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    Apparently I was supposed to respond to an email I never recieved. But for good measure they also sent it to 4 other nonexistent email addresses.
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    Yes, apparently Invision isn't keeping up on this. They are the ones who are managing this for the forum. I sent them a request to fix things., so hopefully they will get it fixed quickly. Maybe this is the result of VENDiscuss' 13 year anniversary yesterday.
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    Can flavors are a dumpster fire right now. All the bottlers are having trouble keeping cans in stock so they are focusing on core flavors. Since everyone is at home right now and no longer drinking fountain pop from gas stations and restaurants, they are stocking up on cans cause they are the cheapest for at home consumption. Also, breweries are cannning like mad cause bars are closed, and so what used to be keg consumption is now cans or bottles. Thus can demand is through the roof right now, and the stamping plants can’t keep up.
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    That makes sense, thanks. Always better to let someone else overpay than to do it yourself.

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