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    Anybody who is looking for a pallet jack or dolly should check out their local toys r us. Just picked up a narrow pallet jack at mine for $75. They said they had regular jacks as well as dollies and appliances dollies with the kick out wheels.
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    I have those harnesses left over from In-One upgrades. The thing to remember with them, is that there is a gap on each plug at the membrane and the gaps face each other. Email me if you want a harness. gbruss <at> mmsalescompany <dot> com
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    The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money costs less.
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    Just the way you're holding it. It goes on the left side.
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    ............and Captain Obvious would like to point out that at least 1 column has to have enough drinks to hold down the sold out paddle.
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    I am the healthy vendor mentioned above. I bought my business from a former human healthy franchisee at a fraction of the price they paid. Human closed up shop at the end of 2016 and left a lot of franchisees unhappy. My machines are located in 3 YMCAs and 5 schools. Success in the schools is easy, due to federal regulations only so called healthy items can be sold. The kids are hungry and therefore will buy whatever is available. My newest school location does have a traditional snack machine and an ice cream machine right next to mine, but they are locked out during the school day while mine is available. But I get a lot of after school business from kids who actually want something that will sustain them thru their sports practice/game (think apple sauce, skinny pop, granola bar vs gummy worms and pop tarts). In the YMCAs, I am the exclusive vendor in 2 and the only snack vendor in the other. I describe my offerings as healthier vending, it’s not like I’m selling broccoli and carrots. I sell things like Kettle brand chips, skinny pop, GoGoSqueez applesauce, Nature Valley granola bars, PopChips, PopCorners, Jack Links jerky, BuzzStrong cookies, Welch’s fruit snacks, Sabra hummus cups, pretzels, Veggie Straws, ThinkThin bars, etc. I’m pretty sure most people would eat and enjoy anything out of the machine if they tried it. I buy all my product from Costco, Sam’s and Amazon. I don’t have any different issues with expiration dates than the rest of you. My 8 machines had revenue of $51k (just added 9th machine in January). Overall I am very pleased with my set up. I run my business out of my home and work part time hours while my kids are in school. I’d be happy to answer any other specific questions you may have.
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    I think is a vendor on here who has machines in YMCAs and maybe some shools. You would have too ask her. They may turn a profit. If they do it is because the establishment or higher authority (government ) won't allow other products. I've said it a thousand times, a Snickers beats a granola bar everytime. P.S. If you are in the northeast and must buy into a healthy vending scam, please make sure you get AMS machines. They are far easier to place when I buy them from you for 25cents on the dollar.
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    If you have money you don't want to keep you can waste it on a franchise or you could just send it to me - same result. Otherwise you can buy your own used machines and wrap them in your own graphics for nothing near the franchise price. Then go find your own accounts and do as much or as little healthy product as YOU like.
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    The company I work for has a lot of junk laying around taking up precious space. Should I promote selling these or should I promote junking these? https://www.flickr.com/photos/134058325@N08/26062211927/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/134058325@N08/26062224177/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/134058325@N08/39125639100/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/134058325@N08/40935325251/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/134058325@N08/26062275787/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/134058325@N08/26062339227/in/dateposted-public/
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    This is the most active site you're likely to find. Miles ahead of anything I've seen elsewhere. This isn't Facecrap or Twithead so don't expect useless postings. There are thousands of posts to search through and tons of active members to answer your questions. If you're a Millineal (I don't know why I can't spell that) or from the ME generation you might be bored by the serious adults here and the lack of constantly new stuff.
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    This is the kind of thing that needs discussed in a PM, not a good plan to have a searchable message board with instructions on how to break into our equipment
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    If I didn't already have help coming, I probably would've said it was machines to try to truck you into helping lol
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    Thank you for your input, got these locations for 8k, seemed like a good deal since I will be able to recoup investments in about a year. I really appreciate your time.
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    Fun fact: I was going to offer to help him unload his truck as I thought he had a machine or two in it. Once he told me what was in it, I pretty much told him good luck and left!
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    A gun safe can be considered a jewelry box for men.
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    You are overlooking the very simple case of a bad motor switch or jammed column. Check all motors and ensure that only one switch arm of each pair of switches is in the motor cam valley. If you find a cam with both switch arms on the high side of the cam then that column is jammed. If you find a jammed column but you have no physical jammed cans then you have a worn out gate link on that motor that caused the jam.
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    For a narrow column, yes. When you receive the motor that they are calling an E motor compare the base of the new motor to your old motor. The bases of E motors and T motors are different and you need a motor with a base that holds the motor the same distance from the front of the stack assembly as your current motor does. I believe the E motor bases are shorter than T motor bases.
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    I wonder if there are even any active members on this forum that have actually bought into one of these? I think any vendor worth his salt on this forum says the essentially the same thing AZVendor said. 1) To small vendors that I know, healthy vending and offering healthy items = a payment to vending gods of expired products as an offering to keep the accounts and account managers happy. 2) Again, with small vendors, it seems that when someone makes a healthy product request we simply fulfill that request KNOWING we're throwing that money down the drain. We don;t expect for more than 20% of the case to sell 3) MAYBE THE MOST IMPORTANT - These terrible "healthy machine deals" literally are charging people THOUSANDS of dollars for one machine - and they make you buy multiple!!! I've often seen numbers like 6 machines/$30,000.... ..... If you are patient, at least here in Phoenix, you can find excellent machines for $500 or less. I see deals pop up ALL the time. Lastly: Good luck trying to find another sucker to pawn off your bad investment when you go to sell.
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    I have been getting checks for the last three quarters..not much, but I don't see any downside.
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    Just out of curiosity, where is your drip tray? I purchased a Royal machine used and the previous owner had the drip tray setup inside the machine. When I ran it set up like that, it would also fill up with water very quickly. I then realized that the drip tray needs to be in the back of the machine....and ever since I moved it I had no more problems.
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    The rule of thumb with refrigeration is.. if you have to ask, then have someone else work on the system. You can change fans, thermostats, and a few other parts, but not the pressurized system.
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    I think i had a similar problem. I think there was a wire that was shorting out or something. I think the board was bad too. I fixed the problem by replacing the machine.
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    For one, you get to be like George.