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    AZ is 100% correct. This is a STUPID conversation. This is a VENDING forum for folks in the VENDING industry to give and receive advise on proper or preferred methods of running their vending business. This is NOT a BRAGGING site for old weight-lifters or a puzzle site on how to cram whatever-heavy-thing into a small space. The question is NOT "Can it be done ?" but "SHOULD it be done?" and the answer is NO! Just because a vending machine "might" be able to fit in a minivan on it's side does NOT mean it SHOULD be transported that way. (By the way, while you were brainstorming how to get it in there, you certainly were not thinking about how to get it OUT). Your suggestions, while slightly entertaining, are doing a HUGE DISSERVICE to those who come to this website and seek advise on the PROPER equipment and methods for moving equipment. The original thread was an inquiry about the proper/preferred equipment dolly that various vendors use. Your goofy diagram and suggestions are not realistic for most in this industry and could cause someone a serious injury. Let's leave the "pissing contest" for the Golpher Page or go visit Lunkheads_R_Us.com. Just my 2 cents!
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    I had my doubts about this, but once I saw this excellent image of a man clearly installing a 79" machine into a minivan, you've almost won me over. Now if you can just add a unicorn and maybe draw some Bob Ross birds in there, you'll have me sold.
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    Press mode switch twice for service Press F for diagnostics- press * Press 1 for position test-press * Pull out left door switch Press 0 to cycle plunger
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    These days I only buy routes based on asset value. Bulk locations are just too transient anymore to take a chance on a sales based purchase. An example.....I buy a strong location that does $100 per month for $1200.00. Six months after I buy it a new owner acquires the location and they want all vending out. Good luck trying to get my investment back in a reasonable amount of time now. Conversely when I buy routes based on asset value and I lose a location 5 minutes after I buy the route I won't get hurt. If a seller doesn't understand that concept then I respectfully move on down the road but 9 times out of 10 they call me back eventually. Not sure specifically how much equipment you are dealing with here. I am assuming the Oaks are smaller 25 cent machines (300s or Vistas with 1"in capsules). I would pay $25 to $50 per head based on condition. Oak is an excellent machine but alot of the equipment that is on the street today is 20-30 years old. That is a real testament to the quality of the machine but eventually they need parts replaced. You can factor a little more into the price for the stand/rack it is sitting on as well ($10-$15). I am also going to assume the Triple Play machines are from Northwestern. Great machine that is built like a tank. My biggest gripe is since it is not a pod system like a 1-800 machine or like the Oak singular heads so changing candy varieties is a hassle. $75 to $90 each for these. If you do decide to buy based on sales make sure you see the sellers tax returns to verify the amount he is claiming. If he doesn't want to share that with you then that is a red flag.
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    Look in the downloads section.
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    I'm not opposed to chipping in with others to see it. Has to be a stock 79" machine, full size, (approx 37" x 33x) with a continuous unedited video. I'll chip in $50. Anyone else?
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    For me the 720 is a 4 deep in theory machine. Pretty much everything has to be perfect, clean chute that allows cans to slide easy, and new gage bars that are straight as an arrow.
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    Do you know how I know you have never dropped a vending machine? Once a machine tilts past 30-40 degrees from vertical there is nothing that will stop it from falling down. I don’t care if you are strong like bull, unless you can deadlift 400 lbs you are not gently letting that machine down onto the 2x4s. And if you let it down anything but gently you will snap those 2x4s like twigs. Also, sliding will be difficult too. In any case it takes me 5 min to load a machine if I have all the right gear and trucks/trailers.
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    It's really not that hard at all. If the doors opening height is adjustable on the minivan (most newer vans are) it will take me 5min alone. I would show you myself if I had a vending machine and minivan outside right now. Here's a guy doing it. He uses 2x4's, but you don't even need 2x4's. I've moved safes into customers vans, they are just as heavy. Only issue is height clearance and the person moving it can't be an idiot or have below average strength. I think the guy did it quite easily in the vid, but overthought it. I once had the owner or Knauer Pianos buy a 7.5ft Grand Piano off of me and did all the work himself. He insisted to let him to it. Since I had never seen one man move a grand piano alone, I gladly watched the show. He was like 55 years old and 150lbs. The technique that he used made me feel like there was still a lot to learn. Ive moved maybe about 400 grands by now, but that day I realized there was more to learn.
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    An SIID EPROM is just over 20 from Dixie. Easy to swap too. 2 screws, pull cover. Locate eprom, note the orientation (there will be a half moon notch on one end). Pull old, insert new (don’t bend any pins) Done. Extra credit, swap the CR 2032 button cell battery while your at it.
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    This is a odd and suspicious post by a person who just signed up on the site. I would advise everyone not to go to that website as it may be malicious.
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    New here. I thought I would just read this thread but felt like responding to some stuff. Found this website and thread by Googling "Anderson Dolly". I had a good time reading this old post. I'm going to post some stuff, hope you guys don't mind the new guy. I've moved everything the wrong way at some point and eventually ended up moving them the right way. Started as a regular mover in 2005 at 19, im now 33. Went from apartments, to pianos, to hot tubs, to safes and now vending machines. Did each individually for at least 2-3 years. I am now getting into moving vending machines and arcade machines/games. I have never owned a Dutro/Stevens Dolly or used them before. Never used Rol-a-lifts, or other similar hydraulic dollies either. When I moved Safes, I would either use the wrong dolly, method and equipment, but always made it work. A dumb move, but when that job is paying for your past due rent or phone bill is going to cut off, something special happens, you figure golpher out and make it work lol. Regarding the Anderson. Why I chose it. It still being delivered, has not arrived yet so this isn't a review, it's more of a post about why I decided to purchase it over the others. Main reasons: 1. Weight. At 26lbs each (54lbs total) it makes each moving experience that much smoother and cases less of a "ah golpher, gotta carry that dolly" feel. Yes it has wheels, but sometimes you gotta lift/carry them for whatever reason. Rol-A-Lift have wheels as well, but the LIGHTEST pair is 160lbs. For vending machines, the Anderson Dolly more than covers that. The 160lbs Rol-a-lift have a 2000lbs capacity. The Anderson Frame has a 3000lbs max, so just upgrade the casters and your 2000lbs covered no problem. (According to Anderson, each of the HD Red 5" casters that he provides are 500lbs capacity, but to be safe he advertises them at 1600, not 2000lbs... meaning you might not have to upgrade the casters at all if you're careful when maxed out. The Wesco Hytraulic may lift 3,950lbs but weighs 190lbs 2. NO MECHANICAL PARTS like the hydraulic units. I kept reading that the Wesco Handwinch Furniture Mover set kept having parts fail and would repeatedly need replacing/fixing. Unless you're handy and enjoy being handy (2 different things, I am handy but hate being handy/working with tools/parts with a passion) then I can see why you would be ok with it, but why if being handy means having to buy the parts as well? It's the 2nd lightest, but the manual version has a 1,350lbs capacity only. 3. Weight Capacity. As stated above, Frame is rated at 3000lbs (I would not put something on them that's that heavy thought, but its good to know that if I ever had to/was in a bind, I could technically do it. My lift gate has a 2200lbs capacity and wouldn't risk maxing it out so the Anderson dolly would ever need to provide me with 2200lbs max weight anyway. The only thing that I am worried about is having a 2000lbs safe and releasing those straps. I see that the safety strap is just for that, but am skeptical until I can use it/see it in action. I like the fact that the Anderson dollies are "small" when compared to the other Hydraulic units like rol-a-lift, wesco Hand winch, wesco hydraulic version and the other Vestil/Wesco 4000lbs capacity set that weighs 240lbs. Also, the Anderson Dolly doesn't have a way to adjust the height (he said he has a new dolly that does so I'm excited about that one) so i am a bit worried about possibly getting stuck, but i hear people don't have that problem. It would be nice to have the adjusting version of the anderson dolly (he said hes selling it already but not on the site) because you can always keep one end lower and the rear end higher when going into/through doorways on a ramp (having the front end lower allows you to not hit the top of the door entryway/frame when passing it). Having a low (1.5") lift is not all bad. The average Viking fridge is 84-85" Tall and my box truck clearance is 88.5" tall. Once you pass the entryway, its about 8-10" taller in all box trucks. Currently (without the Anderson Dolly), I can't dolly these Viking/SubZero refrigerators into the truck. Once the liftgate reaches the top, theres "inching it in" left to right to left to right etc.... or, in some cases they have wheels that can be used to roll back (wheels on these refrigerators only go back and forth) so i have to remove the appliance dolly, roll it back then puck the dolly back on... not a big deal, but why do it if it can be avoided. As for the reclining Handtrucks. I do have the red Strongway 1200lbs capacity dolly, but don't like using it for things above 600lbs or so. I have the idea of having NARROW/Too close together wheels as the back wheels that for some reason are also SMALLER. I don't even thing they should be the same width, but the Stevens and Dutro have BIGGER n WIDER set wheels. Sucks that they are that heavy/bulky but I would rather have one of those. The strongway is a good dolly to be honest, handles most average sized heavy stuff (about 600lbs).
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    Fart when someone hugs you, it makes them feel strong.
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    Your mind needs exercise just as much as your body does, that's why I think about jogging every day.
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    With a 3 position door switch, pulling it out is the same as closing the door so the machine will go into sales mode. Allows you to test the machine with the door open.
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    I've had bottler machines sawed in half, stolen and dumped on the side of the road, and lost in a fire. They don't come back on you because it's a "cost of doing business". Most of their equipment gets written off the books(depreciated) quickly, so they just eat it. As far as getting insurance for the equipment, realistically it doesn't make economical sense. We used to have insurance on our equipment for damage; covered up to $5000 per location (if there were multiple units placed), but after a few years I dropped it. Situations like this where you lose your equipment to a fire or some severe situation is pretty rare. The amount of money that you will pay annually for the policy will end up being more than if you just by the replacement machine. Unless you are in an area where your equipment is getting damaged on a regular basis and/or stolen, economically it just doesn't make sense. It's good in theory, but really, your looking at $1000-$2000 to by a decent used machine to replace this one. Take the loss and move forward. I would seriously think about this account though, if fires are a habitual thing with them. Maybe do as some of the others have mentioned and have them add you as an "Additionally Insured" on there insurance policy. That's pretty common practice. Good luck with the situation. You may catch a break and have your equipment listed in the "Damage" and recoup some of your losses from their insurance company, but I wouldn't press hard on the issue if you are planning on keeping the account. I have had losses covered in the past (as a pleasant surprise), but we never demanded compensation from our accounts.
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    The type of location is important, a blue collar factory or physical type work environment will usually do better than a white collar office, so a smaller number of employees is OK as long as they stay on location. A service business where most of the employees are on the road all day may not do very well. Any other available outlets within a short distance (C-store, etc) will depress your sales to some extent. The the other hand, an office with no other options can do very well. Single work shift or multiple shifts, etc. Note that some locations will have played the game before and will lie about employee counts to get you to service them. Count cars in the parking lot, etc to help verify stats. If a location says it has 40 employees but the parking lot only has 10 spaces, warning!! Like Randymire said, snacks are different than drinks, you have to consider that smaller locations will usually generate more stale snacks that have to be thrown away for a dead loss. Can drinks generally have long shelf life except for diet drinks, so it's easier to keep a good stock in the machine without having stales. With small accounts having sufficient service intervals is important to serving them at a profit.
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    Shelf 1 snack all 10 count shelf 2 snack all 10 count shelf 3 snack all 12 count shelf 4 snack 3-15 count 2-12 count shelf 5 candy 4-15 count 6-18 count shelf 6 snack 3-12 count 2-15 count Do not get a gum & mint tray. Also, get dual spirals on the snack selections.
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    Sounds like you have a solid foundation with your accounts. The Holidays are always a tricky time for Honor Snacks and I am sure for the Charity honor boxes as well. If I can give you just one piece of advice: DO NOT watch any more of these videos. Vending Business Solutions is a SCAM Biz Op group. This guy is an idiot and all they want to do is sell you boxes. And I looked at their website and it is the SAME SCAM known as Coke Solutions (before they were sued by Coca-Cola for trademark infringement). $16/box is ridiculous (or $12/box if you buy 200 ???) Get your information from this site, from the actual guys battling in the trenches, and not these "Rainbow and Sunshine" Snake Oil salesmen on YouTube. Keep working at your route, and sell, sell sell! If you are not growing, you are dying. Hope 2020 is a great year for you!
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    I just want to get my profits up and position myself so I can expand substantially. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up spending $6,000 this year in upgrades alone just so I can really add a lot more card readers. I also need a new website.
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    My boss asked me who is the stupid one, me or him? I told him everyone knows he doesn't hire stupid people.
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    Your machine isn't that old so you're looking at the wrong manual. Since you have a credit display you have a logic board that you program for the machine. This is probably a Univendor 1 or 2 so check those manuals for the programming. Your programming might also be a little different because this is a Coke machine but that would only apply to the buttons that control the menus.
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    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and looking for some guidance on starting an ATM business in Massachusetts. I have 3 locations to place the machines which will be high volume. Possibly 1000 or more total transactions daily. From what I've read so far at a minimum, an operator should have one bank account for fees and one for the money which will cycle in and out. Ideally it is best to have more than one account in case the bank shuts down your account. Can anyone recommend a bank local to me (via PM) that would open and keep open accounts without issue? Any recommendations on a processor? Best place to buy machines? I have about 3 months before I will have to place the machines. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    Check out Sweetstop he is a member here and does labels for a good price. He is a vendor but does labels on the side... or is it vending on the side? Either way here ya go. https://sweetstopvending.auctivacommerce.com/Default.aspx
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    Did you clear the errors from the menu?
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    Nayax and USAtech are the big players. About the same cost, I personally slightly prefer Nayax because USATs customer service, well let’s just say it’s almost as bad as the DMV. The requirements typically are that the machine supports MDB. This means that your mech and Val use a small, 6 pin plug (power off machine whenever you unplug or plug in anything). However, this is not a gurantee, as some early MDB machines don’t like to work with readers. For other machines you may need a software update. (Usually supplied as a chip that is plugged it/ replaced on the board) Also note that for some machines, you will be able to have a card reader work but you will not be able to get cash sales data remotely. Go to the downloads section here and look for something called USAT compatibility guide. It will list pretty much every machine that can have a card reader. As for the older stuff, yes most can technically be updated to take cards. But the question to ask is, is it worth it? Most conversion boards run 3-400, and add to that the cost of a MDB mech and Validator and you quickly approach 6-700. For me that’s simply not worth it considering I can get newer stuff that can support MDB for not much more.
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    just my understanding, I could be wrong, but unless you had an agreement with them that required them to add you to their insurance as an "other named insured" or " as the interest may appear", their insurance will not cover you either. You would have to seek payment directly from the account and that may be impractical. They have suffered a large financial loss themselves in spite of insurance and may not have the resources even if they desired to do so. A lawsuit for your damages would not be a guarantee and likely would just enrich the attorneys. In my experience, insurance companies want to charge such large premiums to insure machines on locations that it is not financially viable to try and do so, It's one of those risks you accept and fortunately the losses are not frequent. I have had machines broken into with extensive damage and it's not fun, but I knew it could happen and worked thru it. As an aside, be glad you do have liability insurance... if the Fire Marshal determines the fire started anywhere near your machines, their insurance company may come calling to offset their losses. I hope that's not the case!
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    are you really doubling your income though with a double head ? i feel like people will buy one or the other anyway. if there is only one thing to buy, they’ll still get it.
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    I did that for over a year. Only single head machines. Here is the deal. For less than you can get a new location. You can buy a double bar or triple bar and up your income at the same location. The reason why the cost is less is very simple. A double bar is far less than a new stand. The new machine cost is the same. No wasted gas and time trying to find a new location. You are there already might as well double or triple your income when you sop by. You will make more money and drive the same amount. There is no reason only to do single head machines. Just trying to help both of you out. I do a minimum of 3 machines per location. Sometimes I have a large rack with as many as 10 machines. An old guy taught me that early on in my vending biz. I'm so thankful he did. Do not do single head machines only. I made a lot more money and saved a lot of gas, time and energy. You guys can do as you wish, just trying to offer friendly and helpful advice.
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    We have several bounce places but most are franchised and have their own vending. Haven't seen any indoor playgrounds other than in malls so I'll have to keep my eyes open for them.
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    I have a Royal Vending RVCC660-9 Coke machine me and my dad are using as a neat man cave gun cabinet. The racks and compressor and all that have been removed but the main bundle of wires into the door has been cut. I haven't had much luck trying to find a wiring diagram so we can try and get power back up to the controller (we really just want the lights to work). Is there a common place to find these wiring schematics? I found ones for the G3 Royal Vending has on their website but I have no clue if this is still the same wiring set up as the one we have. I am going to compare pictures I took of the controller to the one in the G3 manual to see if they are similar. Does the controller handle the lights or are they wired separately and we can ignore the controller all together? Thanks for any help! Eric
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    I turned a USI snack machine into a huge toolbox on wheels. I think it's cool to see what people can do to repurpose things.
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    I didn't know what to get my girlfriend for Christmas so I checked her browser history. She's gonna love this.
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    Royals can't go 4-deep. You can only go 2-deep in front and rear columns which is technically not the same as 4-deep. The V21 series will go 4-deep all day long without issue in my experience. I have read that the vmax such as the 720 will do 4-deep but it requires some modification.
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    I agree. BTW I never had any luck vending 4 deep in anything but a Royal 650/660.
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    No the V721/621 is completely different from a V720.
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    Follow the Vendo V-max setup guides for your products here: dsvendinginc.com/t-vendors-manuals.aspx
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    Check that you have the right bar clips on the vend bars, and they are not on backwards.
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    We have a DN501e pop machine that is currently set up for cans. I would like to vend bottles of orange juice or milk in one of the narrow slots and wondering if it's possible and what do I need to do this? I am not a professional vending person. This machine is ours that we bought at an auction and have been servicing it ourselves for the past couple of years, so I need to know what parts to order if I need anything. Also I am looking for a backer for the back of the narrow slot that I would like to fill. Right now I can see the back wall of the machine and in the other slots I see that there is a backer that stops the cans from going back to the wall. It was missing when we bought the machine. Thank you!
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    65k to buy a shop? You guys dont realize how good you have it! Our rent is almost $40k a year for 3,300 sq feet. Next year it'll be 3% more...
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    PJ, Feel free to drop me a line, we are registered in Massachusetts (as required by Div of Banks). We have machines in stock and can do processing. 1000/transaction a day is more than I ever seen, though. If thats a real number, it will be challenging to keep it loaded. I'm sure you meant 1000/month. 1000/day you would need $1 million to keep the machines loaded. Also, I know a few other people reached out to me from this board, If I didn't get back to you, please email again. Been crazy crazy busy lately. AND very sorry! todd@newenglandatm.net
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    Rarely does it pay to put machines on multiple floors of a hotel, and doing snacks without having the drinks makes it even worse. I like hotels as long as they are 90+ units or so, but I want to have all the vending, and set up one good vending area (or at most two if they are very large and spread out) as opposed to multiple poor ones. You can offer better commissions and credit card readers to try and get the proper setup with drinks, but also realize that some hotel brands push their properties to do multiple floor vending as part of the flag requirements. I just pass on those. Talk to the manager and ask what their flag wants and what leeway they have, and sell the idea that you can provide better service, nicer equipment, and more selection for the guests with a good central vending setup. Most hotel properties are not too price sensitive, so you can add on your commission costs, but keep the prices reasonable... a $4 bottle of water won't sell most places. Negotiate a location in the property with good visibility and traffic flow, indoors, well lit and handicapped accessable (no converted broom closets!) - know the ADA requirements for vending and share the info with management. Make sure your machines meet the current standards. Be open to offering traveler comfort items if the hotel does not already provide them to guests - tylenol, advil, etc. I have one rental condo account where I even stock toothpaste, razors, and shampoo at their request. Good luck!
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    I vend 16 OZ Monster from a 276E, I haven't had any problems AZVendor's suggestions are spot on. I sell Monster for $2.50/can, I have found Sam's Club has the best price at around $1.25/can.
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    Hi everyone, I have a second hand machine Saeco 200 / 2006 with low vendings near 200.Form the very beginning you can hear heavy noise from the pump in the base and after I made like 30 beverages one morning the machine was like dead.NO POWER at all. Fusses are OK and because I cannot find any breakers inside – wonder if someone can help?
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    I saw a few posts on here regarding vending cups which I find interesting. The quality of the cup and in particular the seam and lip play a very important part in making sure the cups drop and don't cause problems etc. For me I think the best coffee cups are made and supplied by Huhtamaki who are a global company.
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    This spreadsheet will forecast the potential growth of a vending company. You input number of machines, percent of cogs/expenses, cost of machines and how many gross dollars in sales you expect from each unit, and you can if you choose to add in any extra money for any month that you want for an en extra boost in growth. Only edit the top line on the entries that are in red and say (edit). Enjoy!!


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