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    caserri, long time no see. I would just post what's going on, but holding off until a few things happen. I also want to be meticulous as to what and how I post since I do not want to give any ammunition to anyone. The other side has already given me plenty of that. I have no doubt that the law is on our side. It is my belief that this person is attempting to intimidate me into complying. There could be a secondary strategy that I won't mention here, but it really is more of a larger corporation strategy so could easily backfire. But it wouldn't be painless for me, but I am prepared for that too. But the forum may be getting some attention over the next few months. Interestingly just before the virus hit I went to a lecture on internet marketing. If I remember right the company that spoke was surprisingly affordable.
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    I had this problem on a DN501E once. Recycle the power fixed the problem.

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