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    At the risk of offending some people...I think it's rude as hell to go into a place, service a machine, and leave without saying hello, goodbye, or thank-you if the opportunity presents itself. People slam charity bulk vendors by calling them liars, cheaters, and crooks. Do you blame them if you are sneaking in and out of places like a thief? I don't care if you are doing charity or commission, the fact is, these locations help put money in our pockets and don't NEED us nearly as much as we NEED them. Yet, some of you don't feel a sense of obligation to be courteous to the employees and customers in our locations? WTF?! That ranks awfully high on the a-hole meter. I have both charity and commission locations on my route and I say "hi", "bye", and "thank you" at every opportunity. I'll even have a conversation if I'm not putting anyone out by doing so. Don't go into a place in a manner that disrupts the work being done by the business. But, don't purposely try to sneak in and out hoping no one sees you, either. Not even for charity stops. In the thousands of service stops I have made over my years of vending, I have NEVER, not ONCE, been kicked out of a location in a manner that left me thinking, "Damn, I wish I had been less friendly and courteous to the people in that location whenever I serviced". Be proud of what you do for a living people. And treat people with courtesy and respect whether you are vending or not.
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    I was informed by other "unauthorized operators" that they have had the same problem and they found that a raised glued seam can cause a jam as the cup feeder rotates the cup as it drops. If the seam catches or the cups are stuck due to too much glue, it will cause nuisance jams. The cups should be very smooth and seam almost undetectable. I have needed to order another 2000 cups. I use my local wholesaler and he had a account with International Cup Corporation. My original cups were not available but replacement #HV08622 was available as a replacement. I have never had a jam as far and the price was reasonable at $69.00 for 2000. Peace, Greatdane
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    Hell no!!!!! $50 is a very fair price for in-person bulk locating, but what concerns me is that 10%. How do they know what you're paying them is 10% and what happens if they get it in their head that you're not? I can see a positive in it, it would certainly motivate them to get after high quality locations so I like that aspect of it. But 10% indefinitely is too much for their role (which ends immediately after the machine is placed). I'd counter with paying them $50 + 100% of the month one gross. After that though, time for us to part ways. If I'm paying you a cut every month you best grab that 2 wheel cart and get your golpher in the truck.
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    $50 per location is pretty high. I'm happy with LRU at $25 each. If you push them, they will find you good locations. I would NEVER pay a percent of sales fee to a locator! I've never heard of that request, but I would never agree to it even if it was what all of the locators were doing.
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    A handful of free candy and some friendly conversation will work wonders at keeping you in a loc.
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    The grocery store chain I have has been slammed recently and the owner asked me about it to make sure they weren't mine. They are getting ready to toss the machines if the owner doesn't come forward to pull them. No free rent folks.
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    If he says it grossed 48 it really doing 30 and netting 15. That's why he will take 20.
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    Why do you say you can't afford to pay commission? It's not hard for these location owners to see candy in racks at supermarkets, Walmart, movies etc. And they are smart enough to know these locations get paid. Switch to hard pressed candy and gum balls to increase profit. It's not that you can't pay but more like you don't want to.
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    A good price would be 12 grand, putting your ROI at 6 months. A fair price would be 20-22 grand.
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    I have to say reading your post makes me thankful I no longer do charity candy routes.
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    I've had the same problem with one machine. I replaced the cups, the entire cup dispenser, the base just in case the cabinet was skewed and had no luck. At first, I thought the arm just didn't have enough power. Watching the movement of the dispenser arm, it looked like the door was skewed and the arm was rubbing the top of the drip tray wall. Rather than fight with it, I changed the machine and put that machine somewhere that used mugs, not dispensed cups. If someone finds an answer, I'd love to know.
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    Tkk, not sure if your in a theft-free area, but I'd hide money in a money bag or other in a snack box or somewhere inconspicuous. I think a thief won't risk searching the entire truck for money, due to time. At home a kitchen cabinet may be safer and cheaper. It can be an extra task to vending but may be safer, lol.."Don't put all your eggs in one basket". Nice looking safes though.
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    Welcome, AZVendor is correct. Stay away from Combo machines. I have 2 and they're low quality, ineffective, and a big headache. I'll be getting rid of them soon; I'll also be celebrating that day as a historic event in my life.
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    430? Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

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