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    I can tell you this... A lot of people think machines are off or they aren't working right IF the lights are off on snack machines. I don't care about soda machines too much but it's a big deal with snack machines. Going back five years ago, I had just quit my job so I could go all-in with vending. Buying anything was difficult for me because every dollar spent on vending was one less dollar I would have for a while, so I really had to be conservative. I even had trouble affording fluorescent bulbs. However, after replacing bulbs in a few machines, I noticed that one machine saw an immediate increase of maybe 50%. It was an exception but it was a big deal. Today, I ONLY buy LED bulbs and I'm probably buying maybe one every 2 months or so as the fluorescent bulbs burn out. They are pricey but work well and I eliminate flickering bulb related issues. I'm also adding card readers at any location doing over 3k/year and any some slower locations that look like they'd see a significant increase, such as a single retail clothing store that I currently do. Card readers might only add 10-20% to sales but they will eventually pay off even at slower locations. Bulbs, on the other hand, can pay off in a matter of weeks if you ask me. One important fact is that a lot of marketing research has been done by mega-rich companies and those studies all determined that consumers spend more money when they perceive an item to be of higher value... Meaning they will willingly pay the professional-looking company's higher prices for the SAME 20 oz Dr Pepper simply because their image adds value. I'm not just a vendor, I'm a business man. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, I'm just trying to manage the business as best as I can. And I can assure you and anyone else that you can get more accounts, better pricing, and better deals overall if you simply look more professional. I have a nice van and I'm working on my image (looking into a uniform of sorts). I'm trying to refurbish some equipment when I can and upgrade machines. It's expensive but you can get your money back eventually and then some.. if you invest in your brand. I just added 3 card readers today.. and I don't like to work weekends... but I know I can get it back eventually.
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    Here is the shim $4.10 each: https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-9233-d49707014043-dn-can-stop-shim.aspx You will also need this rod for the rotor (center hole) $8.25 each: https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-7511-d80050383001-dn-501e600e-rod-spring-3-deep.aspx Tell Jason (the owner) you know me.
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    If it's the same diameter can, yes. Monster is a 16 oz can which is the same diameter as a 12 oz can. Shimming is the same as 12 oz but your product depth and cam settings change.
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    https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-9233-d49707014043-dn-can-stop-shim.aspx Best place I have found to get parts and good prices. Only $4.10 per shim
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    The P series is DN's WORST moment, in a tie with the FlexPack machine, and all of them need to be sent to a scrap yard. Even if you get this issue fixed another one will crop up. They are notorious for convoluted programming, poorly designed vend sensors that are exposed to moisture running onto the sensor, poorly designed cooling units (imported) that have fans that fail and low pressure switches that fail, sensors on the columns that fail, etc. Here are two manuals for it: the first is the original P-series manual and the second is the 720P manual which is for a Pepsi door machine. http://www.hmivending.com/manuals/Generic 552 P Series Manual.pdf ; http://www.vend-resource.com/sites/default/files/dixie-narco-hvv-720-504-p-series-pepsi-manual.pdf I think you may need to set up your "Package" types. Now here is what no P-series manual will tell you: Package Type 1 is for 12 oz cans 4-deep, 2 is for 20 oz Pepsi bottles, 3 is for 20 oz Coke bottles, 4 is for 20 oz Gatorade and 5 is for 16 oz cans. These are not guaranteed though 1 and 5 should work fine. The others for bottles might have changed in recent years as different shaped bottles came out. You also have to force the machine to Prime each column on first fill and the machine will prime itself on future refills after sell outs.
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    My best locations are all across the board. A few examples ..... I have a car repair place that 1 guy eats $50 worth of gumballs a month and has for years. I have a car dealership where 1 gal eats $30 a month. I have a CPA office where a 75 year old woman eats $15 a month in gumballs. My point is most places are unique and there is no consistent "home run" location any more. Sure if you could get in a Chuck E Cheese or Walmart it would be great but corporate & chain locations (like Snip It's) rarely allow bulk vending machines so even if you get a manager to allow it odds are you will be pulling it as soon as a district manager comes in. Many Jiffy Lubes will not allow vending machines anymore but it sounds like you are in one so hopefully it does well and it lasts. Independent restaurants can be solid but most already have equipment. Look for newly opened independent retail places & restaurants as they have the family traffic you seem to be looking for. Keep this in mind…….bulk vending locations are fluid. Novice operators often think they will place a machine and it will be there producing income for years. While this happens occasionally it is the exception not the rule. Locations close, ownership changes, management changes, remodels, theft, slow sales, fires, floods, car running into the building …….all of these are examples of why you lose locations and I've experienced them all plus many other reasons. One of the keys to success in bulk vending is getting those machines right back out as soon as they get displaced.
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    This may sound a bit crazy, but if you tear down a machine and put it back together again, it is invaluable the knowledge you will gain. If you have a machine where you can do that, video it so you don't end up with a pile of parts and not know how to put it back together again. Or remove a part, put it back, remove another part, put it back and so on. You will learn how the machine operates in this fashion. With the exception of some touch and go when I first started, hands-on self-teaching is how I went and probably how most do it. As for the refrigeration side, I have had some formal instruction/training and that is just about all that I need. I do have mechs/validators sent off for service/repair as I'm not interested in learning how to fix those and don't have the time to do so.
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    S.Thomas and Associates can send you an advance exchange board.
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    Sounds good guys, the general consensus is, I need to stop complaining. So be it. I'll just turn my phone off during family time and let it take all my calls to voicemail. Thanks for the info on voicemail companies to try though.
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    I agree with AZVendor. I WANT people to let me know of problems whenever there is one. Does it get annoying when someone calls me because they are out of doritos and virtually nothing else? Absolutely, but there are a few ways to get around that sometimes. If a customer calls me because there's a bill stuck in the machine, and it's a good location, I want to get out there ASAP. Now, that doesn't mean I will stop eating dinner with my family to fix it, but it does mean that i'll try to incorporate it into my route the next day. I mean, if you lost $100 in revenue because a bill was stuck, and out of that $100 you could claim $30 for yourself, would you have a problem driving out of your way to fix it? If an account profited $5,000/year and you lost it because the machine wasn't working for days, would you regret that? Don't get me wrong, I have a life and so do you and it's important to have priorities, but simply doing what AZVendor said and put your phone on vibrate or silent when you aren't on normal working hours is the solution. You can always just check your voicemail at your convenience. In my experience, the majority of vending companies run business hours which may be anywhere from 7am to 7pm but usually not oddball hours. Those calls usually go to a voicemail/answering machine and the companies figure those out first thing in the morning during working hours. Getting those random calls is just part of the business. I get frustrated sometimes when I get a call at 5:30 in the morning but I just send it to voicemail, listen to the voicemail real quick to see if it's urgent, and then ignore it until I am ready to actually work. What has me curious, though, is that you said most of your calls are relating to product being sold-out. Honestly, this can be one of the better problems to have because you have full control to remedy the problem most of the time by doing one of three things; increasing your service cycle, increasing the capacity of the machine (ie. bigger machine), or double up on items that sell faster. If you keep running out of doritos but bbq chips hardly sell, then put 2 rows of doritos and boom.. you've reduced service calls from "John" about doritos AND you have increased your profit by increasing sales. Seriously. I am not trying to be a jerk here but getting calls for being low on product is entirely the fault of whoever stocks the machine (which seems to be you). Now, I HAVE gotten calls in the past where someone warns me that I only have 2-3 items in every selection but these were slow accounts and the people calling had nothing better to do than count everything in the vending machine and apparently go on a power trip to try to make me fill the machine up. The vast majority of those calls went away after I canceled those slow locations. If you have good locations that need to be serviced regularly, then you should make sure you have enough of your best selling items and get rid of the poor selling items. Do that and you'll eliminate most of those calls.
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    Use food grade silicone grease in a spray bottle. Unload the column and spray the walls where they get stuck and use something that won't soak up the grease to wipe it gently so it's an even film. Also, if the antifriction sheets are messed up or gone, clean them up or replace them. Your problem is known as bridging and it happens with royals and USI machines. Those style bottles can make it worse but the problem exists with a lot of bottles. Cans won't bridge and really hard plastic like Gatorade and teas usually won't bridge.
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    I love this update! You ran into problems right out of the gate, dealt with them effectively and learned alot. It is great to hear someone take a challenging situation and turn it into a positive. That attitude will open alot of doors for you in the vending business or any other endeavor you pursue. Here's to your continued success and thanks for sharing your experience. Hope to hear more from you (challenges and triumphs) in the future!!!
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    well i have all 10 machines placed now, but last week was a stressful time due to me making a total rookie move(which makes a little sense since i am a rookie). when i placed the orders for the machine, i guess i ordered them preset for candy(could've sworn i chose gumball), so that's how they came. i tested out the machines, and they all worked, so i thought they were good to go, but little did i know that gumballs only vend about 60% of the time on candy wheel. i started getting calls from locations about machines not working, and it wasn't until i looked at my spare gumball wheels that came with all the machines that i put 2 and 2 together. having to do damage control sucked, but i managed to keep all my locations other than 1, which was by far the worst spot anyway. probably a blessing in a way, because i learned about swapping out parts of the machine, that i otherwise wouldn't have learned for awhile. when i went back to swap out the machines for ones with a gumball wheel, i did a small collection, and all locations were on pace to do about $20 a month, except for a jiffy lube which surprisingly had $20 in there after 10 days. ended up getting 5 laundromats, 3 oil change places, a pizza/sub shop, and an ice cream shop. few of the laundromats had a snack machine in there already, but not big ones.
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    Due to its age its not worth any upgrades. It needs an updated control board to make it MDB ,which is about 300 dollars normally if they made it for this machine, to be credit card capable and new updated bill acceptor.
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    I don't buy directly from coke or pepsi but from what my fellow vendor tells me (he has 10+ routes), you just can't get coke leases anymore and he apparently doesn't want to have them anyway because I guess they put even more demands on flavor quotas and what-not. I couldn't tell you who the rep is and I don't care lol. I need maybe 20 cases of coke/diet coke bottles per month and maybe 60 cases of pepsi products. The rest of my bottles are 7up brands. Bottles only consist of maybe 35% of my beverage revenue so I save a significant amount of money by having my own equipment and purchasing cans at Sam's (except 7up products). Although I have to purchase and maintain my own equipment, I make way better margins and I have full control over what flavors I put in. I don't have to worry about pushing powerade, fanta, or any other flavors I don't want to carry. Right now, I am buying gatorade from GFS at $14/case and selling it anywhere from $1.00 to $1.50 and people are killing it at $1.00/$1.25.
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    We’ve had candy at $1.25 for a while. I quit buying from Vistar because their prices just got ridiculous. I go to Sam’s and a local wholesaler now. I do order from Coke occasionally from Coke, but the new company that took over can’t seem to deliver it. It took 5 weeks to get my last order and it was wrong when it came. The old company was great. Not the new one. They also don’t fix their own machines anymore. They want me to buy and install a fan on one.
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    Mars took a 10% across-the-board increase increase last Friday. Vistar ALWAYS follows suit immediately, just like the gas stations do when they see oil prices go up. It's ridiculous that they react that way, especially since they are still selling the "cheaper" inventory, but that's Vistar. I believe that they will get an allocation for all of their customers to purchase at the "old" price, before the increased price. The allocation will be based on previous purchases and some convoluted formula. Look for HERSHEY and NESTLE (now Ferrara) to follow suit. They always do. Chris, you may want to look at $1.25 for candy. It's pretty much becoming a standard up here in MIchigan. Some of the bigger guys might be at $1.15, but the days of $1.00 candy bars are pretty much behind us now.
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    Coke and Pepsi here don’t offer incentives. Our only rebates come through USG. The pricing increase is coming from the manufacturer and according to the text I got from the MARS rep awhile ago it’s going to be across the board not just through the vend channel. I’m sure the big guys (Wal Mart,Canteen etc.) will have some price protection for a few months.
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    One of the most common dashed hopes has to be driving up to an empty parking spot but finding a small car in it.
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    Az #1 theres no manual. #2 if you read what i posted test vending the motors works they DONT work if someone tries to pirchase something. The machine acts like it vended and keeps the money. This machine doesnt have a golden eye. Its not dumb to not have aps i dislike them period. Ps. I know its hot af in phoenix but take out your grumpyness elsewhere.
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    If you go to ebay theres a package deal of 7 thin column can shims for 501e. $125 or one for $25 free shipping on both. Its snack attack vending selling them. Dudes a great seller and ships your order super fast.
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    Replace the motor on column 2 to save you the aggravation of trying a new switch that leads to a gummed up motor brake that leads to changing the motor.
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    If these are Pepsi assets, kindly ask them to pick them up. If you bought them, you are in for an uphill battle. If you acquired them for nothing, remove the bill acceptors and changers and scrap the rest.
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    Does this machine have a computer board? If so, you might want to remove the battery and start from scratch. If you don't want to get that brave yet with the board, go to diagnostic menu, then test selection switches. If it's a single price, the motor for column 2 might be coasting enough for one switch to leave the notch but not the other.
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    Welcome InOne! Stay and play, we don't bite {much}.
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    Hello- InOne Technology has an upgrade controller for this machine. Part number RVCM-USI3100-1L. This will allow you to connect a card reader.
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    One of the most infuriating feelings known to man is being told to do something right before you were gonna do it.
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    You are right about people having change in hand plus there are generally a lot of bored kids waiting with their parents. Most are good if they have decent customer traffic. Laundromats are like any other business. If they are dirty or have junky equipment they generally will not do as well as a clean, well managed location so not all of them are going to be A+ earners. A couple of other caveats...... I never put equipment in laundromats unless they have an attendant. If there is no attendant your chances of vandalism or theft rise exponentially. A single like what you are using can be hard to secure, is easy to tear up and can walk away easily in an unsupervised environment. Many times if you are able to get your foot in the door there will be other vending equipment to compete with and that can affect sales but I would still try it. Many will want commission as well so be prepared for that if they ask. I am primarily charity but will offer 30% commission if they want a piece of the action. If I feel the place has a lot of potential (like an insanely busy laundromat) I would go as high as 50% on gumballs only.
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    GIII board should work. Here are the instructions from Royal https://www.royalvendors.com/12-gii-conversion-to-giii-evs-software-using-parts-currently-in-the-vender/
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    Clean the trim well with soap and water, sand it with some 300 grit, and wipe with acetone. Then I like to use Self etching primer and rustoleum pro black on top. However, while this looks pretty good at the beginning, it will start to look dingy faster than new trim as the paint is still supceptible to mechanical damage (scrapes, gouges, chips, etc)
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    I've only purchased a couple of small routes. And they we're semi organized, and even they were a headache. All sorts of keys, product to figure out and machine parts everywhere. So what you're talking about would be a huge undertaking. Also, why does he have so many machines and only 19 locations? I think i would pass, and ask yourself how much would it costs to just buy brand new eagle machines and place them yourself. 19 locations sound good, but depends on how they're doing, and even after I've taken over locations, just naturally you have to pull some anyway. Places close, change ownership, remodel, you name it, all of which i've experienced.
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    My short answer is don't buy it right now. You are new to this business so you may decide in short order it isn't for you and you don't want to be stuck with a truck load of vending equipment that will be hard to sell. I am assuming you are working full or part time at the moment so you really need to try to build your business in measured steps or you could become overwhelmed and frustrated. This guy is telling you that he is no hurry to sell it so it will probably be there down the road if you decide you want to make a go at it. Some other points...... Never buy a route or equipment sight unseen for obvious reasons. This guy is wanting 20k upfront (ridiculously high price) but not willing to give you any info is a huge red flag. If he is not willing to share sales or location information how in the world does he expect you to buy it? Even if you were buying for asset value only you would still need to see the condition of the equipment on location and if he is selling it based on sales then he needs to back up his numbers with tax returns or bank records. There are non disclosure agreements and other contracts that he can use to protect himself if he was afraid you were going to share info or steal his accounts. He needs to disclose how much he is paying in commission to each location. Sticker, 2" capsules and racks are tough to place and it sounds like he wants to unload a bunch on you for an exorbitant price. He said he is willing to help you locate equipment but why hasn't he located it for himself? 1.1 inch capsules and gumballs are much easier to locate. Personally I would encourage you to stick to gumballs and candy (singles, doubles & triples) to start then down the road possibly add toys/stickers/tats. This guy sounds like he has too many irons in the fire and my next concern would be if he has serviced the locations consistently. What happens if you walk in and the location goes "I have been trying to get a hold of that guy for months and he never came out to service the machine......get it out pf here!" Another one for the garage. Start small with good equipment (Eagle, Oak, Beaver or Northwestern). I encourage you to buy used but Eagle does selling new machines at reasonable prices. Teach yourself how to locate and put your own equipment out because in this business you are always pulling and moving equipment. This will give you a taste of the business and if you decide you hate it it's easier to sell small 1-3 head candy machines then racks. Good luck.
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    As AZVendor said, it won't give you cash data but you should see the card data. As long as that's not an issue, all you have to do is figure out how you want to mount the swipe. You can drill holes behind the coin mech somewhere (I haven't done that) or you can buy a 4-in-2 mask and a step down harness.
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    That machine uses an F80 logic board which might work with a card reader but you will never get cash sales or item level reporting from that board.
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    If I'm in a hurry I simply take the 3rd product in a column and push it back and place the new product in front of it, that way there are at least 2 cold ones up front for each selection... but best practice is first in, first out.
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    If you don't sell LSS chips you could probably get by with WalMart. I mean, that's where I pick up my really low volume special request stuff.
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    Check your power cord for damage like crushing under a leg, and for a ground pin in the wall plug. Unplug the coin mech and validator (with power off) and see if the behavior changes. If not then pull the display harness off the display and logic board and reseat them. If no change then change the logic board. If that still doesn't fix it then change the display board.
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    The fat part of the shim goes toward the back of the machine.
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    Sounds like you got a 110v val in there. If you want you can use any 110v mars with the right harness, but if it has an SII or SIID board in it I recommend converting it to MDB. Its like a 10 dollar harness (http://www.veii.com/Parts-Store/Harnesses/HARNESS-SIID-FOR-DIXIE.html) But you would need to swap out the coin mech for any MDB mech of your choice (that isn't the Mars 4000 series) and you could then, of course, run whatever MDB validator.
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    Email will be fine. Will try to get this packed up this morning.
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    I just got my 1st 501E and I need to do the same thing as you which is to change bottles to cans. I haven't done it yet but I found the following below information online. I hope this is not wrong and the more experienced vendors will know better than me. Single Column Instructions: Power down machine before installing shims. Start by adjusting the single brown vend motor cam discs. Lightly pull disc tab towards you and turn disc clockwise to #1 hole snaps in. You should have 3 notches on disc for 3 deep cans. Then Adjust double wide column red/grey disc to #2 hole snaps in. You should have 6 notches around disc for 3 deep cans. Take springs off "sold out" flappers above vend motor. Power machine up and pull out white door button located between coin mech & bill validator. This will reset vend motor cams. Now vend each single column brown vend motor so that the rotor cup is in the right, 3:00 o'clock position. This will allow you an inch gap to take out metal bottle shims and replace with can shims. The metal can shim rests on a metal rod front of machine and rear. Double column Instructions: Take out double column plastic bottle shims and replace with plastic can shims 4 on each side. Attach "sold out" springs and load machine to test vend & prime down cans till they vend out.
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    Hello, I have all the parts you will need to set this up as you have listed. I have the proper shims, selection buttons and flavor strips for whatever you're going to vend. I'll cover your questions in order: The cams are the plastic colored disks mounted to the fronts of the motors. Your wide column will have a grey and red cam and the narrow columns will have brown cams. These cams are adjustable to set the timing of the motor to match how many products deep each particular column is. When you adjust the cams you are adjusting the number of notches that are open on the edge of the cam. Each notch represents one stopping point of a vend cycle as detected by the motor switch arm falling into the notch. The half round things you refer to are called rotors and they hold the products waiting to be vended. In the wide column you have an oscillator bar to hold the products. In order to change a can column to bottles you will need to determine which specific product will be in a column such as 20 oz soda, 16.9 oz soda, 24 oz soda, Gatorade, etc. You will need a bottle shim for each bottle column and you will have to remove the can shim and the rod/spacer that is installed inside the rotor for the can setup. The cam setting will be determined by the specific product you're vending. You will also have to decide if you will continue with bottles in your wide column or if you will change that column to cans. If you change it to cans or to a different bottle size than it's set up for now you will need to change the side shims in that column as well. The shims are located on the right side of a narrow column and on both sides of the wide column. The narrow shims are formed metal with a different thickness used for cans and bottles. The shims in the wide column are plastic and vary in shape and size determined by your product setup. Shimless stack machines are older non-E models from DN that are can machines. In order to set your pricing you will first press the service mode button on your logic board. The button is usually blue and located on the bottom edge of the board. When you press it your display will show HD unless there are errors stored in memory in which case your display will show the errors in order. We will assume you have no errors. At HD you will press select buttons 1 & 2 together to move down through the menu items. You will scroll down two menu items to S-P and release the buttons. While S-P is showing on the display you may press any selection that you wish to change a price on. The first push will show the current price and if you hold the button you will see the price rise in nickle increments. If you wish to lower the price you can release the button and press it again and the price will drop in nickle increments. When you are at the desired price you may release the button and wait for S-P to show again. At this time you may press any other selection button to change it's price. Once all price setting is finished you may close the door and verify your pricing by pressing each selection button in order to verify that the prices are correct. If any are wrong you can repeat the procedure and change them again. You will not need to worry about any escrow function setting unless you have some kind of bill acceptance or coin payout issue. It's best to not mess with any programming unless you need to. If the time comes, it's real easy to program other options. I have the flavor strips and selection buttons in stock, though the buttons are specific to the type of selection panel you have. There are some that have individual selection switches behind each button and there are some that have a ribbon cable membrane that hangs down behind all the selection buttons. You will need to specify which selection panel you have. The pricing you're planning on using sounds right in the ballpark. I'm glad you realize you need to get $1.50 for bottle soda and Gatorade as a lot of vendors under-price it in my opinion. If you're looking for Gatorade in 20 oz bottles you should be able to find it at Sams Club or Costco or a Costco Business Center. Grocery stores will also sell it but you will want to buy it on sale. When you are deciding on your water selection, you must use a bottle that is designed for vending use. A vending bottle will be hard when you buy it warm off the shelf. If a warm bottle is soft and you can easily squeeze it, that bottle will get softer and deformed when cold which will jam up your column. The water you want to use is: Dasani or Aquafina in the 20 oz size, but only if it's hard on the shelf. That will mean those bottles are injected with nitrogen to firm them up. Nitrogen filled bottles can be difficult to find on a consistent basis. One of the regional 16.0 oz bottles from Nestle, but they must be sold under the brands of Arrowhead, Ozarka, Zephyrhills, Ice Mountain, Deer Park or Poland Springs. These 16.0 oz bottles will have formed horizontal ribs from top to bottom that firm the bottle up so it can be vended successfully. No other 16 oz bottle will be vendible. No store brand bottles! Please send me a PM when you need to order these parts and I can get you all the information on them.
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    I have a Dixie Narco 501 manufactured 3rd qtr 1996 with a siid control board. Whenever there is any power outage, the vend price resets to 99.95. At that point the machine becomes inop until we respond out and reset the price to 75 cents. (can machine). Inside the cover, there is a battery that is welded into place, that I am pretty sure is the culprit of this machine losing memory. (correct me if I am wrong please) . All of the documents I have read suggest that the control board must be replaced. I do not want to replace the control board if it is possible to just switch the battery. Any help would be appreciated. PS- I do have a spare siid-E control board available if that is compatible. I do not have a spare siid right now and these storms have become an every day occurrence the last week or so, requiring three price resets in the last 10 days. Thanks for any help.
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    When replacing batteries I prefer to use hot glue to secure them
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    people always forget the batterys
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    Thanks AZ, your advice was right on the money. We are up and running, with no memory loss when the power goes out. Thanks again.
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    The battery must be replaced to enable the board to hold the memory. You would need de-solder the battery and replace it with a new one soldered in place. Perhaps you have a Batteries Plus store that can do that for you or maybe a Mars or Coinco repair depot that will do it for you. You can use the board from the E-model, but if you are putting it into a T model you will want to swap the eproms. The T model eprom won't work in the E model that has an extra selection and the E model eprom might not work with the display in the T model - though that can be changed with some programming work. Swapping the eprom is easier.

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