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    If these will work PM me your mailing address.
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    That alert is created when acceptance levels drop below a predetermined threshold. If you see no dirt then it will need to be serviced and probably get a firmware update. Send to a good MEI authorized service center.
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    You should take it out and sell it to someone who needs it for their wife. 😁 Also, reminds me of this.
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    You can get sticks of trim from D&S or VE, cut to fit and replace the sign.
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    I actually don't know what "hydro dipped" means. What is that? My wife did this with a paint brush and then applied poly urethane. She first started doing stainless steel cups and making them look like wood such as a silver-ish Dallas cowboys wooden themed cup. I asked her to do the same thing to a candy machine and this is what she came out with. Thanks for the compliment. I'll tell her.
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    Guess it depends on how much you think a hydro dipped gumball machine is worth? Either way, that looks pretty cool.
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    Pelican is a vending management company that concentrates on amusement and FEC locations. They are another scumbag company that is in business to skim profits from machine operators by requiring payments to them for national accounts that contract with them.
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    Thanks AngryChris, I bought this machine less than a year ago from a very reputable source; I never would have even thought about checking to see if it would allow a dollar coin. None of my other 501es have that issue. Perhaps in the refurb process an older plate was used by mistake. I believe it does have an older eprom too, by the way, because USAT only reports credit sales on that machine, not cash sales.
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    A good epoxy paint. Spraying it on is best but with a gun. A can will work but surface prep and application is more important. It was powder coated before so you need to DA it and be sure any lifting areas of powder coat are cleaned off. Put a good primer on it before painting.
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    Just a quick update on locations now that I'm two months into this endeavor: Boxes started with: 50 Current Boxes: 49 (1 thrown away by a restaurant manager) Active Locations: 43 Lost Locations: 7 Pulled Locations: 5 Businesses refusing an Honor Box: 42 All lost and pulled locations replaced.
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    I am having the EXACT SAME ISSUE, it takes 30-40 card swipes to get one to authorize. When it authorizes, the transaction goes thru fine. Tech support called me back and my signal strength was EXCELLENT, CDQ=20-21. NO CUSTOMER IS GOING TO STAND THERE AND SWIPE THEIR CARD 20-30 TIMES I'VE called customer support and even bought another unit ($300 more down the drain). Now I can't find a way on their awful website to add the new device.
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    Clocks get set back this weekend. I'm setting mine for 1775 when this country had some balls and chicks didn't.
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    If the compressor has the original start components, it's an inexpensive fix to replace them. You'll want the relay, overload protector, and start capacitor. Should be listed in the parts manual.
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    Why would you put a VE board in a 158? You're wanting to spend $450 for vend sensors?
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    well if youre part of a buying group the prices change
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    Edward, your concern has been noted and sent along to management, sorry for the poor service you received. I sent you a PM with my contact info so this can be cleared up
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    I would PASS on this. You asked the right questions and YES this whole thing sounds fishy. I would never buy anyone's accounts that was getting out of the business without taking over their boxes too. Why would they need to keep them? It's not that I want to keep their boxes; what am I going to do with them? I want to know that there is a box on location when I swap it out with one of mine. Anyone can give you a list off accounts and a load of BS. You are SMART to walk away from this guy. Besides, sounds like you have a bunch of the accounts already if you are sitting next to him. Why pay for accounts you already have? Sounds like a scam to me. Good choice avoiding it!!
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome i'm happy to have found you all!
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    Hi I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on this product: And would it fit on a u turn gum ball wheel?
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    an agitator spring can be added
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    I think it's best to change the coil and the motor to get a regular candy selection.
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    So I ended up fixing this problem with a PVC cable hiding coupling that I purchased at Lowes. They come in a two pack, and I cut one of them in half. I fit that around the coin chute and taped it onto the coin mech on the inside and outside with clear tape. I like how it looks and it's functional since I can still open the CM door without having to un-tape the coupling. It seems to be working well so far.
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    The bottlers will have basically all the prime soda only locations on lockdown. A location wanting a snack and having the sales to justify having one will have a decent chance of being lost to a competitor who will offer a snack. It is possible, but it’s not real easy to do. However, if you are having spoilage issues with 5 machines you either have very poor sales or suck at stock management. You best location doing 220/ month drink is an ok location, but does not bode well for the rest of your route. Personally I would say if a snack doesn’t pull 60-80 a month pull it, your competitors really don’t want that location anyways. Also, get better at stock management. Take a count of how many of each product sells at each location and buy only that amount per per service cycle.Try to only have 1.5x the product that will sell during a service cycle in the machine. (For example, if you service once a month and you sell 4 Doritos on average at that machine make sure there are no more than 6 in the machine.) Also, look at dates a lot better when you buy stuff. Last, expand. Take the machines you pull (assuming they are not obsolete), buy some decent multiprice sodas and hunt for new locations.
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    Sorry. The inner door button is a small metal button that gets depressed when the door is closed. Usually to the left of the coin mech near the center of the door. It faces inward and is depressed by the outer door and the solid metal inner door when the door is closed. It kinda blends in.
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    And when the vend sensors fail you're screwed again because those aren't available either.
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    Yes, you can still get eproms but that isn't the way to go, it's not reliable with the newest CC readers better to put that machine where you don't need a CC reader and scrap it when it dies, or sell it to someone else Get a more modern machine for this location
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    Now that I think about it, you can use that validator just the way it's connected since what you changed is just the coin mech interface to the machine. That doesn't affect the validator interface. You need to know that the MDB converter can cause slow payout issues with some coin mechs so make sure you use a 3 tube coin mech that uses solenoids to pay the change. Anything with more than 3 coin tubes uses motor payouts and they are really slow when plugged into MDB converters. You may, however, still experience some slow data transfer that will show up as slow credits on the display or lingering change amounts on the display for a moment after the change is paid out.
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    You need a Coinco BA/Mag MDB harness once you convert the machine.
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    Missouri collects sales tax based on 135% of the wholesale cost for vending machine sales, not on gross sales. A slightly different, but similar, circumstance is that some places don't collect sales tax at all for a vended service such as a coin operated washing machine.
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    NO. Sliders. Small discs under each foot of the machine.
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    We tested them in just under 200 locations and results were VERY good. It is great to have a new product and the reception was incredible. It allowed us to add extra equipment in a lot of locations. We have also had a lot of service calls for empty machines. Zero melting or chipping incidents but we were selective on where we put them. I'm not brave enough to put them in a spiral because I hate cleaning spirals so I would recommend sticking with a 1" round capsule, jaw breaker, or super ball if you can't do gum. My conservative opinion is that we would be asking for problems by putting them through an interactive situation. Hope that helps! We can sell them by the pound via our website if people want smaller quantities.
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    Most long range GPS trackers need a cell signal. For that reason alone, it just isn’t worth doing. For the 5 bucks a month I could literally just buy another machine every year. Plus most equipment stolen is smashed for the cash right after its stolen. So great, you get to recover a bunch of parts. The only machines I would consider GPS tracking are large change machines and ATMs.
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    I use the large furniture sliders from Home Depot under almost all of my machines. It protects the floors and makes it easier to access the rear of the machine on those rare occasions when I need to. 1,000 lb capacity easily handles the machines, does not make them unsteady and if fact helps to keep them from being wobbly. I hold them in place with a small loop of duct tape on each foot before I lower the machine off the dolly.
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    Under the heading of "there is always something new to learn" -
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    Two Rivers, in my opinion, you are doing an excellent job getting your own locations. You have created some pretty solid cash flow within 1 month's period of time which is something a lot of people wish they could do. Because of that, I do think you are in a good situation as it is. Because of that, I would recommend you avoid bulk at the moment. Yes, your profit won't be as good with charity boxes as they would with standalone stuff, but I am pretty sure you are doing all of this out of a regular vehicle that you already own so you don't have much to lose should you get burnt out. Given the nature of your situation, I think you should expand the honor boxes as much as you reasonably can without having any impact on your current job. So, if you can grow more then do it. If it feels like you are working way too many hours, then cut back, and focus specifically on getting rid of dud locations and getting better locations whenever necessary. One thing youtubers have in common is that they usually know that their audience is pretty clueless (or ignorant at the least), that their audience is young (and ignorant, again), and that their audience is there because they want to get rich fast. Because of the nature of their audience, and because of the nature of youtube, your audience is pretty much always full of people who want to be just like the "star". So, these "stars" spend time portraying themselves as these big-time vendors that make a boat load of money from whatever venture they do. In reality, what the youtubers want is to milk advertisers and youtube for as much money as they can get by getting as many subscribers as possible. That is why they always tell you to "like, subscribe, and write a comment!" If you like and/or comment, it draws more viewers to their channels because of trending videos. And, if they get enough subscribers, they can get money from advertisers as well as youtube directly, and they can also make money selling ebooks and whatever other products they have. Basically, many of the youtube channels out there are an entertainment business where you (the viewer) are "entertained" by their videos (just like shows, documentaries, and informercials on TV) and then ads pop up (which advertisers pay for) and the youtuber may hopefully get some kick backs from those ads. It's all marketing stuff. That's not to say that all youtubers don't actually know anything.. but I have watched videos and rolled my eyes as these guys drive around in what appear to be rented/borrowed cars and pretend to be ballers when, in reality, they faked it until they made it got enough money from youtube subscribers to actually afford stuff. This website, in my opinion, is your best source for actual knowledge on vending. There may be something else out there but this is the biggest one I know of. There are very popular websites for home improvements and DIY, for real estate, for car enthusiasts, and various other things.. but this is the only "premiere" website for vending that I know of. I just wanted to add that because I want you to realize that youtube is mostly a joke when it comes to people telling you how to make money but you CAN do it. In fact, from what I have seen, the youtubers usually do have a real vending situation going on but they tend to exaggerate things to make it sound better than it is. A youtuber might say "look, I made $800 in one day!" but not tell you that only $400 was actual profit. The cost of the vehicle was not accounted for. The cost of repairs to equipment is never accounted for. And they might have only collected $800 in a day because that was what their machines made after 3 weeks. Instead of adding those details in, which would likely confuse most people and turn them off from vending anyway, they just tell you the best parts and make you think that you can make $800, or the equivalent of $40,000/year, all by working 1 day each week. I'll give you some truth talk though. In a typical day for me, I collect anywhere from $650 to $1,400. That takes me around 8 hours each day to do that and my system is currently not super efficient because I don't have a warehouse yet. That is with full-line vending. I have already realized myself that I could easily collect as much as $2,000/day with the right setup if I had better locations. And let me tell you, if my route could generate $2,000/day, I would hire someone right way and pay them a minimum of $20/hour if they did the job right. With honor boxes, you'd be hard pressed to be able to afford to hire someone with your charity setup. Regardless, if you are willing to do the work and you like honor boxes, then carry on. I just wanted to ask you why you were here for reasons I stated and it sounds like you have already started so you may as well continue on. Assuming you aren't too old and your health is well, you may consider pursuing other ventures as well since you sound comfortable going out there and selling your services. That is a very tough thing for many people to do and, in some ways, worth far more than the money you'll make from honor boxes.
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    25%-30% is high?! Pull it and find a better location.
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    i found a bunch of extra dubble bubble insert cards so i used those.
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    I know this company and until they made these changes they were okay. They have designed the operation after Nuage which recently folded. NUAGE was great. they employed prison telemarketers and sold hours instead of leads. Whatever they came up with in 15 hours of telemarketing was yours to do with as you wanted. Many of the larger vending companies were using them and were satisfied with results. It ran about $1500 for those hours. Problem was you really had no idea if they really did call those hours but no one complained if they got a couple of solid accounts. Not sure what did them in except once the word gets out that you do produce the phones ring off the hooks. They probably collected more money upfront then they had staff to do the actual work. I do know there are a couple of other companies that also produce but there is an agreement that no one will put their names out online because they will also get swamped. I am thinking many of you never heard of Nuage until they were gone, At Blue Moose we also get calls every day from Vendors wanting some help. Every once in awhile we can find some time to help but that is rare. I am not saying this to discourage you but to caution you not to pay upfront on drink-snack setups unless you are purchasing telemarketing call hours. Upfront Deposits do seem necessary on bulk. Drink and snack is another thing. There are those National Accounts companies. Best Vendors, Universal, Wittern (who I had luck with) They normally don't take your money but they can make it hard to meet their requirements. We work in a specific area with vendors we have had on board for most of 14 years. So we know when contracts are coming up and we know which vending company is best postioned to take on larger accounts. We recently had a Property Management Company approach us with 150 commercial buildings and apartments in LA. They wanted one vending company with remote monitoring so they could request checks on their time schedule, spot machines with low product and equipment failures. What do you think the odds were of finding that needle in a haystack. Well lightning struck and we had the perfect company. A week later Chaffey School District contacted us to bid on their new vending schedule. Just 47 machines in all middle school and high school which was doable. Lightning struck again and we selected the perfect company. I read comments from members on this board that placement companies, locating companies and management companies are just in it to take your money. I can only speak for Blue Moose. We work very hard on difficult accounts. We work alongside our vendors to make sure they get the best contracts or agreements. Maybe we work with vendors able to perform miracles or maybe it comes down to common sense, hard work and fair payment for hard work. I have read comments on here that we are expensive. That remark did not come from one of our vending companies that work at our level. As one of our vendors has said "I don't mind writing a $5000, $8000, $10000, $30000 or more on a check if at the end of 3 to 5 years the account brings in from $90000 to $425,000"
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    We bought a pallet to test out and the numbers are very good on the first collection. Lowest monthly is $11 and highest is $24. So far no chipping or melting (knock on wood). Indiana heat and humidity will be kicking in soon so we will see. They are vending fine through 850ct wheels for us but we don't use U-turns.
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    Sounds like a middle man vending management company not knowing how to get off the ground before they screw their clients out of a big chunk of earned commission.
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    Pretty sure this is a nayax issue. The 501e next to the snack has now failed the exact same way. Eliminated components and found that once the modern was out of the loop cash handling equipment worked. Nayax says both modems need to be replaced, but i don't buy it. They didn't even trouble shoot it We'll see what the outcome is.
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    Here's the tool that Cajun uses to do a hard reset on his machines:
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    Theres a few out but there not cheap. S.E.M. CT3 is one model and if you can find one used is will be around $600.00. Another cheaper method is the Coinco Multi-Drops Bus (MDB) it will test both coin and bill validators. Don't really no a price on that one though.

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