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    We use tables to keep food off the floor, table cloths to keep food off the table, place mats to keep food off the table cloth and plates to keep food off the place mats.
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    Random thought here, but I have noticed big changes in card-reader sales which appear to be due to the economy. I believe that the high-demand for qualified workers (and thus higher competition for them) is causing a lot of rooted employees to leave their employers to seek "better" jobs. Meanwhile, younger people seem to be filling in the vacancies but they are totally unpredictable when it comes to if they will stay or not. This is has caused my sales to drop drastically at some places, which seems to be a combination of employee vacancies and the lack of card acceptance at those accounts. This has also caused my sales to increase drastically at some places as well.. particularly the ones that take $1-20 bills and accept cards. One of my locations did about $2500 when I first got them but they actually started to hire at least 10 temps so they can add on a 2nd shift to keep up with production. The machines don't take cards yet but they do take $1-20's. The location is now doing about $7,500/year. I don't know if it's just a coincidence here locally, but it has forced me to reinvest into the business quickly so I can capture sales as the labor force continues to shake-up. Anyone else noticing this?
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    https://www.coca-colaproductfacts.com/en/products/ Pull up the drink. Screenshot. Crop. Print. Done. Both 7Up and Pepsi have similar sites. Also, you can right click the image and do save as.
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    This oughta fix er right up.
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    YOu can fix the display but not post a picture? You can fix a display but not sure what the epoxy is for? Buy one, you cannot fix the display
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    If there is one thing that video games have taught me about life, it’s that if I’m encountering a bunch of obstacles and enemies, I’m probably headed in the right direction.
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    It’s a pity that “adult supervision” isn’t a superpower that can be used to see people naked…
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    Buy the factory kit from Dixie Narco: part # 49101020. It will set you back around $100. By using the factory kit, possible liability issues are shifted to the factory IF properly installed and maintained. As for the snack, there is no safe way to screw on post mount casters in place of the leg levelers. The 1/2-13 post is not strong enough and the machine will be very unstable. The only way to safely install casters on the 113 is to cut the legs off of the mounting plates, then weld plate mount casters to the plate. Make sure the casters you purchase for this are rated a minimum of 400 lbs each. Here is my source for casters :http://www.acadianacasters.com/
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    Hackney body, 2 or 3 bays per side
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    This may be it. https://www.chicompany.net/vending-store/vending-label-dvd/vending-label-dvd---print-your-own-vending-flavor-strips I got something similar from Global Vending Group a few years ago. It's a template in Microsoft Publisher, and lots of graphics.
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    I moved it out of the Other Vending. I created a new forum as the new home for Fantasy Football.
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    Finances man, finances. If it isn’t in the budget it isn’t in the budget.
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    I've noticed that our credit card sales have more than doubled in less than a year. We plan on investing in more readers also. I also notice that with the card readers, we are seeing more multi-vends and customers are not shying away from higher price point items.
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    Thanks for sharing your findings.
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    Do we really want to put ourselves through this after the cry fest from last year? I mean c'mon....if you didn't wanna be commish, ask someone else. Don't be a little sissy and end the whole thing. That was unreal. A grown man having a tantrum.
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    You can throw a voltage regulator on it.
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    Location or equpiyment? That’s what I’m afraid of. Cooling components hate me.
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    Vendors Exchange 1-800-321-2311 ask for Jay Bender tell him Frank at Central Kentucky Vending told you to call
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    Several years ago we had the exact same issues with ap 6600 located in an area of town that routinely had low voltage. To fix the issue we put in and inone MDB upgrade kit and put the entire machine on an APC battery backup surge protector. Four years later and we haven't gotten a single service call on that machine.
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    When filling out your account card, I would grab a business card from the account. Verify that the info on the card is current and then fill out the card yourself in your vehicle before you leave their parking lot. I wouldn't have them fill out the card and I would save the "any snack you'd like to see" conversation for the 2nd or 3rd trip around. Let them enjoy the service for what it is, before you get into "customizing" or "accommodating". Keep it simple to start.
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    Hire the help I suggested and you'll have more of a life but there aren't too many people in vending full time that have a life. Until you have 4 -6 routes and all the employees required for that you probably won't be able to work in the office full time. More business means exponentially more employees. I proved that when I sold off most of my company leaving me to do just one route and I made more money each week than I had when I had all the overhead.
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    Ever heard of the Pareto Principle, also called the 80/20 rule? I’m sure most of you have, but how many of you are applying it to your business? If you haven’t heard of it, the Pareto Principle is the idea that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. It’s more an observation than rule, and a loose rule since the numbers often don’t exactly fit 80% and 20%. But as a generality it can be found everywhere, including in your business. This concept (that I learned in the forums) can be used to help make your business more efficient. If you take a serious look at your locations, you will find that somewhere around 20% of them are underperforming. You should consider eliminating those locations. The effects will have a small impact on your income, and a larger impact on freeing up time. A caveat is that this should not be a simple action. You don’t just want to dump that bottom 20% without taking a few steps first. Take a look at the location, and products, and figure out if there is something that could bring it up. Maybe it could be in a better location, or a change in products could make a big difference. Does the machine have a flaw that nobody has told you about? Sometimes people will avoid the machine that “eats their money” without ever mentioning it to the Vendor. Distance is also a factor. A location in a real convenient location that takes little to no time to get to, or is on the way to another can perform lower than a location that can take a long time to drive to. But even then, that further location might not be as bad if you are expanding into that area. How you eliminate is also depending on if you want to grow. If your growing your business, you want to eliminate slower than you are building. If you are right about where you want to be, you keep adding locations, and eliminating the worst performer each time you add a location. And then if you are wanting to cut down, you can be the most aggressive, until you get down to where you want to be. Although you might want to sell off those locations instead of just eliminating them. Every time you do this you are increasing your hourly income. Below is the cycle you should follow, but while they are in a numbered order, you really want to do all constantly: 1. Grow a. Add new locations. Some will be good, some will be average, and some will be bad. 2. Modify a. Attempt to fix the issues with the poor locations. Doesn’t hurt to see if you can make your good locations better too. 3. Eliminate a. Remove the worst locations at a speed consistent with your desire for growth. 4. Repeat