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    You need to also value your FFE (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) other than vending machines that you are including. Vehicles, cash counters, computers, safes, dollys, desks, shelving, whatever... plus inventory, and assumption of lease (or not) on your warehouse. Do you have employees and will they stay? Will you train a new operator? On a business that size I would research business brokers to handle the sale for you. Talk to several and ask them to give you their opinion of the business value and explain how they came to that number. Also discuss their commission. You should be able to select one to list with after speaking to at least 3. They will be able to promote your business discreetly to a much wider audience and screen out the tire kickers so you are not bothered as much.
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    Search term "commissions" in this forum and you should have most of your questions answered. Anyone getting into vending should read all of the posts here before you do anything and more than once.
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    You guys sound surprised that a vendor is full of sh*@... if you really want to expand your route make him a reasonable offer that you think his company is worth. Who cares if he lying about the numbers. Chances are good he wont get any other offers... 70% of the locations we have purchased have been from liars. Know what the equipment is worth and guesstimate the sales. Offer accordingly to minimize your risk.
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    Weekly update: 345 locations. Grossed $2,221.75 Avg. $19.20 per box. Theft ran 19% serviced 106 locations (ran 4 days)
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    Always talk to the customer. Explain that you are going to remove it for a while and try it again later. You never want to burn a bridge with an account. Personnel can change, manager's can change, so it is always worth while to check back and try again. I always have my driver's talk to the account before pulling the tray. Just my two cents.

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