that clip and spring & washer, then pull the shaft out through the front of the door. At the top of the shaft there should be a little sleeve that goes through the end of the shaft. That is what holds it into the t-handle. You need to play with it and slip it into the t-Hhandle. Then re-insert into machine. Slip the spring& washer over the threads and pull the shaft through the frame until you can see the notch on the shaft where the e-ring locks in to.
  23. Upload a picture. Not sure what you're asking.
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