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    I was getting tired of my old @ gmail email for my business, so I decided to get off my golpher today and make a professional email address with a custom domain. Turns out, it costs a grand total of 12 bucks a year. All you need is a Gmail, and you can register you own domain name (web address) with Google for 12 bucks a year. Then, you can make your own email address (ex service@vendingcompany.com) which Google forwards to your Gmail. IMO, well worth it, and makes you seem like a professional large company.
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    Hello all, I just dropped in to say hello. I had a heart attack last year (widow-maker the doctor called it) and several other personal challenges over the last 6 months but all is very well now!! I still have some bulk vending machines out there that I am giving to my now teenage boys along with a brokerage account for them to start investing in. I sure do remember the good ole days on this forum. I joined in 07 and it was the best thing I did for my dream of a vending business, at one point we had over 50 machines out on location that was back during the crash and downturn of 08 / 09. We started with 1 Amerivend globe back then and Caserri helped me buy my second machine from Sam's Club with the profits from that first machine. I can say that if I had it to do all over again I would go with rack machines full of toys and maybe 1 head of gumballs - AT KID FRIENDLY LOCATIONS!! When I switched to toys from candy at my "kid friendly" locations (which I really learned about from this forum) My sales skyrocketed!! Seriously I was amazed. At 1 location I went from about $8.00 / month to over $35.00 each month. I had another location in a mall food court that went from $30.00 / month to over $80.00+ / month until management changed and I lost the location. KID FRIENDLY locations with toys are a BIG HIT!!! I used to love pulling $25 to $60 per week from some of my better locations. I did have some duds too though, it wasn't all glamour. Broken machines, stolen machines, spilled candy in the family van, "I got all they way here and realized I forgot my vending keys", etc. etc, .. I did reach my goal of 50 plus machines in a relatively short period of time though. All from reinvesting the profits from that first couple of machines and selling machines that I got super deals on (some were even free) over time. My kids are still making good money to this day from that first Amerivend gumball machine we located back in 07. I am handing the last of my route to my boys at the end of this month. It's great to see the cash flow that is still coming in after 10+ years from some of those original locations. To everyone on the forum - pursuit your goals and dreams. Love your families and enjoy your life - Every day is a gift! Even when we don't realize it. Learn to save and invest at least 10 to 20 % of your income and you will be glad you did someday. Vending is a lot of fun and I am so glad I did it! hope you all have great success. Don't give up or listen to the naysayers! If you have the vision and passion and desire to achieve something. GO FOR IT!! It's OK to fail because failure teaches us for greater success down the road. It's OK to succeed because success teaches us lessons that are like gold for our families and our future. Happy Vending! God Bless you all. - I'll stop back in sometime.
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    That's often the truth. The most common things I see are "Can you put something healthy like nuts or trail mix?" Then I show them the nuts AND the trail mix and they so "Oh, I never saw them in there." Then they kind of chuckle and admit they never use the machines.
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    Chris is correct on all counts. Most USI machines do not report all of the data, so cash reporting is a function of the communication with the machine. Additionally, if you want to get DEX data for prekitting USI machines, you will need to map the selection ID numbers. For instance, A1 in the machine is usually 11 in the DEX file. Driver fill feature is indeed a reset point for a VMS. You are telling the reader you have filled the machine. It also sends a manual DEX stamp is you wanted to see or use that data. Your DEX error is exactly that. It sensed that it didn't get a handshake or data from the machine. Usually because the cable is unplugged, but it could be anything from an outdated EPROM, to a system error in the machine, or a bad machine computer board. As George Carlin once said "Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things."
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    If people did or didn't notice I was missing last week, I was on a cruise ship with my wife. First time on a cruise ship, so we kept to a 4 day cruise. Figured that if we had any issues with motion sickness, then taking a shorter cruise might be best. (We had no issues, which is a surprise for my wife. She get motion sickness at the movies.) This was our ship. I believe it is about the average size for Carnival. A picture of Atlantis resort from the Nassau port. We took a look inside the hotel, and hit the Starbucks they had inside it. And the claw machine they had onboard, in the casino area. I thought of giving it a try, (and getting a video of me failing,) but this picture was the only time I saw it wasn't in use, and we were headed elsewhere at the time. See, our trip was vending related. (Does this make it deductible?)
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    Your typical government employee, right here. I would pare equipment down, rule of thumb for me is at least 300/mo for a soda and snack. Below that not worth the hassle. I do have some 100-160/mo stops but they are low maintenance, tire shops, with single price Dixie's, drop by once a month or 6 weeks when I'm in the area, 200 bucks ain't bad for stopping the truck and slinging 10 cases of cans.
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    I ended up mounting my Nayax readers in the POS windows on my Royal GIIIs. I just put electrical tape over the right and left sides of the plexiglass, and mounted the reader over it. At first, I was worried that there wouldn't be enough room for customers to swipe cards, but it is working great. I really like these readers....they are attractive, take chip and swipe cards, take touchless payments, and even talk! I was surprised the first time I heard it talk because I wasn't expecting it. I also really like the ability of checking on sales and product levels on my computer. It's only been on my machines since yesterday, but I'm already hooked. I also started getting CC sales, which is exciting.
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    How much do you want to pay?
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    Would it be sexual harassment if a midget says your hair smells nice?
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    Towels should be a different color on each side, that way you don’t accidentally dry your face with the side you dried your butt.
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    The problem with society is that the people who are smart enough to listen are not the ones doing most of the talking.
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    I caught myself after i hit enter so i just edited the post.
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    Most of our telemetry from Parlevel are on the AT&T network. Most of our NAYAX units are on the Verizon network. Sometimes we need to swap units once we have them installed depending on the signal strength of each of them. Sometimes one carrier has a much stronger signal than the other.
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    Oh crap... you're right. How did I get this far down the feed?? Sorry... LOL.
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    Had a great conference call with Frances and Alan today. We have been researching VMS systems for about 6 months and finally decided to go with Parlevel.
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    The 7600!uses a 30in bulb. D&S Vending or Vendors Exchange sell direct replacement LED bulbs Just remove starter and power up. I think the 30’in h bulbs are about $28 each
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    Trying to find out who covers Tx. If I can, I'll have Francis call on him. She's prettier than Alan!
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    45-60 days on diets, 90ish days on regulars.
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    Or 50% of the coffee machines out there that are poorly maintained.
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    But I get hugs at the D&S Booth. Just sayin'
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    I would find a different lawyer, someone who knows how to do a proper business closing, record UCC contracts and financing agreement, etc....
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    40-50 bucks a spot since his numbers seem good. You will be investing in equipment to replace current locations. I would replace a few and take the best of the junk machines and place new locations. Then upgrade a few more and repeat the process. Good luck.
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    This is a six column all wide drink machine. Person who bought it was given all the back spacers and side spacers in a box. The motors has black cams on them. My question is will these black cams vend 12 oz cans three deep, how many spacers per side. I just want to make sure before I show up to put everything back in machine. I have not seen machine yet, this was all done by text and pictures. I did look at Dixie Narco for package setup and they showed different color cams for 12 oz cans. Thanks for any help.
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    And it sicks that people park like assholes here. There isn't enough room.
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    While Wittern machines are far from my first choice ( having refurbished a couple and nearly came up short some digits ) I'd definitely think twice about buying a three wide unless you have a location that really needs it. Most good locations will require a five wide minimum.
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    ALL of the vending offers on Craigslist are SCAMS and you deserve to lose money if you use them in spite of this warning.
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    We cook beans and throw away the water, but make coffee and throw away the beans.
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    Our pets probably believe housecleaning is some kind of ritual we use to summon our parents.
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    Absolutely. I have Greenlite on all my machines. I was told that none of the tenants currently have vending.
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    Then it seems within reason that one might call you "Scrappy"
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    PLEASE READ: STATE OF WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS SECURITIES DIVISION IN THE MATTER OF DETERMINING ) Order No.: S-17-2293-18-SCOI Whether there has been a violation of the ) Business Opportunity Fraud Act by: ) STATEMENT OF CHARGES AND ) NOTICE OF INTENT TO . Joseph Zapata, d/b/a Redsolutions, ) ENTER ORDER TO CEASE AND DESIST ) ) Respondent ) THE STATE OF WASHINGTON TO: Joseph Zapata STATEMENT OF CHARGES Please take notice that the Securities Administrator of the state of Washington has reason to believe that the Respondent, Joseph Zapata, has violated the Business Opportunity Fraud Act, RCW 19.100, and that his violations justify the entry of an order of the Securities Administrator under RCW 19.110.150 to cease and desist from such violations. The Securities Administrator finds as follows: TENTATIVE FINDINGS OF FACT Respondent 1. Joseph Zapata ("Zapata") is a California resident who is doing business using the name "Redsolutions." Redsolutions' website lists its principal place of business as Irvine, California. Redsolutions holds itself out as a commercial coffee route and equipment provider. Nature of the Offering 2. Zapata used misleading Internet advertising claims to offer a business opportunity. On October 23, 2017, Zapata posted a Craigslist advertisement on the Internet. The advertisement was targeted to the Seattle and Tacoma, Washington area. The advertisement remained on the Internet during at least October and November 2017. 3. In the Craigslist advertisement, Zapata made misleading earnings claims. The advertisement included the headline: "Make [$] 100,000 a year doing coffee routes!!!" The advertisement also repeatedly included a claim that purchasers would "Make $1,500.00 a month on your first cycle! Make [$] 6,000 a month after 1 year!" Zapata failed to provide any reasonable basis for the business opportunity's projected earnings. 4. Zapata omitted material information about the business opportunity that was being offered. The Craigslist advertisement stated that Redsolutions would pay for the business and the products and equipment, but Zapata failed to disclose the projected costs of operating the business opportunity. The Craigslist advertisement also referenced a $5,000 program fee, but stated that everyone would be approved and in-house financing would be provided. However, Zapata failed to disclose the terms of any available financing. 5. In the Craigslist advertisement, Zapata misrepresented that "Redsolutions operates in EVERY city and EVERY state in the USA." Zapata also misrepresented that the business opportunity was risk-free. The Craigslist advertisement stated that the opportunity had a money-back guarantee with "NO RISK!!!" In fact, the business opportunity had material risks, including the possible loss of the entire investment. 6. During the same time of the Craigslist ads, Zapata advertised the business opportunity on a second Internet website with additional false or misleading claims. In October 2017, Zapata misleadingly advertised that for a "small set up fee of $5000 you can jump right into the commercial coffee services industry ... with a whopping STATEMENT OF CHARGES AND NOTICE 011 INTENT TO ENTER ORDER TO CEASE AND DESIST 15 to 20 accounts and 'without spending a dime." The advertisement failed to disclose the purchaser's costs of operating the business opportunity, including, but not limited to, mileage, communications expenses, and business formation costs. 7. In the Internet advertisement, Zapata omitted other material information about the business opportunity that was being offered. The advertisement indicated that insurance would be available to purchasers, but it failed to disclose the source, the type, or the amount of any available insurance coverage. 8. In the Internet advertisement, Zapata included a misleading statement that a route license could be sold for "huge" sums of money after it reached maturity. Zapata failed to provide a reasonable basis for the projected increase in value or provide a timeline for the expected return. Additional Undisclosed Material Information. 9. When offering the Redsolutions business opportunity, Zapata failed to disclose other material risks of the business opportunity, including, but not limited to, competition; the unknown operating history, legal status, and financial condition of Redsolutions, the company offering the business opportunity; the operating costs and expected revenues for the coffee delivery business being offered (including delivery and service costs and the anticipated revenues for any specific routes); regulatory compliance risks; personal liability risks; litigation risks; and the risks of inexperience with operating a coffee delivery business. Failure to Respond to an Investigative Subpoena. 10. In November 2017, the Securities Division served a subpoena on Zapata, which required the production of records relating to the offer and sale of Redsolutions business opportunities to any Washington investors. Zapata failed to respond to the subpoena. Registration Status 11. Zapata and Redsolutions have never been registered to sell business opportunities in Washington. Based upon the above Tentative Findings of Fact, the following Conclusions of Law are made: 1. The offer of the opportunity described above constitutes the offer of a business opportunity as defined in RCW 19.110.020(1). 2. Respondent Joseph Zapata has violated RCW 19 .110 by offering and selling business opportunities without being registered with the Securities Administrator to do so. 3. Respondent Joseph Zapata has violated RCW 19.110.120 by making an untrue or misleading statement of a material fact or to omitting to state a material fact in connection with the offer, sale, or lease of a business opportunity in the state of Washington. NOTICE OF INTENT TO ORDER THE RESPONDENT TO CEASE AND DESIST Based upon the above Tentative Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, the Securities Administrator intends to order that Respondent Joseph Zapata, and his agents and employees each shall cease and desist from violations of RCW 19.110.050 and RCW 19.110.120. AUTHORITY AND PROCEDURE This Statement of Charges is entered pursuant to the provisions ofRCW19.110.150 and is subject to the provisions of Chapter 34.05 RCW. The Respondent, Joseph Zapata, may make a written request for a hearing as set forth in the NOTICE OF OPPORTUNITY TO DEFEND AND OPPORTUNITY FOR HEARING accompanying this order. If the Respondent does not make a hearing request in the time allowed, the Securities Administrator intends to adopt the above Tentative Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law as final and to enter a permanent order to cease and desist as to that Respondent. Signed and Entered this 11th STATEMENT OF CHARGES AND NOTICE OF INTENT TO ENTER ORDER TO CEASE AND DESIST DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Securities Division Olympia WA 98507-9033 360-902-8760 Approved by: "' V1t-- Suzanne Sarason Chief of Enforcement Reviewed by: .-~ Robert Kondrat Financial Legal Examiner Supervisor STATEMENT OF CHARGES AND NOTICE OF INTENT TO ENTER ORDER TO CEASE AND DESIST William M. Beatty Securities Administrator Presented by: Janet So Financial Legal Examiner DEPARTMENT m- FINANCIAL Intuitions Securities Division Olympia WA 98507-9033 360-902-8760
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    Google is your friend: How to unjam a Coinco changer https://youtu.be/5LJ_6L9CAd8
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    Sometimes I get a call from a vendor wanting us to help them find locations in an area we do not service. We are established in Southern California and in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. I can at times help in those areas but it really means lots of cold calling which is rarely effective. Listed below is how we work and it might help you understand our costs. We try to be fair on the accounts we offer but we must cover our costs and pay the bills. How long does it take to find quality leads? We start with AdWords. Investing approx. $1000 monthly Additional advertising in local newspapers, vending connection and several more give us a total monthly outlay averaging $2500 We also purchase lists that average $500 for 3000 companies in the area we work. We go thru those lists each month by county. I have a staff of 3 on my payroll. We also have a developed email listing for California we only email during holiday seasons. Over the years we have rarely had a request to discontinue our list because we send recipes and gift ideas offering discounts. We research the accounts before contact. Check their credit rating, look for big drops in their income, we look on Yelp too. Then we determine who the Operations Mgr or HR representative is then we call them. If they are unavailable we ask the receptionist for permission to send a fax directed to him or her. We wait 4 or 5 days hoping for a call. Then we try calling. The most important tool we have is a developed calendar compiled over the past 14 years. It brings up accounts 60 days before contract renewals. 90 days on larger accounts. These are good quality accounts we have worked in the past. We have names, contacts and who the current vendor is so we know what we are up against. These are good quality accounts so we stay on top of that list. Hope this information gives you an idea of how we do it and possibly helps you determine new ways of gaining accounts. Happy Vending Blue Moose Vending Management Bev, Sue, Bill and Sofie
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    The F80 board is not a USI designed board it was an off the shelf control board made by Coinco and was used by Automatic Products, USI and 1 other manufacture that I can't remember now.
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    Couple options. If you have a good garden sprayer fill it with water and pump it up to max pressure. Then push the nozzle into the drain and try to flush it out. Try to get a good seal, so that you can use the pressure to push crap out. The second option is to use compressed gas. There are special tools for this, just google Condesate drain cleaner. These use the small 12 gram co2 cartridges to blast out debris. Or, you could use a tank of CO2 in the same way. Third way is to get a standard drain clearing tool, the ones that look like a giant zip tie with barbs.
  38. 1 point
    Yeah, you just need the right socket (i use an extendable driver) and a screwdriver. The tricky part is maneuvering it out. You can usually pull it straight out if the door is completely open. It can be easier to tilt it a little.
  39. 1 point
    Maybe Johnny will think twice before talking back to his teachers.
  40. 1 point
    The deliming spring for coffee brewers works well to unclog drink machine drain tubes. All of my techs have one.
  41. 1 point
    The drain is likely somewhere near the bottom of the evaporator. You should be able to get to it once the chute is removed. If the clog goes into the hose, you might have to just pull it off. It depends on the model. I have only had to ever do it on two machines but it can cause major problems if it stays clogged.
  42. 1 point
    Yes its just a rubber hose that goes down to a small drain pan. They get gunked up occasionally.
  43. 1 point
    I buy 110v led lights anywhere fom 18 to 24 inches. trace the wires that feed the fluorescent light. Usually two black, or a white black. if you are lucky and the ballast is on the light socket you are golden. the two wire feeding the fixture will be 110vac. Turn off or unplug the machine. I wire the two leads to the pigtail of the led light. I use quans 22inch leds, that come with a pigtail and a power cable with a switch. If you don't have pigtail just snip off the power cable. Most if not all 110v led lights are two prong, so you can't really wire them up wrong. The two leads from the led to the two leads on the machine. You can use solder and shrink wrap, but I just wire nut it, since most lights are only 10w. I can provide some pics if needed.
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    I'm a big fan of parlevel for operations as well, like Ark said I also use quickbooks online for overall accounting; but parlevel keeps the machine and location data, tracks sales, computes commissions, etc. Have not tried the export feature yet but will look at it soon. http://www.parlevelsystems.com/ https://quickbooks.intuit.com/online/
  45. 1 point
    Yes, Parlevel is a cloud based VMS that requires a per machine monthly sub. It is the most feature rich VMS on the market with the best support. I've been using it for over 3 years now. We've increased our efficiency about 35% between dynamic routing and machine optimization. It handles our vending, ocs, and micro markets.
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    Either there is a piece in there or it needs to be rebuilt. Take the bill box off, then remove the lower part by squeezing/pushing the metal bar up and slide the bottom out. Then look for anything stuck in there. If it's clear, you need to just get it rebuilt.
  47. 1 point
    A few models were just intensely heated infrared ovens, essentially Air Fryers cooking frozen fries in 45 to 90 seconds But in either case all you need to do is open ANY style, oil or air fry, that is not properly maintained and you would never use one again. That also includes the old Fresh Cotton Candy Machines and Fresh Popcorn Machines, never look inside.
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    You do not automatically become wiser when you age, sometimes you just become more confident in being an idiot.
  49. 1 point
    "Her boobs are too big" and "that's way too much whiskey"........said no man ever.
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    How does the the human brain ignore the second “the”.