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    It's hard to start cold, good locations usually already have vending. Look into joining a local business organization (Chamber of Commerce) and network with other small businesses for leads. Keep a sharp lookout for new locations being established in your area, the first vendor in the door has the best chance. Local newspaper business sections might provide leads, as well as just looking for new construction or remodeling going on while you are out in the community. Establish a website and optimize it for people searching for vending in your local area. If you continue to cold call, you may want to develop a single page sell sheet to drop off rather than trying to do a full pitch everywhere you go. Remember, you generally have to get past the "gate keeper" to get to the decision maker. Be nice to the gate keepers or you will never get any further... "Hello, how are you? I have some information on vending services that I offer, if you might pass it along to the right person? Even if you already have vending I may be able to offer a better service. Thanks so much".

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