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    Crane may be able to help you but they'll charge you at least $50 just to get to tech support and it might not be worth the time and money to bother with. Your next option is to try to find a local tech that works on vending machines or see if there's a local vending company that will let you pay them some rate to work on your machine. You could also try to see if there's a local distributor with a tech who knows how to work on them. Your final option (and best option in my opinion) is to cut your losses and replace the machine.
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    It depends on what you want to spend but DN 501Es are readily available used as are Vendo V-Max machines and Royal G-III machines. All are good workhorses but the DNs are easier to use. For snacks you should look for late model AP machines such as 113s and 120s/130s. They are out of business but parts are mostly still available. Even the older AP7600 is a dependable tank that looks great when upgraded. Other snacks would be any National model 167 and later, AMS Sensit3 and later or USI SM6 and later.

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