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    You generally aren't going to get much feedback on non US machines on this forum, just because there aren't many non US machines of this type sold in the US. That said I'm pretty sure what you have a picture of is a FAS Duetto with a UK coin slot (which I have only seen on a FAS Everest). Basics Fairly reliable machine Cannot go below 8 degrees C (duetto) Shelf clips are roller types and WILL allow the shelf to roll forward when the machine is shaken Unless it already has a note reader you will have to cut a hole for one (in the duetto) or punch out the metal insert and insulation (in the Everest) and remount the control board sideways (tight fit but does work) Using the rows behind the RHS panel can be problematic as product can become stuck when falling from shelf and angled into rear of panel - avoid chips this row, use heavy bagged candy (200g bags seemed to always fall for me) These machines are (as far as I know) no longer in production but production spanned 8 plus years so check it's build date. refrigeration fans can be changed without removing deck but is a little fiddly product delivery flap can be bent by ye olde vandals - can be bent back source I had a Duetto Young that was placed indoors/outdoors under cover depending on season I have a Everest which has been it's replacement (larger capacity) no clue what the UK cost would be but mine were A$2200 for the Duetto and around A$1200 for the Everest with note readers installed. Hope this helps a little.
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    Just because you flag the ad doesn't mean it's going to be deleted. It takes more than one person flagging an ad for it to be taken down. How many individual flags it takes depends on the size of the market. For instance, it takes more flags to get an ad deleted from the Houston craigslist site than it does from the Peoria craigslist site. The actual number of flags for each market is not disclosed by craigslist. Also, just one flag per person is allowed, so you can't just keep flagging until you hit the magic number. Craigslist keeps track of IP addresses from which the flags come and only allows one per IP address per ad. If it weren't this way, craigslist would be useless for many advertisers because the competition would continually be deleting them. Hope that clarifies the situation.
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    Auctions are hit or miss but mostly miss these days. Operators use these auctions as a means of getting rid of their junk. We attend an auction in California that used be good now it's the same type of venue you saw, just a collection of broken outdated junk with an unreasonably high buyers premium. The only good auctions occur when a FEC (family entertainment center) closes and they auction the contents at the location. You would be better to buy off eBay or used pieces from your local distributor. At least you will have some protection. Good luck
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    Did you catch Big Mike's post about locations he has in Boonville, Mo? About hour north of Eldon, MO. http://vendiscuss.net/index.php?/topic/21159-free-locations-boonville-mo/
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    I prefer the original look of machine doors over the Revision door any day. The Revision door only looks good to me if it is wrapped with graphics. Otherwise it's a very bland looking door with no trim and a puny keypad area. If you keep the original doors on your machines you might want to consider the board upgrade to get an always-on display, MDB and card capability and a drop sensor. Those things alone would really liven up the original door. Refront it and paint it if needed and maybe replace the trim and your machine will look brand new.
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    Hi Karl, I would definitely do some more research before purchasing this Westomatic machine... I have herd that Westomatic does have a good reputation in the UK & has won awards for supplier of the year & equipment innovation but according to operators lack backup support on their older equipment. Please refer to this post from a UK Vending Forum http://www.coinoperatedgroup.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=4502&hilit As falls mentioned they are very similar to the Fas machine line & in 2001 they announced that they partnered with Fas to release the eco-friendly SnackTime range.. I am sure their partnership goes back a lot further than this as you can also see the similarities in their older equipment so you may be able to source parts directly from Fas... If I was you I would look at purchasing a different machine... what brand of equipment are you currently using?
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    Karl, If you're in the UK this could become kind of fun seeing what's available across the pond. Do keep posting to give us Yanks some insight to UK vending. And keep in mind that even though most of the members here are in the US, you can always post questions here and we will help you as much as possible. I don't think you'll find any forum anywhere in the world that is as lively as this one. We have many members from around the world so you can be part of our international contingent. Falls, That was a great synopsis of the FAS machines. Thanks.
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    Im glad your doing good, enjoy it. Theres a story I read when I started locating that helped me, especially on the bad days. Its about two encyclopedia salesmen. It goes something like this: There were these two encyclopedia salesmen, one old veteran who had been in the business 30 years and a newer salesman he was mentoring. They were working a residential neighborhood one day going door to door. The newer salesman was jumping at the bit, enthusiastically trying to get the sale. Every door he knocked on he was sure he would close. The older man just smiled and shook his head moving slowly onto the next house. By early afternoon the young salesman was getting tired and irritated, he couldnt figure out why he couldnt close and what really irritated him was that the more tired he felt the more energized the older salesman seemed to become. The later it got the happier the old man seemed to be. Finally, around 5 pm they closed a sale for two full sets of encyclopedias, one for the homeowner and one for her grandchildren as a gift. At the end of the day the younger salesman asked the older one why he seemed more energized and happy the later in the day it got. The old man exclaimed 'slow and steady wins the race, sales is a numbers game, thats all it is'. And with that the young salesman understood, the more houses they went to, the closer they were to getting the sale.
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    You do not need several hundred locs!!! You need 80 locations grossing $100/mo to replace your current income. More if you want health insurance and a retirement plan. You really need to get into restaurants, grocery stores, bowling alleys and skating rinks Ect. No contracts necessary
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    I donate my stales to a place that feeds the elderly. I brought two boxes of mixed chips to them Friday, I didn't have to being them in! They went and took them out the back of van! Thanking me the whole time! cajun

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