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    I use QB Online, and sales receipts can be entered without a customer name. I track machines in ParLevel VMS and enter the total for each route consolidation on a sales receipt in QBO. I can add multiple routes on the same receipt. My item is titled "Route Cash Collection" but you can call it whatever makes sense to you. The VMS takes care of tracking accounts and figuring commissions as well. Keep it as simple as possible. The more complex you make it the more likely you are to induce errors or fall behind on data entry.
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    The dishwasher is just a table when it's there. Occasionally, I have coffee parts to wash and it's on casters, so it goes outside by a sink for hot water & drain. It came out of my house when I upgraded appliances so no money was spent.
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    We keep track of Account information in the VMS and only TOTAL deposits in QB. No need to track accounts in both. Simply do your "Cash out" thru your VMS and then do ONE entry into QB for the daily deposit. QB is for bookkeeping only.
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    Just a quick question if you were to change over on some locations, where would you put the cash box? How about your charity affiliation sticker? Where would you put your company information? Telephone number, company name, etc?

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