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    I went ahead and raised all my prices. Some places were told in advance some through contracts. Wow! What a difference! I rose everything .25c. I was scared sales would drop alot as people who could buy chips for $1 now would pay 1.25. Candy from 1.25 to 1.50. Ice cream from 1.25 to 2.25 to 1.50 to 2.50. 16.9oz from $1.25 to $1.50, 20oz powerades from $1.50 to $1.75 etc. Results after 1 month. Previous month before increase gross sales: $115,700.00 Cogs: $51,263. 44.3% Net: $64,437 This month: Gross sales $127,650 Cogs: $44,677 35% Net: $82,973 An extra $18,500 NET this month while ordering About $7,000 less in product or roughly stocking over 14,000 items Less! This is great! Sales actually went up, while items sold went down (as expected). My inventory orders are alot smaller yet theres more cash. $18,500 in profit more per month = $222,000 per year in profit and carrying less items. Just for a measly .25c. So raise your prices! Only bad thing is we went from adding about $3000 a month of quarters in the mechs to $2500 a week in quarters. But its all goo
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    Instead of complaining about your lack of patience in researching your questions you can search for posts by flintflash or bhumphrey as they are the busiest honor box people here. By ignoring the majority of information in this forum you are missing out on many topics that can help you. It sounds like you are a perfect example of a millennial who expects instant gratification. I also find it pretty comical that you want to dictate how much information people put into their posts. Most answers here are specific to a specific question. Not every post can or should be a how-to book. Make an investment with your time and you will be better respected.
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    This means that your area is finally beginning to see the growing economy effect. Because they are hiring temps means either they can't find good permanent workers or they aren't all-in on the economy yet. Your idea to cut back on small accounts could spell a bad time for you when another recession hits and your great accounts go back to being only okay because all the temps are gone. You might want to hedge your bets and just put the slow accounts on even longer schedules so you can keep all of them for now, unless you are confident you can win a bunch of slow accounts in the next downturn.
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    Set it on fire and then put a hose on it full blast and post the video on YouTube.
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    You need to UN-purchase it if you don't want to wish you had months down the road. Genesis, along with many other imported machines, are junk machines. Here are two places I've seen with parts. and You either have a coin jam in the coin mech or the coin mech is bad. I think it's pretty funny that a google search for parts for it has the first return from a Sewer and Drain company selling parts for a sewer snake - quite appropriate.
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    I wish more Americans hated drug dealers as much as some people these days hate guns.
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    Tobacco vending is outlawed in just about every state and there are no more hot food machines around any longer. You might be asking about refrigerated food that gets heated up but those machines are loss leaders. If you do frozen food you can make a little money by putting ice cream in and being frozen, you won't have many stales but you will have to eat what doesn't sell well so you can try other items. Why are you considering these two types of vending? Do you like to be the underdog that will lose?
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    You can't change the past but you can still shape your future.
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    Make sure to get an authentic Keymaster. Not a chinese ripoff one that they cloned to look like one. There are differences between them.
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    You've got the math figured out, hopefully your locations won't all flee to other vendors. I like raising prices one category at a time and at least 6 months apart. Less likely to spur action on provider changes. You are big enough that there may not be enough competition to take a huge share of accounts, but how many can you afford to lose before the math turns around? That is the competitive side of the issue, and it does act to hold prices down in basic economic theory. Good luck.
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    Stay away from imported machines.
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    Yeah, that would work, you only need the front to be visible so people can see if the machine is empty. If you have Oaks/Eagles; replace the clear panels with shade panels or use a plastic paint on the outside (not inside) of the panel. Northwestern or the Chinese generic machines; use gumball display cards around the sides and back or laminated paper like your talking. I had one location that only an inch sliver of the bottom front panel was showing because the machine was facing the morning sun. I kept turning it but someone there would turn it again.
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    One of the machines may be on top of the power cord.
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    We just got ours up to your “old” pricing. Lol
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    I have had all 3 of these and the Keymaster always out earned the other ones. If I could find another one I would buy it and replace a machine I have out. The Keymaster I had never broke and ran 5+ years being on 24x7. I sold it between locations though to buy something else and because it had like 500-600k in the meter.
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    Unfortunately the VS99 is probably the worst machine you could have chosen to upgrade. No one really has parts for them, no upgraded boards are available, and they are kinda orphans.
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    Junk the VS99. There are no parts available for them.
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    Standard black Tuffront Kit MSRP $60-$75. Add another $5 for pushbutton lenses. Add control board upgrade $400. Time, 1.5 hours or less. Replacement door: MSRP $1100-$1300. Time, 30 minutes or less. We spend an average of 7 hours per machine (in shop) stripping the door and most of the cabinet, removing the shelves, washing, sanding, painting. The entire machine is clean and fresh including shelves, buttons, plastics, etc.
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    Yes, Nayax stood behind it and sent a replacement which hasnt arrived yet. Fingers crossed that the new amit works good. Thanks!!
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    A woman buying a bikini for her daughter is naïve. A man buying a bikini for his daughter is a fool. At best.
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    When women dress in bikinis, 90% of their body is exposed. Men are so polite we only look at the covered parts.
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    I don't have any pictures but I will tell you this (if you want to know). Upgrading 30 year old machines to look like something "new" would pretty much limit you to maybe AP 7000's, AP 110s and National 147+. The thing is.. to look like 2019 would pretty much mean using a revision door or InOne door. For the cost of the doors + all necessary components, you would be close to the cost of a decent late-model machine that is much newer and probably has more longevity as far as parts are concerned. So you have to ask yourself if it's worth it to invest the money... Plus, to upgrade a machine with parts means using up time to do so. I don't have much time anymore and I question whether I should put that kind of money into older machines whereas I could just replace the front, trim, board, mech, val, and add a card reader for maybe $1400 in all. It would save me a bit of money vs. buying a revision door (or buying refurbished) and I can write everything off the same tax year. Or, I can just buy refurbished and have it delivered and save me a lot of time and trouble.
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    Very nice V-Max machine. Can do bottles or cans but has to be set up properly for either. Yes it's MDB for cards.
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    Chard, sorry for the inconvenience; I hope this was resolved amicably for you. There are a number of reasons why all of the above is the case. There was an issue with the battery on the original board that can't legally be repaired, and now, many of the components, including the battery, are no longer available. We offer the upgrade price in order to take away some of the sting. Sending the board back allows us to reduce the cost of the upgrade (a portion of the materials are recyclable) while allowing us to evaluate what happened. AngryChris, just found your comment, so hopefully this is still useful to you: yes, you can use 110v (and 24v) validators alongside MDB. Micromech works alongside MDB too. If you have questions about using either, just give us a call and we'd be glad to talk you through.
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    I've tried 365 markets - not responding to calls 3 squared - stupid expensive parlevel - stupid expensive VE - excellent candidate, but want another option yoke - tried before costs were to high at the time Avanti - EXPENSIVE I've tried three or four other kiosk makers and they say they'll have a salesperson call, but the call never comes.
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    open PDF file and find space to sales section... Royal developed a great system for allocating space inside the machine for the most popular drinks, that's why there are more columns than selection buttons.
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    Program space-to-sales. On you door instructions it says "STS". That's where you assign buttons to columns.
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    A & A Global PN95. No longer in production but parts are available.
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    Those are the motors intended for gum or mints. You must load both sides of each spiral or you will get dry vends.
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    Yes.. I thought you might have a 1/2 turn situation which is why I asked if it started recently or not. Those spirals work in conjunction with the 1/2 turn motors and they are made primarily for gum but anything small will work. They are not made for candy bars like that. I haven't changed a motor in one of those machines so I don't know how easy/difficult it is but you really should just replace the motor + spiral with a regular motor and 15 or 18 count spiral (or whatever USI has) if you want to put candy there.
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    I make generic notices that give an explanation of what the notice is for (ie. "dear customers, the costs of various products have increased and we must increase our prices to compensate for the increase costs..." followed by a vertical list of product categories (ie. cans, bottles, candy bars, LSS chips, etc..) where I can hand-write the current price and the new price next to the categories. Then, it says something along the lines of "the date of the increase will be..." and then I hand-write the date. That way, hand-writing is minimal but I ALWAYS have price notices in my van whenever I need to raise prices. Typing a letter for a specific customer is better and looks neater but it can be a pain unless you have a very organized desk and clerical skills, which I don't. Generic letters can be kept in the van and used whenever you need. Once I have performed the increase, I take the notice off (it's usually taped to the snack machine to be seen by all) and put it in the bottom of the snack machine. Whenever I feel like prices are too low at a location, I check the bottom of the machine for the notice with the date of the last increase. For example, I just checked one the other day and it had only been 1 year but the prices need to go up so... I get stressed by price increases but I always keep two things in mind and it helps. Firstly, the companies that keep their pricing way too low usually lack service and go out of business after a while... presumably because they can't afford to pay for nicer equipment, nicer vehicles, or pay their employees well enough... the crappy service means their reputation sucks too. Secondly, the only time I ever hear someone complain about me raising prices is when they give me the old "Our employees don't get paid much" BS. Whose fault is it that their employees don't get paid much? Is that my fault? Should I lose my hat because their company won't pay their employees well? Nine times out of ten, the person who brings up low worker salaries is a manager who makes 3x what they make anyway, and he's not donating any of his money to help his workers. I worked way too hard and invested too much time and money into my business for someone to tell me that I should waive price increases because "Jim" won't be able to pay his rent if he now has to shell out an extra $0.50 each week in snacks. I stress over the really good accounts, but not the smaller ones. I strongly recommend you keep track of price increases somehow though... via my way or any other way.
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    It's either a Dixie Narco 240 or 276. Energy and maintenance wise you'd be better off purchasing a studio sized refrigerator from Lowe's or Home Depot. This machine will cost around $10 per month to operate. When the refrigeration unit fails it will cost $500 or so to repair or replace. Is the novelty of having a vending machine in your garage worth the expense? Edited to add: The machine is worth $100.
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    Everyone raise your prices. Im at 1.25 no com 1.50 w comission. At my sams they are still .59 to .61
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    Commoners, Please remember that you are bound to the land by feudal law. Your Royal Highness expects you in the OFFICIAL fantasy league (not the one you are currently in) before the sun sets on this week. I much prefer to be the King that gives you crusts of bread left over from my table as opposed to the King that starts claiming commoner heads. Do not force the velvet glove into becoming an iron fist. Join the proper league. HRH
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    Could be either the door switch at the top of the cabinet, or the vend flap sensor where the bottle goes through to the delivery port or simply a bad elevator motor. If that doesn't work, do what Chris said.
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    When we are children we play with imaginary friends. When we are adults we battle imaginary enemies.
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    1.25 no commission 1.50 with commission
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    S. Thomas and Assoc in Texas. They may have an advanced exchange to send you or they can repair it.
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    I mean they have every intention of continuing production at their new plant in MO and they are selling their old stuff off so...
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    The daycare locations I am in are all in the hood and are owner operated. I even have one at an "in home" daycare. You're not going to walk into Kinder Care or The Goddard School and have any chance at getting in there. I was able to get into a United Way affiliated daycare and placed a machine in the teacher's lounge. Worked great for about 6 months until the dreaded district supervisor showed up and showed me the door.
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    Duh, read this forum instead of asking a generic, non-specific question like this. The forum has answers to probably any question you have. All you need to do is use the search box. The quick answer is you put snacks in a box. You place the box in a business. People want a snack and put money in the box when they eat one, you hope. You later swap the box for a full one and count the money in the removed box.
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    No row 8 is normal in a machine with only 7 shelves. This is the normal motor check result with no motor errors.
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    I am not a true mechanic but I have been doing this for a while. Dixie Narco E models have a computer function that allows all prices to be the same, or switch it and each button can different. It can be toggled at the Set Price menu.
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    A blonde walks into a bank in NYC before going on vacation and asks for a $5000 loan. The banker asks "Okay miss, is there anything you would like to use as collateral?" The woman replies "Yes, of course. I would like to use my Rolls Royce." The banker, stunned, asks, "A $250,000 Rolls Royce? Really?" The woman is completely positive. She hands over the keys as the bankers and loan officers laugh at her. They check her credentials, make sure she is the title owner. Everything checks out so they park the car in their underground garage for two weeks. When she comes back, she pays off the $5000 loan as well as the $15.41 interest. The loan officer says, "Miss, we are very appreciative of your business with us, but I have one question. We looked you up and found out that you are a multi-millionaire. Why would you want to borrow $5000?" The woman replies, "Where else in NYC can I park my car for two weeks for $15.41 and expect it to be there when I get back?"

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