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    Most likely a loose wire or connector. Possibly bad switches.
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    You basically have two wires powering the lights...a black hot wire, and a white neutral wire. You would cut the wires going to the ballast and group the wires so that the top sockets are getting the hot (black) wire and the bottom sockets are getting the white (neutral) wire. LED bulbs have a hot end and a neutral end...so when you put the bulbs in, make sure you are putting the hot end up to the top sockets. Each machine is slightly different, but this is the basic procedure for rewiring the machine. Take one of the old bulbs to an electric supply place and have them order you the correct LED replacement bulb so that you don't have to change the sockets on your machine. I've been using the Keystone Signhero bulbs with good results.
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    About 10 years ago I had all my prices super low and people loved me. But then I went broke and had to file bankruptcy. While sitting in court I looked around and notice that not one of my loyal low price loving customers were there to support me. So now when someone asks for lower prices I think back to that time and just smile and tell them that ain’t ever going to happen. In fact, prices are going up. Also, vending machines are not a bargain, they are a convenience. Say it to yourself over and over until you believe it.
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    Single price machines are priced thru the coin mech. Two tabs on the top left and right of the mech. Push up while pulling the inner part of the mech out. This will reveal the pricing switches. Assuming you mean a 3000 series Coinco here is the manual. Page 6 is pricing. http://www.vendingworld.com/Manuals/Coinco/3000/3000S Series.pdf
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    Definitely NOT worth the time. You did it the hard way that I would never suggest anyone do. You must have nothing but time on your hands to even attempt that.
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    An interesting point is that you shouldn't look at something like poptarts (which are way more expensive from a distributor) and think that $1.00 is too high of a price but, rather, compare all of your products to distributor prices because you may one day be ordering from them and the LAST thing you want to do is watch your profits shrink up real quick because your prices are too low and the distributor's prices are much higher than you're used to. I base all of my prices off of distributor prices and I consider the deals I get on cheaper items as extra profit in my pocket.
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    Good luck with those veggie straws. I had to buy a box a while back because my contact requested it. Even with that I'm not sure I sold any of them. What makes it even worse is they come in a variety pack. Does anyone else those?
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    I'm not disagreeing with anyone here, I'd just like to add another strategy you might want to use: Incorporate new items. For example, Southeast mentioned the LSS bags. You're not currently selling those, so when you do there is no precedent for your price. (And people actually prefer the larger size in my experience). Also, do you sell Poptarts? If not, try those. They cost about 38 cents, price them at at least a dollar. Look into other 'new' items as well. Little by little, try to be perpetually raising your prices, but as inconspicuously as possible. Candy is the most difficult. Our cost for candy always increases faster than the other items. Look for other things to put in the candy shelf, like Oreos, nuts, Nature Valley etc. Better yet, try to have at most only one candy shelf in your machines. But you probably need to have Snickers and an M&Ms in there at least.
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    I don't put anything in the machine for less than .75. I have been at that level for years on small snack items (1 oz or less size) and will probably hold that for a while longer since costs on those are still low, but I am phasing out some of those for large snack size (LSS) at $1, which will probably go to 1.15 - 1.25 sometime next year. As I put more card readers out and move average prices higher, there seems to be fewer people buying the bargain basement sizes in favor of getting a decent portion for their money... you purchased a customer base that will have to be trained to accept normal prices over time, but it can be done..
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    I’m always looking at prices in convenience stores and competitors prices and use that as a guide and of course knowing my cost . Every vendors cost will be slightly different because some buy products directly from the bottler . I like to increase prices every January and that way if they boycott me for awhile, they are usually over it by the time spring comes around but since you bought the route , I’d talk to management of the location and explain your situation and that you’ll have to increase prices , personally I try not to increase prices so much that it’s a shock to your customers. I also like to type up a note and tape it to the machines explaining the need for an increase. While it’s your right to increase prices , I like to inform the customer ahead of time so the increase won’t be a surprise. The prices that you stated above are low but I didn’t see what size bag your vending . I like to vend the Big Grab bags for $1.00 and candy , cookies for $1.25-$1.50 depending on the location. If your paying a commission you also have to calculate this into the prices.
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    You know all of the old timers with old machines are laughing saying "see, I told you!! If it ain't broke don't fix it." Lol. But yes, I agree with orsd. Plus, there are actual customers out there that absolutely positively will NOT carry cash even if the machines don't take cards. That means you'll never get those sales even if you have no card readers. On the flip side, yeah you'll lose money in times like these when people get used to using card readers but it is what it is. Hopefully usa tech prevents this from happening again.
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    FYI for anyone who has not seen the email yet.... We are currently experiencing a network outage with ePort devices. This morning we started to experience network issues with our ePort devices reporting into the system. What you need to know: This outage is primarily affecting ePort G8, G9, or G10 devices. While Seed devices are currently not being impacted, you will experience alerts within your Seed application for ePort devices showing “offline” or not DEXing. Seed should automatically kick in forecasting for your daily operations. Interactive devices, Quick Connect and Kiosks are starting to get impacted due to heavy traffic trying to report into our network, which is slowing down transaction processing. We are working to diagnose and repair this issue, there is no need to send technicians out at this time. Devices experiencing this issue will come back online once the issue has been resolved. Please follow our status page for the latest updates and new information regarding this network issue at usatech.com/status. FOLLOW STATUS UPDATES Thank you for your patience. USA Technologies Team
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    orsd is pretty on target. I know some operators are still at 1.00 for candy and .60 for small chips, I have no idea how they stay in business. Check prices at local c-stores for a comparison point, and remember the shelf price at those stores will not include sales tax, which your price will need to include. I try to be near the average c-store price, maybe a few cents lower. Expect some push back from customers with any price increase, a few will complain directly and sales will be slightly off for a few weeks, but if your prices are reasonable in comparison to other sources you will be fine. Better to sell 5 items at a profit than 10 at a loss.... operators stay cheap especially when selling the route because they fear losing locations. If you provide good service and reasonable prices, anyone you lose will not be an account you want anyway. Also think about your changers when pricing, if you drinks are .75 or 1.00 for example, you change banks will usually be OK. If you go to .85 then change from 1.00 will take a nickle and dime each time, and you will find your changers running out of small coins (been there done that). Go to .90 if you don't want to do 1.00. Quarter increments work best, .15 over the quarter is OK; 10 or 20 over the quarter should be avoided.
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    Don't even bother with that because the machine isn't worth the price of the upgrade. Sell the machine and put your money into something that still has parts availability.
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    I shoot for 40% cost. Max acceptable cost is 60%. Typically this means .75 -1.00 cans, 1-1.50 candy, pastries, Large chips, 1.50-2 bottles depending on cost.
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    OK, thanks. Sounds like its just not worth it with these machines.
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    Do NOT use them . I truly hope this review can help someone to avoid being ripped off like I was. This company is extremely dishonest and does not care to give you an actual concrete contract with anyone. Bill Ferguson and Peter Milazzo are thieves and liars. They tell you everyone you hope to hear and make it seem like they will take care of you in connecting and securing a “high revenue” “ quality location” these are all lies. They offer you different tiers of packages. Depending on what you pay there are different amounts of “leads”. I opted for the $600 option which was supposed to generate two contracts. They orginally made it seem like they cared by sending a questionnaire for the location types you were looking for and some wish list areas you hoped to get your vending machine into. I specifically told them some areas of town that I didn’t want my machine and I told them specifically this machine couldn’t be outdoors. Bill was so quick to get my money and credit card info and take payment before any results happened. Boom $600 gone and I trusted these people and they never delivered. I keppt Calling for updates I kept asking for anything and no response. The customer service act had disappeared and I was Walsh left in the dark. Finally they sent a short generic email that said they made two appointments with business owners to meet. They said these weren’t contracts and that I would have to meet these owners to offer what I had. It was so unorganized and shady. These two places were both in the ghetto and outdoors both of the features I specifically asked not to happen. The first appointment never answers and when I show up no one even knows about me or the appointment and the owner is “out of town” with no contact number. The next appointment was with a meth head good out of his pickup truck in the ghetto where he’s saying I should put my machine in the outdoors near a public sidewalk at a rundown non working self serving car wash. The guy kept asking my how much money I had and if I wanted to give it to him to start a business with the trucking industry. The guy was clearly high on something and couldn’t Stop fidgeting and scratching himself. So how is this fair and honest ? How is this comp ay able to take my $600 and give me nothing in return? They call them does quality vending , it couldn’t be more false. I tried for Months afterward calling emailing and being ignored and them saying they did their part and that there was no guarantees. Please DO NOT USE these people !! They are cons and super dishonest. They will use old leads to set up fake appointments and claim they did their job and claim it’s up to you to “seal the deal” . They only give low quality leads that they’d use in the past , they don’t care about their customers only the money and once they have that they let you burn and never look back. Use my mistake as to save yourself !!
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    Cappuccino is an espresso based drink topped with cream, milk or something else. French Vanilla Cappuccino has french vanilla flavoring mixed with espresso and will be a very rich drink. French vanilla topping is used in place of cream. Vistar also sells an "Original Cappuccino" mix that uses chocolate as the flavoring and topping and is very popular, and is a much better drink than the cafe mocha that the machine makes with coffee and hot chocolate. Original Cappuccino and French vanilla Cappuccino will be 2 popular selections, especially for women. Plain "French vanilla" is very bland and will not sell.
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    First, be sure that your bill acceptor has the new 2008 currency in it as shown by a yellow 2008 sticker on it. It might not have the sticker and still be updated but that is the easiest way to tell. Second, you need to program the coin mech tube levels. Do that by powering off then removing the coin mech by pushing down (Mars), pushing up (Coinco), the latches at the top corners of the coin mech, removing the top acceptor and dumping all the coins out of the tubes. When empty, reassemble and reinstall the coin mech and power the machine on. Enter the service mode and press 012C on the keypad to zero your coin tube levels. Now press 10, 1, 2, 5 and you will enter the Tube Fill mode. At this time the display will show 0.00 and as you drop coins into the top of the coin mech they will go into the correct tubes and be counted into inventory. You don't have to put them in in any order; random coins will work fine. Fill the tubes until the extra coins go into the coin box. When all denominations do that the tubes are full. (Make sure you have Hi Quarters turned on in the switches behind the coin acceptor) Now set a price in your machine to $5 and also set a phantom price to something higher like $6. Set that on selection A6 which doesn't exist in the motor matrix (phantom price.) Now make a few vends with coins-only on lower priced items and make sure that correct change is paid out, then try $1bills as well. Also make sure that you can press the coin return after a couple of coins are entered to ensure that the coin return function works. After all of this you can try a $5 bill. If it's accepted and credited then your bill acceptor has the new currency software in it. If the $5 switch is turned on (and the machine does accept 1s) but the $5 bill is not accepted then you need to get the bill acceptor updated with new software at a repair depot.
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    I believe it will either allow you to make consecutive free vends because credit doesn't get canceled OR it will immediately cancel credit and no vend will happen (steals your money continuously). What exactly is happening to you? Not sure what you mean by "vend no vend no motor"
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    Smoking will kill you, bacon will kill you, but smoking bacon cures it.
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    How did you test the drop sensor? Did you perform a test vend and the machine would vend one single item from every column? Play with the door switch and see if it's working.
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    DIXIE-NARCO PART # 80420017 Another replacement manufacture is TE "KUP93-14A11-120". we stock them at "THE VENDING CENTER" 1-800-343-3265
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    It sounds like your original problem was a bad coin mech. Make sure that the machine is still set for MDB coinage as defined in the Monetary mode 7. Then when in the Monetary mode 7 you need to access the Coins In/Out mode to fill the coin tubes so the machine can count the coins into the mech. Do this with the tubes empty so that the entire tube inventory can be counted in as you add coins into the top of the acceptor. This is like 'Tube Fill' on other vendors and then allows the bill acceptor to work.
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    When you replaced the control board, your settings were replaced as well as they are stored in the controller. I would start by following lacanteen's advice and check StS and Depth and see where you stand. Programming instructions are found in the manual and pretty straight forward. If that doesn't work, there may be another issue. Rule out the simple solutions before looking for parts to replace.
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    Check your STS settings which is columns to buttons. Then check depth settings which is per button: one for bottle, 2 for can
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    A single with 27mm bbs was almost always a hit. Due to the weight and the service frequency, I'd usually use a bb single along with a 4-6 head rack so the rack could focus down other products.
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    McMaster Carr has them. https://www.mcmaster.com/tamper-resistant-keys
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    In reality it doesn’t matter all that much with cans, but I do prefer tops to the back like AZ said for 3 reasons. 1. You do the same for bottles, the opening is towards the back. 2. You can read expiration dates easily that way, especially cans at the bottom of the stack. 3. Protects the tops from impact.
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    Turn your cans around so the tops are to the back. That protects the tops so the bottom comes out first. Do the same with the bottles. Who taught you to load them this way? Experienced vendors know which way to load products.
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    Any combo machine in a laundromat is a nightmare for maintenance. So much lint and it is hard to clean it out of the compressor deck
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    It's that way everywhere. Prices for sugar and cocoa are going up on the manufacturers. I'm paying 79 for some of my candy now.
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    Southeast, he doesn't have an E model so there is no setup guide and no shims other than the white shims that should be in the narrow columns and black shims in the wide columns.
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    No snacks. Old soda machines with multiple locks on them or cages only. Past vandalism is probably why no machines are there now.
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    Soda only. If that. This is the kind of location I only take if it’s been kinda slow and I have an extra beater single price Dixie laying around.
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    caserri, long time no see. I would just post what's going on, but holding off until a few things happen. I also want to be meticulous as to what and how I post since I do not want to give any ammunition to anyone. The other side has already given me plenty of that. I have no doubt that the law is on our side. It is my belief that this person is attempting to intimidate me into complying. There could be a secondary strategy that I won't mention here, but it really is more of a larger corporation strategy so could easily backfire. But it wouldn't be painless for me, but I am prepared for that too. But the forum may be getting some attention over the next few months. Interestingly just before the virus hit I went to a lecture on internet marketing. If I remember right the company that spoke was surprisingly affordable.
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    Easy there AZ, grab a snickers!
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    Hello all! NexusLuke here. Just started a vending side hustle a little over a year ago. I have two combo machines and two locations, one machine per location. I did start an LLC, but have much to learn still about the vending business, taxes, machines, software, etc. and have made an account here seeking answers and advice to some of those questions. Looking forward to getting to know you and learning more about the vending world. -NexusLuke
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    Jeez, go to the left menu and click Forums, then go to the Coffee Vending (OCS) forum. Not hard to do.
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    U-line part S-7696 maybe. SOURCEONE.org part S1 PC WINDOWM or S1 1PVERTBC I plastic holder for refund envelopes on all of my Post Office machines back in the 90's but I can't remember where I got them from.
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    check : motors compressor buttons bill acceptor coin acceptor make sure there is at least $5 in change otherwise the bills will not work
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    Ah, yes, the air dam fuse. I forgot about that one.
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    Another possibility is that your Space to Sales is not programmed correctly. Any selection not tied to a column (or tied to a column that is actually "Sold Out") will flash a "sold out" message when pressed. Please ensure that each selection is tied to a motor and that the sold out flaps are being engaged.
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    that's too much. Have a flyer or business card with the general rack or machine you use, just go in, ask for the manager, and ask them if you can put something like this in and you'll pay them x amount every service.
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    I ended up mounting my Nayax readers in the POS windows on my Royal GIIIs. I just put electrical tape over the right and left sides of the plexiglass, and mounted the reader over it. At first, I was worried that there wouldn't be enough room for customers to swipe cards, but it is working great. I really like these readers....they are attractive, take chip and swipe cards, take touchless payments, and even talk! I was surprised the first time I heard it talk because I wasn't expecting it. I also really like the ability of checking on sales and product levels on my computer. It's only been on my machines since yesterday, but I'm already hooked. I also started getting CC sales, which is exciting.

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