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  1. There are two pieces you need to connect the MEI bezels to the USAT telemeter, an adaptor and a 5 volt power supply. Not expensive and both available from USAT online: https://store.usatech.com/collections/eport-parts-and-products/products/step-down-power-supply-cable-for-eport-g8-and-g9 https://store.usatech.com/collections/eport-parts-and-products/products/serial-connector-cable-for-the-mei-3-in-1-4-in-1-bezel-to-connect-to-step-down-power-supply-for-g8-and-g9-telemeter Remember, the MEI bezels will only fit on the MEI validators. Just replaces the normal bezel, no wiring co
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