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  1. I just got back from working on removing the spray paint graffiti from my soda machine. I tried these products: Goof off Goo gone Wd-40 mineral spirits a plastic scraper Easy Off oven cleaner Cerama Brite cook top cleaner Here are the results: These products did not work: Goof off Goo gone Wd-40 mineral spirits These products work: Easy Off works best. Spray on, wait a minute and wipe off. The scraper comes in handy to scrape away the thicker parts. Easy Off did not damage the front, however, it might have made the selection buttons cloudy. I am not sure if they were cloudy before. Cerama Brite fixed the cloudiness of the selection buttons.
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  2. Very much overpriced. And the machines are crap. Also the whole concept of healthy and combo vending machines will not make as much money in the long run as compared to traditional snacks with full size machines. Just search healthy vending here. Really, the only place for healthy vending (if you want to be successful) is if you land a school contract or want to use it as an add on to land a large traditional vending contract. But even then the branded machines are not the way to go, most experienced guys will get a vinyl wrap kit for an existing regular machine should they need a “healthy machine” for one of the scenarios above. Put it this way. Go on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace and search vending in a large city. You will see a bunch of these healthy machines for sale for cheap. Lots of guys get suckered in pay big money for the machines and sell at a big loss.
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