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    The cost for adding cards in vending is crazy higher than normal retail. I would like to see the swipe fees come down to around 3% but that won't happen anytime soon, especially with all the reward cards out there that have to generate the customer rebates. Hardware costs may get cheaper over time as tech usually does. The monthly fees cover the cell data service and the back end processing and support from the provider, much cheaper than providing your own servers and hiring IT guys to keep it running on your own. Cashless is growing everywhere; ask anyone under 40 if they routinely carry cash anymore, 90% will say no. That number is growing, and in a few years cashless will be as much a necessity in a vendor as validators are today. Payrange is a good concept but I have been disappointed in the reality of it in my operation. Here is the good news - cashless can actually be cheaper that cash for us. Cash has to be collected, transported, counted, and transported again to the bank. It can be lost or stolen anywhere before the bank. The costs of handling cash are so normal to us we don't think about it, but it can be anywhere from 4% to over 10%. Cashless is secure and saves time. Plus we get the data to be more efficient and provide better service.
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    Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph, Week 8 is now officially history (and one I'll be happy to forget) First was Td's knocking off the King to maintain his strangle hold on 1st place. The King still has a couple of guys in play but there's little chance of him prevailing in this one.. Second was Kiwi (Barbarian) knocking off the Force (me) and ruining my perfect sweep over him this season. While my team played like chicken crap for the most part, there was some silver lining to the dark cloud. It appears Fitz has refound his one time glory with the new coaching change - too bad I can't say the same for Johnson. I'm getting the feeling here that everybody is planning on sticking me with 200+points a game here so I'm really pissed off at ya'll. We start our final round next week and I plan on venting my frustration off on the Bagpipe who's been a real thorn in my side thus far. And last was The Bagpipes of Futility picking off the Terrible Scrubs and thereby avenging himself for that embarrassing loss the last time they met.
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    One of the programming options should say "throw this piece of junk away."
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    A and M Equipment sales Vending world Vendors Exchange
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    What's your dogs favorite treat? I feel like I owe him one after that lol. Although, I was nervous for a bit. It was a little closer than I thought it would be
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    Recently, A friend of mine, Robert Patterson, author of the Candy Man blog, acted on a tip from one of his readers. The suggestion was to use some sort of promotion to make it easier to aquire locations for bulk machines. The idea was brilliantly simple and I credit Rob's reader Josh for it. As we all know, the going rate for a reputable locator is anywhere from $40 to $60 per machine. For some, that is merely a cost of doing business. For others however, it is an unnecessary and quite frankly a prohibitive expense. Enter the promotional give away! A theory that has its roots dating back to 1789 when supporters of General George Washington gave away buttons to promote his election to the presidency. Well here we are in 2007 and the idea of giving something away in order to get something that is more valuable to us is alive and well. Acting on the suggestion of one of his readers, Rob purchased a few $20.00 gift certificates to a local restaurant. With the certificates in hand, he started his journey to place his machines with the novel idea of giving away a free dinner to those who would allow his machines to be placed in their establishment. It was a success! For the cost of roughly half of the going rate of a professional locator, Rob successfully placed machines in locations that he chose. I give a grade of A+ to this plan. It gives you complete control over your business while drastically cutting placement costs. Not to mention, your self confidence gets a real boost every time you get a YES! My hat is off to you Rob and reader Josh! Keep up the good work boys! To read more of Robs blog visit http://candyman007.blogspot.com/. Steve
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    It gets pretty quiet in here, so I thought I'd make a quick video today of a new chocolate claw machine I placed. This is an upgrade of an older (13 year old) machine on the site. There were a couple of niggles I needed to sort out once I had it on site with getting credit card reader settings right, and the connector on the modem was loose, so SMS reporting wasn't working at first, so I spent probably an hour on the phone all up getting that sorted and troubleshooting. They are made here in Australia, including the claw gantry now as the quality of their previous Taiwanese supplier was slipping. Let me know what you think of it and feel free to ask any questions.
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    Hi I use tomy gotcha machine for the condoms because they have $1 coin mechs you can buy quantities of condoms all over the internet for about 33 cents each and I just learned that you can buy condoms with custom printed packages with your logo design on them I am going to get some HAHA When people first see the condoms in the 2" caps they are surprized, skeptical, and are stunned BUT they sell like crazy so..... go for it. I also stuff fortune cookies in 2" caps and sell them for 50 cents each everyone likes a fortune. Just be creative stuffing your capsules it has paid off for me I buy bags of 24 count balloons at the dollar store for $1 thats 4 cents a piece and put 1 in a 1" cap for 25 cents they buy them up so good luck and be creative
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    I have no idea how to pick a lock. I'm a vendor.
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    Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph, With week 7 all but in the bag, we'll have our recap now. First and most depressing was the Force (me) vs Td's. While I'm currently 20 points up, I'm officially throwing in the towel on this one as Td's still has the meat of his team yet to play. against Odell for me. Barring Plan A where Matt Ryan goes into concussion protocol early in the 1st quarter I have no hope in hell of pulling this one off. And even if that were to happen he's still got Saquan Barkely. so I'm cooked either way. Things were looking good for me Thursday night as I managed to close the gap on him, but my hopes were discombobulated when I woke up 10 minutes too late to replace Gorden, who was deemed out early Sunday and replace him with The Drakester, the Drakenator, the Drakemeister who looks like he's finally woken up after his 6 week nap. I did however get some good news with Arizona firing that CLUSTER COPULATUION of an OC they had. While I admit, the Cardinals are a mess, they still have 2 superstars both of which McCarthy failed to utilize - this guy was just begging for an extended fishing trip. If their replacement OC has any cajones he'll bench that Weak Sister from UCLA that apparently can't throw a long pass because his arm is too weak (how strong does one's arm need to be to ho hit Larry Fitzgerald out of the slot?). I'm expecting a huge renaissance from David Johnson and Fitz going forward, both of whom are now on my team. So enough about me (even though I am my favorite subject) and move on to that Furball knocking off Kiwi's team by a slight margin. Kiwi's squad was decimated with byes this week so I kind of saw this one coming. He had the only Rb tandem worse than mine and one of mine didn't even play. And last and least inspiring is The King prevailing over the Scrubs even though their defense put up 32 points. They still have Sterling Shepard yet to play but he doesn't have the chance of a snowball in hell of closing the current deficit. By the way King, how's that new committee of Kamara and Ingram working for you? The best you can hope for is that one of them hits the IR. God I love committees, especially when they're somebody else's problem. In closing, I hope you all have a nice day and a crappy week 8. 😎😎😎
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    The $7.95 is for the wireless fee. That's the service to send and receive data. The 5.95% is for processing fees. I'm not defending them but it seems like you aren't aware of what you are paying for. Of course that's how they make their money, though. It's the nature of their business. However, I think you have lost sight on the purpose of card readers. They are primarily added to machines in order to ADD sales. If you can add an extra $100/month in card sales from one machine, the extra sales would more than cover all of the fees and the cost of the reader. Yes, 5 readers totals up to $40/month in wireless fees just as 500 readers totals up to $4,000/month in wireless fees... but we are talking about $7.95 per unit. You only want to add readers to accounts that will generate extra sales. Don't add readers to accounts with a bunch of 45+/year olds who only use cash (unless you just want telemetry) and don't add them to accounts that are already slow due to low employee counts. You have to do your due diligence to figure out what is worth a card reader but once you start getting that weekly deposit into your checking account, you'll stop worrying too much about the fees. I get roughly $125/week deposited into my account every week. It's not huge but i only have about 7 swipes out there (a few are telemetry only for a few more weeks), soon to be about 20. With that, i estimate as much as $350/week in deposits. Not all of that is extra income but i would guess that over half of it is extra and the other half is just from former cash-users switching to cards. But think.. if 7 accounts yield $500/month, or about $70/month each after ALL fees, then i'm making about $20/machine each month or $240/year. After 15 months, the readers are paid for. And these aren't big accounts.
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    Yes, two notches is what you want for wide columns, which yours has if it the picture in the other thread. Two notches means the cam will stop twice per revolution, once per side for a wide column.
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    The consensus I have seen on this forum is that car dealerships aren't what they used to be unless you can get add in a coffee service with it. Card sales obviously help but $100/week per machine seems to be on the higher side of estimates. Dealerships (professional, fully staffed) often do anywhere from $40-$100/week from what I have seen. If the sales aren't there then there's no reason to put in new machines. Better to walk away if necessary and let someone else waste their profits on new machines that won't pay off for 5+ years.
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    2 points is what Drakeman is going to score you this week... so you might aswel catch up on your beauty sleep!
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    The T models don't hold bottles 2-deep. They only hold bottles 1-deep so you'll have to change your cam to have 2 notches. However, it looks like those cams only do 4 or 6 notches (2-deep or 3-deep for cans). The white cams had 4 notches do you'd just need the right cap to go on it to make it 2 notches... then set your back spacer all the way forward and you should be vending bottles 1-deep out of all 6 selections, for a grand total of maybe 25 bottles per column. I couldn't tell you what cap to put on those cams though. The yellow one might work over the white ones though. This is the importance of knowing whether the model is a T model or an E model (it's generally one or the other in terms of depth). The E model is slightly deeper and holds standard length bottles 2-deep. And bottle caps should all be facing the back. Cap-to-cap can cause jams. If the machine tells you anything different, it's based off of old-style bottles.
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    I have Auto-Owners thru a local agent, and it is not very expensive (1mil coverage) for vending, as the risk is considered low. They don't charge for providing certificates of insurance to locations that request them; but to add a location as an additional named insured does cost a little extra, since they are now insuring both businesses for liability from the machines.
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    I have "Fixed" routes, as does Bryan. That means that the route covers a specific area and is on a regular schedule. New accounts get placed on their particular route and are serviced on the regular schedule. You will always have some outdates. the idea is to maximize the shelf life on what you purchase. I will not buy ANY item that has less than 10 weeks (allows me minimum 3 services). Chips are ALWAYS going to have some outdates(stales), that's just a FACT in this business. Definitely watch your chip dates, especially when purchasing from Sam's. I still struggle with shelf-life, and I purchase from the distributors (like Vistar). Candy should ABSOLUTELY have at least 6 months on it, and cookies 4-6 months (I like 6-8 months, but Sam's can make that difficult for any consistency). So...to answer your question....YES, you are flirting with more stales/throw-outs with a longer service cycle (fewer times to try to sell an item). But you also want your service days to produce, and hitting accounts weekly can limit that. At the size that you are at, you certainly can set your service cycle as you see fit. If you want some accounts serviced more frequently, you can do that. But as you grow, you will want to settle into a set schedule and right now, I have found 12-13 business days to be the "sweet spot". My route drivers will agree (at least their paychecks will).
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    I bought another case of Kerns today. Sams Club has made the correction. CRV is now 5 cents like it should be.
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    They don't allow sheep in Pasadena 😂😂😂
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    I would come back in a few days and check up on it
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    I was exclusively doing single head gumball machines only, but ran into a huge account that said they would allow me to place the machine, but has to be something other than gumballs (afraid children will mishandle it, etc)...eventually I was able to talk to them into trying the gumballs for 1 month, but I immediately began searching for something to add, in the event, they decide to go back to their original thoughts of adding something in their location other than gumballs. I read lots of posts in here, and decided to buy skittles. I'm testing skittles at one location where gumballs are doing approximately 70.00/month. I switched out the machine with a double, 1 gumball and 1 skittles (vending 10 skittles per vend). Placed 1 week ago (will wait one full month to analyze the data) QUESTION for all of you: 1. Is 10 skittles per vend ok? I estimated the cost to be approximately 5 cent. 2. In your experience, if you had a single head gumball machine that performed 25.00 or higher per month, and then you placed another machine with skittles, did your gumball volume decrease significantly or was it marginal? Did your overall profit increase significantly or marginal? 3. If you had a location where you had 1 single head gumball machine that did not do well at all (2.00-5.00/month), but it was steady traffic location, mainly adults, would you take gumballs out, and just place skittles?? In your experience, did your sales increase significantly? Thanks!
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    None needed, vends .50c and under are exempt from State sales tax. Go to your local Courthouse and file a DBA, when Federal tax time comes file a Schedule C with your Federal Income Taxes.
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